Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1047 - Both Go Die!

Chapter 1047: Both Go Die!

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In comparison, Ma Weiwei was completely helpless. However, this only made her more annoyed. After all, her manager even viewed her lower than an artist of the same level.

She had to teach her manager a lesson.

But, who could she rely on at a time like this? All she had was Han Xiuche.

So, to the outside world, he continued to tell them that he wasn’t familiar with Ma Weiwei, but in secret, he ended up hiding her in his home.

Nothing may have happened between the two because Han Xiuche wasn’t interested in Ma Weiwei, but, when one looked at the situation, it definitely looked suspicious.

“I must bow down to you. I’m already at your place, yet you can still hold up against Tangning’s fans. You certainly have a stronger mental quality than the average person.”

Han Xiuche sat in front of his laptop with a glass of red wine in his hand and an evil smile. Afterwards, he put down his glass and pointed to his own head, “What do you think arguing in the entertainment industry relies on these days?”

“I know: shamelessness. As long as you are thick-skinned enough, then you are invincible,” Ma Weiwei said as she leaned back on the sofa and propped up her head. “But, what if someone captures a photo of us together?”

“We know each other now, so it doesn’t matter if we get captured together.”

In other words, Han Xiuche had selective vision. He only acknowledged the things that he liked and ignored everything else.

“Now that I think about it, Tangning is a very calculative woman. She obviously had the option of taking back Superstar Media from the start, yet she carefully set up a trap, just to make me embarrass myself. She’s turned me into a laughing stock!”

“Who told you to be so stupid?” Han Xiuche asked.

Ma Weiwei frowned, unable to refute.

“Me, stupid? You should figure out how to reply to the netizens first!”

“I already did. I told them to talk to me when they have evidence. Plus, in planning to start another rumor today!” After speaking, Han Xiuche placed his focus back on his laptop.

Ma Weiwei burst into laughter. Where did Han Xiuche get all his energy from? And what kind of grudge did he have with Tangning? “If you need my help with anything, just let me know.”

Han Xiuche completely ignored Ma Weiwei’s​ offer. He was too busy picking another fight with Tangning online, “Superstar Media could have been retrieved a long time ago, yet Tangning set a trap to hurt a newcomer. Tangning, you are such a calculative person!”

Faced with Han Xiuche’s provocation and constant criticism, Long Jie felt frustrated, “Does this as*hole think there’s nothing we can do about him?”

“That must be the case,” Tangning said as Long Jie showed her her phone. “But, we’ve already taken back Superstar Media, so all he can do is bark a little.”

“Are you trying to say that we won’t be dealing with him yet?”

“Of course we will. But…haven’t you noticed that he has selective vision?” Tangning asked. “This guy is mentally tough and doesn’t have any fears. Therefore, he’s not the type to be lured easily. That’s why, if we plan to expose evidence, we need to leave him with a lasting impression…”

“How do we do that?” Long Jie asked.

Tangning curled her finger at Long Jie. And, when Long Jie got close enough, she leaned into her ear and whispered something.

After Long Jie heard it, her eyes lit up.

After all, she and Han Xiuche had both new and old grudges to deal with. So, now that they were attacking him back, she naturally felt good.

“What are you waiting for? Those two should have been eliminated a long time ago!”

The main arguing point between Han Xiuche and Tangning’s fans, were the way that Superstar Media changed ownership and how Han Xiuche, Long Jie and Tangning were involved.

Although Han Xiuche’s words didn’t make sense, Tangning and Long Jie didn’t give a response nor present any evidence.

And, when it came to Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei’s​ relationship, Han Xiuche kept insisting that he and Ma Weiwei never colluded and that he wasn’t familiar with her.

Just because others didn’t have any evidence, every time he was questioned, he simply told people to present evidence.


Everyone felt that since Tangning had retrieved Superstar Media but hadn’t responded to this matter, it must have meant that she couldn’t do anything about Han Xiuche.


…just as Han Xiuche told Tangning’s fans to present evidence again, Long Jie replied, “Do you really think that we don’t have evidence?”

At that time, Ma Weiwei was right beside Han Xiuche. As soon as she saw this response, she sat up guiltily and asked, “Does that mean that Tangning actually has something?”

“Tangning’s obviously lying and trying to force us to retreat,” Han Xiuche replied confidently. “Otherwise, according to Tangning’s personality, she would have presented us with the evidence already. Besides, when we used to meet with each other, it was so secretive that no one could have possibly known about it.”

“That’s true.”

“So, we will continue to stand up against her!” After he said these words, Han Xiuche left a message online, “If you are capable of presenting evidence to prove that there’s a relationship between Ma Weiwei and I, then I will kneel down and apologize to Tangning!”

“Hey, don’t make such a big gamble!”

“Do you think I would be afraid?” Han Xiuche humphed.

Ma Weiwei couldn’t stop the reckless man, so she could only watch as he kept fueling the fire.

“Everyone saw what Han Xiuche said. He said that if we can present evidence, then he will kneel to Tangning and apologize!” Long Jie emphasized. “What if Han Xiuche goes back on his words?”

“If I go back on my words, then I’ll become impotent!”

At this moment, Long Jie was at a particular plastic surgery hospital investigating Ma Weiwei in depth. Since Han Xiuche wanted to die, Ma Weiwei naturally had to go down with him.

She tried to leech off someone else’s looks and fame. So, she deserved to be returned to her original position.

Han Xiuche’s​ face and mouth was annoying, but Ma Weiwei was annoying inside and out!

To create an even more spectacular show later, Long Jie deliberately hyped up Han Xiuche’s bet, so more people would get involved. This way, it would leave a lasting impression like Tangning said.

But, the fact that Long Jie didn’t show any evidence for a long time, Han Xiuche assumed that she had nothing and was simply lying to everyone.

So, at this time, the nosy public pressured Long Jie to quickly present her evidence so the battle would finally end.

Especially Tangning’s fans, who were completely disgusted by Han Xiuche.

“Long Jie, please stop holding back. If you have evidence, show it to us. We are so disgusted by Han Xiuche that we’re almost about to vomit!”

“He’s always been a jerk, yet he won’t admit to being a jerk. Please, show your evidence and slap him in the face!”

“Could it be that Long Jie doesn’t actually have any evidence?”

“I’m getting impatient…”

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