Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1051 - What's So Interesting About The Life Of A Performer?

Chapter 1051: What’s So Interesting About The Life Of A Performer?

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Lu Che thought for a moment and replied to Long Jie, “It’s because I never considered these people as important. As you know, I don’t really keep in contact with insignificant people and I can’t be bothered spending time on them. So, I don’t want to make things awkward and annoying for you.”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to introduce you to them.”

“I know,” Long Jie nodded. This was consistent with Lu Che’s personality. He didn’t like unnecessary politeness and small talk. “In a moment, if we meet with some wolves, please protect me well.”

Lu Che smiled and pressed Long Jie’s head onto his shoulder…

They were about to step into a frightening battlefield!

With this background, the hundred days celebration was guaranteed to be spectacular and quite a show. However, up until this point, the child that Mother Lu spoke of, had not been carried out yet because he was in deep sleep and the protagonists, Lu Che and Long Jie hadn’t arrived either.

But, someone was detailed enough to question where the mother was.

As Lu Che’s ex-girlfriend, shouldn’t she be attending too?

With a million questions running through their minds, the relatives were filled with interest because they knew a good show was on its way.

Father Lu did not want to get involved. After all, everything they discussed was at the expense of his loved ones.

“Aiyo, Auntie, why hasn’t Lu Che arrived yet? We’re getting impatient…”

“I know, right? Why don’t we try to guess if he’s coming on his own or with his wife.”

“If he’s coming with his wife, then the situation is going to be a lot more interesting to watch.”

If Lu Che was smart enough, he wouldn’t bring his wife because she was bound to suffer judgment from the family.

And, if Long Jie was smart enough, she wouldn’t appear either because there were so many eyes on her.

But, everyone’s assumptions were wrong. Especially when Lu Che’s car drove into the driveway of the Lu Family home and everyone watched as Lu Che walked around to the passenger seat to let Long Jie out. Some people sighed that Long Jie wasn’t smart enough and some people cheered because they were in for a good show.

As soon as Long Jie stepped out of the car, she sensed the sharp gazes that were placed on her. It was almost like they were shooting lasers from their eyes and trying to see through her. Obviously, Mother Lu had applied a lot of work on these people.

Of course, all of this was within expectations. If Long Jie was scared, then she wouldn’t be Lu Che’s wife and Tangning’s assistant!

Meanwhile, Lu Che also understood what these supposed relatives were thinking. So, he allowed Long Jie to hook onto his arm and the two of them approached the home without any hesitation.

“Why’s everyone standing around the doorway? Are you here to welcome us?”

Mother Lu glanced at Lu Che. She couldn’t believe that he had actually brought Long Jie.

“Lu Che, this isn’t right. Back when you registered your marriage, you did it without telling any of us. Now, you’ve already got two children. Isn’t it time you introduce your wife to us?” a cousin asked as she looked at Long Jie and raised her eyebrows provokingly.

“This is Long Man, my wife,” Lu Che smiled handsomely as he pointed to Long Jie.

In response, Long Jie nodded her head confidently and greeted, “Hello, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters.”

“Tch, who’s your sister?!” someone mumbled from behind.

Actually, it wasn’t​ hard to tell that some people were ridiculing Long Jie on the inside. But, she did not care.

“OK, since Lu Che is home now, we can officially start the celebrations. When the auspicious hour comes around, I’ll carry your son out!”

As Mother Lu spoke, she looked at Long Jie provokingly. It seemed, she was trying to show Long Jie that someone was bound to help the Lu Family give birth to a son even if she wasn’t willing to.

However, Long Jie glanced back at her with a gaze that said, go ahead and give birth all she liked; she wasn’t a baby-making machine for the Lu Family!

Meanwhile, everyone else either felt pity or ridicule or they simply wanted to watch a good show.

Lu Che and Long Jie looked at each other without saying a word and followed the relatives inside.

Of course, while waiting for the ‘auspicious hour’, someone ended up giving up to temptation and questioning Long Jie. A daughter of one of the uncles rested her head on her palms as she leaned on the table nosily, trying to get close to Long Jie, “Sister-in-law, I’ve seen you in the news a lot lately. Since you’re so close to Tangning, do you know how she became Jones’ student? Can you tell us about it…?”

After Long Jie heard the question, she was about to respond, but the young girl’s mother suddenly stepped in, “What’s so interesting about the life of a performer? Doesn’t the magazines already show enough?”

The girl responded with an “Oh” and did not say another word.

Afterwards, the atmosphere turned a little awkward. At that time, another elder of the family spoke up, “Since it’s a family gathering, let’s not talk about things from the outside world. But, Lu Che, you’ve honestly done the wrong thing this time. You’ve been married for so long, yet we haven’t seen your wife until now. You should really reflect on your actions!”

“Is it because you were just mucking around so you didn’t want to bring her back to show us?”

“She’s just an entertainer, after all. Perhaps, in his heart, she’s not that important.”

These last couple of sentences were said between two aunties behind the couple’s back. However, Lu Che and Long Jie overheard them. They knew all along that this was a gathering with a bad intent, so they were well prepared to fight back when needed.

Hence, Lu Che laughed and replied, “It’s not that Xiao Man isn’t important to me, it’s just, I didn’t think it was necessary to introduce her to relatives that I don’t keep in touch with. Don’t you think?”

In other words, they had overestimated their importance! Why did they view themselves so highly?

The two aunties faces immediately flushed red. After all, it did not feel good to be slapped in the face by Lu Che.

“Lu Che, we’re relatives, after all.”

“Did you think that your relationship with me is deeper than the relationship I have with my wife?” Lu Che asked with a smirk.


“Lu Che, how could you talk to your elders like that?” Mother Lu warned with the authoritative tone of a parent. “You are already the father of two children, how could you still act so recklessly? By the way, where’s your daughter? How come you didn’t bring her along?”

In other words, did he also view his daughter as unimportant?

“For the same reason. Our precious daughter’s sleep is important. Won’t it make her unhappy if we force her to meet a bunch of strangers?”

“Lu Che, no matter what you say, we are still your relatives. Are you suggesting that we would hurt you?” Auntie Two asked. “Don’t choose the wrong side and hurt your own family because of an outsider.”

“I’m well aware who’s family and who’s an outsider.”


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