Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1049 - Have You Knelt and Apologized Yet?

Chapter 1049: Have You Knelt and Apologized Yet?



If Han Xiuche's brother was up against another agency, showing his sincerity and privately making arrangements would have been enough to settle the matter. But, he was up against Tangning.

Seeing Han Xiuche handle the matter in this way, the netizens ridiculed Han Xiuche even more. In fact, they expressed that they couldn't accept his actions.

"He's not like a man at all! Honestly, I've never seen a less manly man!"

At this time, Long Jie asked, "How about President Han kneel on behalf of his brother?"

Originally, Han Xiuche was smug and merciless, but, after evidence was revealed, he completely disappeared from the online world.

Of course, he was allowed to disappear. But, if he appeared again, Long Jie would definitely grasp onto the matter from the past. No matter what trouble he tried to create, Long Jie would always have one sentence to say to him, "Have you knelt and apologized yet?"

Either way, even if he was to cause trouble, no one would believe him ever again.

So, just like that, Han Xiuche disappeared without a trace. He didn't admit to his wrongdoings and didn't provide a response. He even made his brother shoulder the blame for him. This man was the type of man that women hated the most.

Perhaps, even Han Xiuche didn't expect that he would be this despicable, just because he didn't want to admit to his faults.

Right now, his entire focus, was on Tangning's fan club...

Regardless of whether Han Xiuche stepped out to respond or not, one thing was for sure, this jerk was now as hated as a sewer rat...

But, what about Ma Weiwei? She didn't appear to be a challenge like Han Xiuche, but she leeched off other's fame and used their popularity. Did that not count? Of course it did! Tangning simply hadn't started chasing that debt yet. As a result, Ma Weiwei thought Tangning was letting her off the hook.

But, in reality, Tangning had always been the type to pull out a weed from its roots...

After all, Ma Weiwei had never shown mercy when using her name!

Tangning's anger had simply not been ignited yet. But, before Long Jie was to attend the hundred days celebration for Lu Che's 'son', she was definitely exposing the information she had. Did Ma Weiwei think she was lucky? In reality, her misfortunes were just about to start!

After all, Long Jie's status was much higher that Han Xiuche's and she had Tangning to support her as well!

Just before setting out to the hundred days celebration, Long Jie gave Tangning a phone call, "I've pretty much prepared everything necessary. You just wait for a good show."

"Don't worry, you and Lu Che can go ahead and do what you need to do. Did you think that I can't do without you?" Tangning asked with a laugh. Actually, at that moment, Lin Qian was in Hyatt Regency rejecting the compensation she received from Hai Rui.

"If Superstar Media's been taken back, then it's been taken back. Why do you need to be so polite?"

"I'm not being polite. Have you forgotten? I gave these shares to you on your wedding day. I won't persist with other things, but when it come to this, I definitely need to calculate it properly," Tangning replied.

After Lin Qian heard this and knew that it was Tangning's sincere gesture, she did not persist.

"So much happened during the few days that I didn't see you. Shouldn't Ma Weiwei..."

"Shhh!" Tangning gestured for Lin Qian to stay quiet and focus on watching the show.

From the look in Tangning's eyes, Lin Qian could tell that Ma Weiwei's fate was not going to be simple. So, she felt a sense of relief. Tangning was definitely not the type to be bullied by others. Especially not by someone that kept trying to leech off her fame.

So, Lin Qian sat back and waited patiently for a good show alongside Tangning.

At this time, Ma Weiwei would have never expected that a photo of her before plastic surgery would suddenly enter circulation...

Ma Weiwei thought she did enough PR by concealing photos of herself, pre-surgery, so she trembled in surprise when she realized that one had been leaked.

"She really did need plastic surgery to get famous!"

"No wonder she had to copy Tangning. Before surgery, she looked like an average passerby!"

"Hats off to her courage for pursuing a career in the entertainment industry with that face!"

"That's great! Now that I know how she originally looked, I don't feel disgusted by her anymore. After all, she only looks like Tangning because she went under the knife..."

"Ugliness brings troubles!"

What was a woman most afraid of? Lacking confidence in her own looks. Especially when she was judged by others.

Even a little bit of disdain was enough to make her confidence come crashing down!

So, when Ma Weiwei saw a photo of her past self being spread like wildfire, she became too afraid to leave the house, just like Han Xiuche. In fact, she was worse off than him because her real face had been exposed and she no longer had the confidence to leech off Tangning.

Like that, Long Jie successfully made a double kill!

Ma Weiwei and Han Xiuche had been eliminated!

No, to be exact, Ma Weiwei was eliminated because her pride would never allow her to step out and cause trouble again. But, don't forget, Han Xiuche was still in Tangning's fan club...

As a person that only shared good things, Tangning did indeed ask Long Jie to post up good news every now and then. Hopefully, Han Xiuche would not find out that Tangning's new film was completed and about to go through test screenings.

Ma Weiwei understood that she got to this point because of retribution. So, she simply said on social media, "It turns out, the entire world was turning on me, yet I was sitting around dreaming!"

Realistically speaking, Ma Weiwei was actually quite pitiful. After all, her agency had tricked her into getting plastic surgery to make fast money. Although she overstepped her boundaries and offended Tangning, her agency held a huge portion of the responsibility because they did not choose an honest path to begin with.

Yet, now that Ma Weiwei had been exposed, they simply kicked her aside as though she was nothing. How ridiculous.

So, the netizens did not make things difficult for Ma Weiwei. They all knew who leaked the photo, but Long Jie and Tangning never told them to attack Ma Weiwei, they simply said that it was enough that she had learned her lesson. This was the last bit of mercy that Long Jie, Tangning and the public could give.

"To be honest, this woman wasn't excessively evil or cruel."

"As an artist, leeching off other's fame and popularity is such a normal thing. It's just, Ma Weiwei went a bit too far. From now on, I hope she lives her life will. As long as she doesn't appear in the public eye again, I won't criticize her."

"She could have made herself look like anyone but Tangning. That's why it's only right that she got punished in the end. She does not deserve any sympathy!"

"The two jerks are finally gone. Beijing's sky suddenly looks blue again. I hope they don't reappear again! With their status, Tangning won't show them any mercy if they do!"

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