Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1046 - A Complete Falling Out!

Chapter 1046: A Complete Falling Out!

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Originally, Ma Weiwei’s agency wanted to show their last bit of kindness by finding her as many endorsements as possible, but Ma Weiwei’s manager strongly insisted they not waste any more resources on her…

“Boss, Weiwei may be my artist, but more importantly, I am the agency’s manager. If she still had an inkling of hope left, I would have definitely helped her fight for it, but, now that we’ve reached this point, I think it’s better for you to allocate any opportunities to Xiao Xi instead.”

“Xiao Xi is currently on the rise. She will definitely work harder if given the chance.”

The manager knew that as soon as Tangning exposed the information in her hands, Ma Weiwei would directly go downhill from there.

Rather than waiting for that to happen, it only made sense for her to start planning a way out for herself!

The agency’s CEO looked at the manager confusedly like he was looking at a stranger. But, her words made sense. Even though it was a bit disloyal to Ma Weiwei, the manager was indeed helping the agency from making more losses.

“Since she’s your artist and this is the decision you’ve made, then let’s go with that.”

However, the manager never expected that word would end up traveling straight to Ma Weiwei.

And likewise, Ma Weiwei never expected that her dopey-looking manager would be so calculative behind her back.

So, she waited until her manager visited her home before she calmly sat down on her sofa and asked while holding back her anger, “Fufu, let’s visit Canada at the end of the year to see the aurora. What do you say?”

“I’ll take you with me since you’ve taken such good care of me.”

“OK,” the manager nodded her head, “We can make arrangements when you have some time off.”

“Fufu, I have no family by my side, so you’ve been taking care of me instead. I’m well aware of that!”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing. I simply think you treat me really well,” Ma Weiwei said with an extra meaning.

After hearing this, the manager walked over to Ma Weiwei and sat down beside her. She then said sincerely, “Isn’t this only right? After all, I’ve always viewed you as a younger sister…”

“You viewed me as a younger sister?” Ma Weiwei smirked before she asked, “Since you view me as a younger sister, why did you give my job to Xiao Xi?”

The manager’s smiling face suddenly froze.

“Since you view me as a younger sister, why did you tell Boss to take all my resources away from me? Huh?”

The manager was a bit surprised as she lowered her head, unable to look Ma Weiwei in the eye. This action made Ma Weiwei explode in rage as she stood up from the sofa and yelled, “I don’t think I’ve ever treated you badly, have I? So, why would you stab me in the back like that? For fun?”

“I’m so tempted to dig out your heart and see what color it is!”

“I can’t believe, after facing each other everyday and helping you earn so much money, you’d do this to me. Why?”

“Do you really doubt my abilities so much?”

As she watched tears trickle down Ma Weiwei’s face, the manager stood up. But, instead of answering Ma Weiwei’s question, she turned to leave. At this time, Ma Weiwei quickly grabbed onto her arm.

“Where are you going? Are you planning to leave after toying with me? Fufu, is this how you betray your own artist? Is this your professionalism?”

Ma Weiwei pushed her manager onto the sofa before she threw a slap across her face, surprising her with the impact…

The manager covered her cheek and looked at Ma Weiwei in shock, “How dare you hit me? Don’t you want to survive in the industry anymore?”

“With you around, how am I supposed to survive?” Ma Weiwei asked as she crossed her arms. “Do you think that you didn’t deserve that slap?”

“Ma Weiwei, don’t forget who supported you this far.”

“In that case, don’t forget who told me to get plastic surgery!”

“You were able to become a second-rate artist because of your plastic surgery. If you didn’t get it done, you might not have even qualified as an extra,” the manager yelled. “I may not have any professionalism, but what about you? Have you done what an artist should do?”

“To be honest, everyone knows that your plastic surgery to look like Tangning was only capable of earning a bit of fast money. But, you’ve reached the point where you’ve lost all value because of Tangning’s return. That’s why I simply spoke the President’s mind for him. Did you really think that he cared about you? Don’t be silly…”

“Ma Weiwei, everyone knows that you will never become Tangning. Yet, you had no self awareness and tried to compete with her. Did you really think you were worthy?”

“Did you think that the things you did were so great?”

“How could you say that Tangning’s suppressing you? You will only ever be someone that’s leeching off her popularity. So, how do you have the audacity to say that?”

“Please figure out where you stand. Tangning doesn’t owe you anything. Instead, you owe her for letting you even make an appearance on stage!”

“Since we’ve had a complete falling out today, there’s no point working together anymore. The agency has already decided not to be responsible for you. In other words, you have been officially cast aside!”

“If you’re smart enough, you will know to take the money you have and live the rest of your life in peace. If you stir up more trouble, don’t blame the agency for being merciless!”

After speaking, the manager picked up her bag and left.

Meanwhile, Ma Weiwei was left red-faced in anger. Yet, there was nothing she could say in retaliation.

Did she leech off Tangning’s fame?

Of course she did and she was going to continue leeching off her.

So what if she caused trouble and became a joke? She still had her good ally, Han Xiuche.

But, of course, Ma Weiwei had no idea why her manager gave up on her so swiftly. She still had her hopes in her ally, Han Xiuche. However, she had no idea that the biggest betrayal from her manager actually happened back when she handed evidence straight over to Tangning.

And this piece of evidence was enough to throw both her and her ally straight down to hell!

“What a retard! You just wait for Tangning’s counterattack!” Ma Weiwei’s manager said as she left.

Of course, Ma Weiwei did not hear this. Even if she did, she wouldn’t have believed that Tangning would fight back, even though, Tangning had already tricked her so badly.

After all, Han Xiuche had already been arguing with Tangning’s fans for a good few days and Tangning hadn’t said a thing.

But, after what happened with Superstar Media, no one made assumptions too quickly. After all, what if Tangning stepped out at the end to give a face slap again.

Either way, Tangning was pretty carefree. Whenever a problem arose, she could give a face slap when she felt like it and the enemy would be unable to get back up…

Who wouldn’t be convinced by something like that?

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