Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 54: Karma

Chapter 54: Karma

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Amongst the darkness, Mo Yurou and the others couldn't see Mo Ting at all. All they could do was stand around with faces full of resentment as they used all types of insults to complain about Tanging. From his hidden position, Mo Ting watched their helpless expressions as the corners of his mouth slightly curved up. How dare they insult his wife...if he hadn't heard, it wouldn't have mattered…but since he heard it…


…luck must not be on their side...

In the dark, Mo Ting picked up his phone and made a call to Lu Che, "Help me find out which agency Han Ruoxue works for."

"Yes, president!" Lu Che answered swiftly.

Before leaving the US, he definitely needed to leave something behind for Han Ruoxue. After all, she had done so much to Tangning, including tricking her into coming all the way here to be Mo Yurou's stepping stone. He thought about it, what he was about to do was after Tangning had already won her battle against them, so it wouldn't be considered as interfering in her business, right?

Amongst the bright and colorful celebration dinner, Tangning maintained her smile as she mixed with the guests and reporters. As she didn't want Mo Ting to wait too long, she said she wasn't feeling well as an excuse and left the dinner midway, taking Lin Wei and Long Jie with her.

After walking out of the main entrance of the hotel, Tangning successfully spotted Mo Ting amidst the darkness. This man, who was the center of attention, always seemed to disregard his own identity and wait for her amongst various hidden corners. Lin Wei and Long Jie didn't want to be lightbulbs so they took their own taxi back to the manor, leaving Tangning on her own to board Mo Ting's car.

Mo Ting watched as Tangning approached. Seeing her shoulders were still exposed, he quickly removed his suit jacket and placed it on her, "Didn't you think of asking Long Jie to prepare a jacket for you when you left the manor this morning?"

"If I had asked Long Jie to prepare one, would I still have had the chance to wear this jacket that contains your warmth?" Tangning smiled, before continuing, "President Mo's jacket can't simply be worn by anyone."

Mo Ting was completely defeated by her as he caringly held onto her icy cold hands and helped her into the car, "Let's go home…"

Upon returning to the manor, the whole place had been transformed. The bedroom was covered with fresh flowers and fragrant candles were lit throughout the entire house.

Mo Ting hugged Tangning from behind as he placed a kiss on her back, "This is to celebrate you returning with glory…"

"These past few days, you haven't had a proper night's rest. Since we finally had a day off…" – Tangning's voice sounded a little choked up – "…why didn't you get some rest? We will be flying home tomorrow. After that, you will be busy again…"

"If you feel guilty, then why don't you give me a massage later?"

Tangning looked around as she enjoyed the fragrance. She grabbed onto Mo Ting's arm and pushed him onto the bed. Then, with the essential oils she got from Long Jie, she poured some into her hand and gently pressed against Mo Ting's back. Mo Ting's body had always been worth mentioning, as it had always been built and firm, however, because of the demanding work he had been doing over the past few days, his muscles had become extra tense. Tangning was a bit upset; ever since marrying Mo Ting, it seemed she hadn't spent much time taking care of his health.

"I will reflect on this…" Tangning reminded herself.

"Huh?" Mo Ting didn't know what she wanted to reflect on, so he made a questioning sound.

"I will take good care of you…" Ever since the incident with Han Yufan, Tangning had learned to cherish everything she had; she had already lost too much, she wasn't going to let anyone snatch anything else from her, especially not…Mo Ting.

Hearing her words, Mo Ting turned around and pulled her close to his chest, "From what I see, I think you need to be taken care of more, but…when it comes to reflecting, you really need to do some reflecting. Ning…I want you."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting, her eyes were clear and sincere, "What a coincidence…me too…but, you need to slow down…"

The married couple were extremely in sync when it came to this. Tangning didn't put on an act and Mo Ting didn't play around; everything they did was purely based on their passion and love for each other.


[Tangning Sets Off The Oriental Trend: A Big Hit in Europe And The States!] , [Tangning Pressures Mo Yurou: Makes Her Become The Backdrop] , [Tangning Endorses ISN: Becomes The Well-Deserved Favorite In The Western Market!] ; These were the headlines plastered all over the Oriental Daily News. The Tangning that had kept a low-profile while being stepped all over by Mo Yurou, had ultimately used her most professional self to instantly defeat Mo Yurou - she used her own capabilities to show everyone what was the true Oriental Trend.

And thanks to the aid of Secret and ISN, Tangning's status was no longer on the same level as the day she arrived on US soil.

Of course, apart from fans overseas, fans back at home were also cheering Tangning's impressive results. Back when Lin Wei told everyone to have faith in Tangning, it put confidence back into the hearts of many fans as they waited patiently for her victory. As expected, Tangning did not disappoint. She truly rose up, not allowing anyone to ever see her as an outdated model again...

Upon seeing the news, Han Ruoxue and Mo Yurou smashed everything in sight. Tangning's popularity not only meant Mo Yurou had failed, but also meant, from now on, there was no way they could suppress her...

On the other hand, Mo Yurou who had originally been praised so highly and had even been compared to Huo Jingjing, went the opposite way. How ashamed would she be to return home?

A model that shot the front cover of a magazine received no attention and had become Tangning's backdrop; this joke would be spoken about for years to come.

"That's enough, you two can stop smashing things!" Han Yufan was getting a headache from watching them. Deep down his emotions were even more complex than Mo Yurou and his sister's. Tianyi's shareholders had already pressured him earlier on; they were unimpressed by his persistent support of Mo Yurou. They had invested so much manpower and resources into Mo Yurou, only to find in the end, the results were shocking...

No mentions!

This was not because Mo Yurou was unlucky though…it was because Tangning was too powerful. As business people, the most important thing to them was profits. If Han Yufan continued on like this, they weren't going to sit around and do nothing!

"Yufan, how about we get mum to help."

Han Ruoxue suggested to get help from their mother, but Han Yufan never mentioned his mother because he didn't feel like his mother was anything worth mentioning. Ever since the death of his father, his mother couldn't handle being lonely, so, she eventually broke up a happy family and became the wife of a director. All these years, they barely contacted each other because, on top of everything, his mother had also become somebody's stepmother.

"Jie…this issue…let's talk about it when we get home," Han Yufan responded impatiently.

"Yufan, you couldn't possibly be blaming me, right?" Han Ruoxue could sense Han Yufan was upset, "Yufan, it's true that I planned everything, but who do you think I did it for? I did everything for you guys. Mo Yurou didn't meet expectations, how could you blame me for that? Why don't you blame Tangning, the b*tch?"

Not long after Han Ruoxue spoke, the phone in her hand started ringing. As soon as she saw it was from her company, she quickly stabilized her emotions and answered, "Hello?"

"Han Ruoxue, J-King is in trouble, where have you been?" the person on the other side of the phone questioned.

She had been spending so much time sticking her nose into other people's business, that she didn't even pay attention to her own artists. As a result, a recently famous girl band of hers was discovered doing drugs by their fans. It wasn't easy to accumulate the fame, yet in one night, it was all destroyed. Worst of all, while all this was happening, Han Ruoxue was nowhere to be seen.


"From tomorrow onwards, you don't need to come to work anymore. I am going to make sure you are blacklisted in America!"

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