Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1045 - Do We Have To Pick Out An Auspicious Date?

Chapter 1045: Do We Have To Pick Out An Auspicious Date?

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“No, even if this is true, why did Hai Rui choose to verify this after we signed our contracts? Are you toying with us?” President Wang asked furiously.

To everyone’s surprise, Lu Che’s lips curved upwards into a smile, “President Wang, please be reasonable. Hai Rui, is a busy agency with procedures to follow. So, it’s no surprise that we’ve only gotten around to dealing with this now. Besides, Superstar Media was operating smoothly for a long time. When the Madam was still in charge, she consistently passed artists to Hai Rui. So, I’m sure you can tell where the real problem lies.”

“Most importantly, Superstar Media belongs to us, so we can take it back whenever we want. Do we have to pick out an auspicious date or something?”

Lu Che’s words were like a huge faceslap. Because, after President Wang heard his response, his face immediately turned red, like he had been a monkey forced to put on a circus act.

“To be honest, President Wang, I think the blame should be entirely on Miss Ma, who betrayed Superstar Media. After all, she was the one that held the most shares. Did she not know the relationship between Hai Rui and Superstar Media? If you must release your anger on someone, I think you should speak to Miss Ma and see if she was aware of this.”

After saying these words, Lu Che turned and said to his team of lawyers, “Don’t spend too long on this matter. After you’re all done here, report back to Hai Rui!”

In the end, the contracts in Ma Weiwei and President Wang’s hands, were just a pile of waste paper.

Of course, Lu Che deliberately manipulated President Wang into a misunderstanding with Ma Weiwei. So, the gaze he placed on Ma Weiwei, suddenly became a little complex.

“Miss Ma, could you please explain yourself to me?””

“President Wang, don’t listen to Lu Che’s nonsense. I honestly didn’t know about the relationship between Superstar Media and Hai Rui. Otherwise, why would I have sold the shares to you?” Ma Weiwei explained, “You need to believe me…

As Ma Weiwei’s manager watched from the backstage, all she could say was: “We’re screwed!”

This was the way that the tables turned. Originally, Ma Weiwei had already signed her contract, so it didn’t seem like the situation could be changed, but no one expected it to flip around like this.

Hai Rui had obviously done everything on purpose. They kept an eye on Ma Weiwei until she signed her contract before they slapped her in the face and took back Superstar Media.

“Ma Weiwei, please explain. Were you aware of the relationship between Hai Rui and Superstar Media?”

“Ma Weiwei, regarding Hai Rui’s display of power today, do you have anything to say?”

Display of power; even the reporters could tell that Hai Rui was displaying their power to Ma Weiwei. All Ma Weiwei wanted to do at that moment was find a place to hide so she wouldn’t feel so embarrassed.

As she got surrounded by reporters and was eventually pushed onto the floor, no one felt any pity for her.

“F*ck, I was breaking out in a cold sweat! I knew my Ning wouldn’t ignore a matter like this!”

“She was able to turn the matter around even after contracts were signed. Hats off to her. The way that Hai Rui handled the matter was amazing!”

“Although it does appear like she bullied a junior, she did it well.”

Everyone knew that what happened wasn’t just Mo Ting’s decision, it was also Tangning’s. Even if it wasn’t, they were certain that the two definitely discussed the matter together. In the eyes of the public, Hai Rui taking action, meant Tangning was taking action…but, to be exact, Hai Rui taking action was BETTER than Tangning taking action; it was a bigger faceslap! After all, look at the team of lawyers that followed Lu Che, how humiliating was it for Ma Weiwei?

On top of this, news about Han Xiuche illegally obtaining Superstar Media’s shares began to be discussed again…

Of course, now that Han Xiuche was implicated, he obviously had to play the victim again, “I’ve already explained it many times: I am not familiar with Ma Weiwei. I simply wanted to use her for her fame…”

“Han Xiuche, your logic is ridiculous. Are you trying to lie to yourself?!”

“Firstly, why would Long Jie give up on Superstar Media because of a few drugged up artists? According to Long Jie, she said that you forced her into handing over her shares. Her explanation makes sense. Otherwise, why would she give her shares to you for free and with no conditions?”

“Secondly, you said that you and Ma Weiwei aren’t familiar with each other and never colluded on anything, that you gave her your shares simply because you wanted to leech off her fame. But, we all saw that after you gave your shares away, you didn’t do anything with Superstar Media and didn’t promote yourself either. What does this mean? It means you never cared about fame. So, doesn’t your logic not make sense?”

“I think, if we look at everything as a whole, it’s not hard to decide on trusting Long Jie and Tangning rather than trusting someone that makes no sense.”

“Lastly, I would like to add one more thing. Whenever anything has happened to Ma Weiwei, she’s immediately created hype by saying that Tangning schemed against her. But, I’m sure any normal person can tell that apart from making Tangning a little disgusted, Ma Weiwei does not pose any threat to her. So, why would Tangning lower herself to target a cheap replica?”

“Especially since she already has three children and a husband!”

“Han Xiuche, if you can’t explain the flaws in your story, then you are obviously lying!”

As they watched the intense questioning from Tangning’s fans, everyone was shocked.

This was the intelligence that fans should have. They could hold an argument well, they were reasonable and they managed to humiliate Han Xiuche.

“I don’t know why this particular fan typed so much. It was too long, so I couldn’t be bothered to read it. All I have to say is, if you want to claim something, you need to have evidence!”

It seemed, Han Xiuche wanted to push his shamelessness even further.

Only he could say such disgusting words.

He completely ignored genuine questions and chose to be a jerk!

But, what could the fans do about him?

They had no evidence.

Unfortunately for Han Xiuche, just because the fans had no evidence, it didn’t mean that Tangning had no evidence.

Ma Weiwei’s manager knew things were over after she saw news regarding Han Xiuche. So, she immediately tried to get rid of Ma Weiwei. After all, she knew that Tangning had the evidence that Han Xiuche was talking about.

In fact, it was extremely solid evidence!

No wonder Tangning managed to remain so calm. She already had evidence in her hands and was well-prepared. She could destroy Ma Weiwei and Han Xiuche beyond redemption without saying a single word.

But, Han Xiuche didn’t care about his future. No, to be exact, a manhua artist walked a very different path to a celebrity.

So, Ma Weiwei’s manager understood that the situation was very different for Ma Weiwei compared to Han Xiuche…

Hence, all she could do, was wait anxiously for Tangning’s next attack…

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