Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1043 - Ning, Hurry And Strike Back!

Chapter 1043: Ning, Hurry And Strike Back!

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“Have you heard? Ma Weiwei is planning to sell the shares that I gave to her.” After hearing from her contacts, Long Jie gave Tangning a phone call, “I approve of Hai Rui taking back Superstar Media. Otherwise, it’s embarrassing if Ma Weiwei continues to create drama.”

“I don’t want her to waste the efforts we put in!”

“Our efforts haven’t been wasted,” Tangning assured. “Don’t forget Xing Lan and Luo Sheng’s​ current status and don’t forget that Hong Jie doesn’t need someone to support her to survive. They are all hardworking people.”

“Superstar Media exists because of them, yet, all that’s left now is an empty shell with no reason for existence.”

“If Ma Weiwei insists on doing things in such a shameless way, let’s give her a hand. Has anyone given a price yet?”

“I heard a few big agencies have been approached and are thinking of continuing Superstar Media’s aim of scouting talented artists,” Long Jie replied. “What are you planning to do?”

“My plan is to wait until Ma Weiwei successfully negotiates something and receives her payment before I tell Ting to take back Superstar Media!” Tangning said in the kitchen while she was preparing dinner.

“Hahaha, doesn’t that mean she’ll become a joke?” As soon as Long Jie imagined the scene, she was filled with glee.

“Isn’t this something that she deserves?” Tangning asked.

“Your black-bellyness will never change.” After Long Jie finished laughing, she suddenly remembered something important, “In a couple of days, Lu Che and I may need to take some time off work. We have something private to deal with.”

“Oh, OK,” Tangning replied swifty.

As Long Jie had never told anyone about her situation at home, Tangning was naturally unaware that Long Jie had such a difficult obstacle.

After all, the reason she was taking time off, was to attend the 100 days celebration of Lu Che’s ‘other child’.

What a joke!

After receiving some tips from his brother, Han Xiuche put in a lot of effort on the fan club. After all, a properly managed fan club was rather strict, and to join it, required an examination.

When it came to Ma Weiwei selling Superstar Media, Han Xiuche was extremely against it. But, when he looked at the situation from another angle, Ma Weiwei could also help him distract the fans while he found a chance to sneak into their club.

Hopefully, the useless wench could still be of help!

After Tangning returned to Beijing and Ma Weiwei experienced her power, she no longer dared to offend her, so news of Ma Weiwei selling Superstar Media, was originally something that only a few people knew. Unfortunately, Han Xiuche started spreading the news like crazy.

Tangning had created Superstar Media with her own hands. So, now that Ma Weiwei was trying to sell it off, those within the industry couldn’t help but sigh, “She had such a good card in her hand, yet she used it in this way. What a waste!”

The rise and fall of Superstar Media set an example for others within the industry.

And, of course, Tangning’s fans were naturally angered.

“Ma Weiwei, the b*tch, better not waste my Ning’s efforts!”

“By the way, why hasn’t my Ning taken back Superstar Media yet?”

“Han Xiuche used extreme methods before to steal Superstar Media and seize control of it with Ma Weiwei. It was bad enough that they couldn’t make any progression with the agency, now they’re even planning to sell it! What a bunch of trash!”

“I really miss the time when my Ning was in Superstar Media and she managed to turn Xing Lan and Luo Sheng into the top stars they are today. I can’t believe her agency is now being sold by that cheap replica. I’m so annoyed that I want to cry!”

Tangning heard these complaints, but she did not respond. She knew her standpoint well. Everytime she changed her identity, she never turned back.

Tangning understood that it was a shame the way that Superstar Media ended up, but, to truly change the industry, one agency wasn’t enough.

She had been too naive in the past…

“Ning, please say something!”

“Even one word is enough!”

Seeing the exhaustive efforts of the fans, Long Jie passed on their wishes to Tangning, “You should comfort them a little so they don’t feel so sad.”

After careful thought, Tangning agreed. So, she used Mo Ting’s social media account to provide a response, “I stole Mr. Mo’s password today because I heard that Superstar Media is being sold. I believe that Superstar Media will eventually end up in better hands, so fans should not feel worried.”

Tangning didn’t give much of a response. In fact, she sounded a bit emotionless.

After all, she wasn’t responding for Superstar Media’s sake, she was responding because she didn’t want her fans to be heartbroken.

After her fans saw her response, they were moved. This, at least, meant that Tangning kept up to date with news on the matter and wasn’t ignoring it like everyone thought. It’s just, she couldn’t act too sad or happy because Superstar Media was still in Ma Weiwei’s hands.

She had her status and pride.

“I trust her…”

“Me too.”

“Even though I really want to trust her, my Ning still hasn’t done anything.”

But, it wasn’t that Tangning hadn’t done anything. She simply kept her actions a secret.

“Don’t tell me that we have no choice but to watch Superstar Media being sold?”

“I’m so anxious! Ning, hurry and strike back!”

Tangning’s fans were feeling anxious because the agency created by Tangning was being sold off by the cheap replica. This was such a huge insult for Tangning.

Of course, when Ma Weiwei saw this response, she was quite happy. After all, stepping over Tangning in whatever way she could, was a good feeling.

Meanwhile, the news continued to spread and cause a commotion.

During this time, there were actually a few companies interested in buying Superstar Media and continuing with Tangning’s intention of scouting talent. After all, it wasn’t easy to establish the reputation that Superstar Media had. Although they knew they would never work as hard as Tangning, it was still a good investment.

“Someone actually offered $12 million for this lousy company,” Ma Weiwei ridiculed as she looked at the companies that were throwing themselves at her. “I really don’t understand how it’s worth that much. But, I guess it’s a good thing for me.”

“Who do you plan to sell it to?” her manager asked as she sat down beside her.

“Let me have a look first. I quite like Boyi Media because they have a strong base and may be able to help me in the future.”

“At the moment, this company is indeed the most trustworthy,” Ma Weiwei’s manager looked at the information in Ma Weiwei’s hands and nodded her head.

“OK then, it’s decided! Let’s sell these shares as soon as possible. I don’t want to be tied to that woman anymore!”

“Then, what about Han Xiuche? You don’t plan to…” The manager was referring to the fact that Han Xiuche had given the shares to Ma Weiwei for nothing. Shouldn’t she at least give a response?

“That was out of his own willingness, what does it have to do with me?” Ma Weiwei ridiculed. “This has nothing to do with him!”

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