Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1044 - Assistant Lu, You're Too Late!

Chapter 1044: Assistant Lu, You’re Too Late!

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Even if Ma Weiwei wanted to give Han Xiuche anything, according to his status, it wasn’t likely that he cared about a few million dollars. Because, what he truly wanted, was to tear off Tangning’s​ fake mask.

So, Ma Weiwei ended up selling Superstar Media very smoothly.

Meanwhile, Hai Rui received news of this through Lu Che, who was already reporting to Mo Ting in his office, “I received information from a reliable source that Boyi has already finalized their contract and are ready to sign it this afternoon…”

Mo Ting looked at Hai Rui’s latest team of bodyguards and gave Lu Che a look of warning, “Do I need to teach you what to do? Take the lawyers over to Boyi later today and deal with this matter quickly. I still have more important things to do, so I’m not going to waste my time on something so insignificant.”

“Yes, President!” Lu Che immediately did as told.

The contract signing was to take place at 2pm inside Xingrui Hotel.

After hearing about it, Tangning’s fans went crazy. Because up until this point, Tangning had yet to respond. Did she actually want to see Superstar Media being sold?

“Is Ning going to deal with this matter or not?”

“This makes me so anxious; too anxious! I’m not going to check the fan club updates anymore! I’m going to go to sleep instead!”

“I need to bow down to Ma Weiwei, the wench!”

Fans like this needed to be well experienced to make it into the official fan club. They had to be loyal and couldn’t take shortcuts. Plus, they had to serve a purpose for the club: they either needed the ability to recruit more members or they needed a stable source of income. Unfortunately, no one knew that an account called, ‘Wish Ning The Best’, was sold to a certain person.

After all, no matter how one obsessed about a celebrity, it was just a source of stress relief. So, when someone was willing to offer tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to buy an account…

…it was like a gift had been dropped from the heavens. In fact, for fans from average families, this was a huge amount.

In reality, Han Xiuche had actually researched a lot to get this account. After all, he knew he could only tempt someone with a weakness! So, he carefully took one step at a time to lock down on a target before he bought the account off this particular fan.

Unfortunately, after he logged onto the official fan club website, he realized even Tangning’s fans didn’t know what she was up to and whether she cared about Superstar Media.

“This fake woman has never cared about her fans and I don’t know how stupid this group of people are!” Han Xiuche said in an almost amused manner. “I can’t believe there are people that are willing to sacrifice themselves for her. How lacking must their brains be!”

Either way, because Ma Weiwei wanted to sell Superstar Media, Han Xiuche successfully joined Tangning’s fan club. But, from what he saw at present, there wasn’t any inside information he could gain. All he could do was keep an eye on the situation and grab onto Tangning’s weaknesses as soon as he found any.

Meanwhile, Ma Weiwei was about to receive a boost of $12 million in her account. For her, this was equivalent to half a year of hard work.

“Tangning’s fans are shaking in anger. What you’ve done has truly angered them…”

“I don’t even have time to care about myself, how can I care about them?” Ma Weiwei humphed.

Ma Weiwei sat in the corner of the hotel with a lit cigarette while she waited to sign her contract. However, her manager walked over and extinguished it, “You need to be careful, places like this might not necessarily be safe.”

Ma Weiwei obediently put out the cigarette and had a look at her watch, “It’s almost time. Let’s go out and meet with President Wang.”

The manager nodded her head and followed behind Ma Weiwei. However, she was confused. Tangning obviously held onto proof of Ma Weiwei and Han Xiuche’s previous encounter, but why hadn’t she exposed it? According to Tangning’s intelligence, it didn’t make sense for her to ignore this matter. So why was she still in hiding even though Superstar Media was being sold? This was not logical.

Therefore, Ma Weiwei’s manager gave herself a bit of mental preparation and wasn’t as excited as Ma Weiwei. After all, she wasn’t the one that was receiving any money.

Soon, both parties met at an official handover ceremony. It seemed, Boyi wanted the whole world to know that they had bought Superstar Media, so they invited a large number of reporters to witness the procedures.

Both parties had a contract in front of them and next to the contract sat a feathered pen…

All they had to do was sign the contract and everything would be official.

Everyone that followed the news of Superstar Media, kept a close eye on the contract signing ceremony. After all, Superstar Media was changing bosses again! This situation made the public sigh in disappointment. After all, it wasn’t easy for Tangning to build up Superstar Media’s reputation in the past. Who would have thought, it’d be destroyed like this?

“I really want to set the ceremony on fire!”

“Farout, sign it already!”

“It’s over, it’s all over. Even if Tangning wants to step in now, there’s nothing she can do.”

Through their screens, fans watched as Ma Weiwei and President Wang exchanged contracts and signed their names. Everything appeared like it was set in stone as Ma Weiwei revealed a dazzling smile.

“Nice working with you!”

“Yes, Weiwei, nice working with you too!”

However, just as the fans all sighed in disappointment and wondered why Tangning didn’t show up, Lu Che suddenly stormed in with a team of suit-clad lawyers. They walked straight up the red carpet and turned to face everyone.

“Lu Che?”

“Assistant Lu, you’re too late! The contract has already been signed!”

“I’m sorry that Assistant Lu has wasted his time coming here, but we are already finished,” President Wang said politely as he shook hands with Lu Che. Meanwhile, Ma Weiwei sneered as she looked at Lu Che smugly.

However, Lu Che looked at the man apologetically as he shook his hand, “I’m sorry, but the contract you signed was not legally valid.”

“This…” President Wang looked confusedly at Lu Che, “But, we’ve already verified that Miss Ma Weiwei possesses the most shares for Superstar Media. It can’t be fake.”

“She does indeed hold Superstar Media’s shares. But, you must not know about the agreement between Superstar Media and Hai Rui,” Lu Che laughed before he turned and asked a lawyer for some documents. “Hai Rui and Superstar Media agreed, when the agency was first formed, that Tangning had to stick to certain rules to be able to run a business separate to Hai Rui.”

President Wang was shocked as he grabbed the documents from Lu Che’s hands and quickly flipped through them…

“Assistant Lu, I don’t understand. How are the shares that I bought with my own money, not mine?”

“Look at the contract carefully. Hai Rui, stated clearly that if Superstar Media does not make any progress within a 6 month period and doesn’t send any artists over to Hai Rui, then Hai Rui has the right to take back Superstar Media. No matter how the shares have been distributed, its final fate lies with Hai Rui.

“So, after a majority vote, the board of directors at Hai Rui have decided to take back Superstar Media. That’s why, President Wang, I’m sorry, but this contract is not valid.”

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