Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1048 - Long Jie, Hurry And Show Us Your Evidence!

Chapter 1048: Long Jie, Hurry And Show Us Your Evidence!

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Because Long Jie was taking a long time to respond, Han Xiuche was even more certain that Tangning had nothing in her hands. So, feeding on the fact that no one knew the truth, he believed he could continue to criticize Tangning for a long time!

So what if the entire internet was calling him a jerk?

In fact, Han Xiuche did not feel shame like a normal person. Deep down, he actually felt excited by everything that was happening. Why?

It had always been widely known that people that lacked love during their childhood craved attention. No matter good or bad, as long as people looked their way, they felt successful.

“Look, everyone’s looking at me.”

That was the difference between someone that lacked love and a normal person.

Meanwhile, Long Jie was taking her time because, not only was she looking for information on Ma Weiwei, she also wanted to keep the audience hanging until their appetites reached their limits.

What was considered their limit?

When everyone began to lose their patience!

“Long Jie’s learned to lie as well. If you don’t have any evidence, then stop wasting our time. You’re making all the student fans anxious. They can’t be mentally scarred like this!”

“It appears, we were happy for no reason! I thought Han Xiuche would actually be shut up this time!”

As he watched the fans give up hope, Han Xiuche felt smug, “I’ve said it a long time ago. Your idol has never cared about any of you! Evidence? Long Jie, you need to take legal responsibility for your false accusations against the way I took control of Superstar Media.”

That afternoon, Long Jie moved slowly like a turtle and finally went online to log onto her social media account, “I’m sorry for making everyone wait.”


“Where’s the evidence that we’re looking for?”

“Long Jie, hurry and show us your evidence!”

In an instant, Long Jie’s social media account flooded with spectators. After all, a lot of people disliked Han Xiuche, but he was too thick-skinned to admit to anything and care about anything. So, only evidence could slap him in the face!

“Hehe, sorry for making everyone wait. The evidence will be right up!”

At that very moment, Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei had their eyes on Long Jie’s social media account. Did this mean that she actually had evidence?

That couldn’t be possible.

But, without saying another word, Long Jie immediately started presenting what she had and posted up a video for everyone to see.

“If we look at the time stamp on this video, this was not long after Han Xiuche signed with Superstar Media!”

“Quick, look! The two disgusting wenches were caught meeting in the middle of the night. Yet, they kept saying that they weren’t familiar with each other!”

“Han Xiuche, Ma Weiwei, have a close look, isn’t this solid evidence? Or, are you going to say that the people in the videos aren’t the two of you?”

As soon as he saw the videos posted by Long Jie, Han Xiuche immediately jumped up from the sofa. At this time, Ma Weiwei remembered something, “Apart from the two of us, the only people that know about our meetings are our managers. And, I just had a falling out with my manager.”

Han Xiuche glared at Ma Weiwei, unable to say a word!

Was this what they called a ‘stupid partner’?

“You can’t throw the entire blame on me. You didn’t consider this possibility either.”

“I never thought that Tangning’s methods were so ruthless!”

Of course, Han Xiuche would never blame himself. So, who could be blame? He could only blame Tangning for being too ruthless.

Afterwards, Long Jie provided an explanation, “We retrieved the video by asking around. I think it’s enough to clarify some things: that Han Xiuche’s words make no sense because he’s been lying to everyone. I’m sure everyone knows how Superstar Media ended up in your hands.”

“Since Superstar Media has already returned to Hai Rui, I won’t pursue that matter anymore. But, Han Xiuche, you will have to pay for what you’ve done with Ma Weiwei and the way you’ve slandered Tangning.”

“You speak recklessly and throw whatever blame you can on Tangning. This is coming to an end today!”

“If you want to continue arguing, Hai Rui is ready to take you on at any time!”

“Don’t forget what you promised before…you said that if we can present you with evidence, you will kneel down in front of Tangning and apologize. I wonder if this still holds true!”

Long Jie no longer wanted to pursue the matter with Superstar Media because it was already over. The most important thing now was to let those two jerks receive their punishment.

As the matter blew up so big, the fact that Han Xiuche said he would kneel and apologize was turned into a hot topic online; Tangning and Long Jie were no longer the targets of criticism!

Because of this, fans cheered in amusement.

“It scared me. I almost thought that Long Jie wouldn’t be able to present evidence. What a false alarm!”

“Aiya, I must bow down to Tangning. Her evidence is such a tease. I can’t help but cheer like crazy!”

“The mentally unstable Han Xiuche must be dumbfounded. He never expected that Tangning would have evidence against the two of them!”

“Hahaha, I feel so refreshed that I could eat two bowls of rice tonight…Now that I’m satisfied, I’m logging off!”

As she looked at the comments online telling Han Xiuche to kneel and apologize, Ma Weiwei glanced at Han Xiuche awkwardly, “You’re not going to really…”

Han Xiuche scoffed.

“But, you were the one that said it yourself. If you go back on your words…”

What Ma Weiwei was trying to say was, if Han Xiuche went back on his words, he would look really bad.

“It’s best you mind your own business.”

Han Xiuche brushed off Ma Weiwei with a simple sentence because he hadn’t thought of a way to deal with the matter yet. It was true that he had made the promise himself. If he didn’t stick to his words, then he would have no confidence to face Tangning again. But, was he really going to kneel and apologize to the woman he hated?

Ma Weiwei understood that Han Xiuche was in quite a predicament. He had been too confident. So confident that he didn’t know it was a trap set by Tangning and Long Jie.

They pushed him into the limelight and then served him a lethal attack.


…this wasn’t lethal.

There was still more to come.

Ma Weiwei didn’t really think that Long Jie would let her off so easily, did she?

After seeing the drama online, Han Xiuche’s brother gave him a phone call, “Do you want me to help you with PR?”

“No need!”

“Whether you admit to being wrong, your image has already been destroyed in everyone’s eyes. So, why waste your energy?” Han Xiuche’s brother asked with a raised eyebrow. “Leave it with me. I’ll smooth out the matter for you!”

Han Xiuche sat on the sofa as he read the insults from Tangning’s fans and agreed that he couldn’t let her have her way. So, in the end, he did not persist.

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche’s brother took down the video and helped his reckless brother apologize, shouldering the entire fiasco!

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