Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1042 - Selling Superstar Media!

Chapter 1042: Selling Superstar Media!

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“What’s so bad about me? And what’s so bad about my daughter? In the end, she is also a woman. Hasn’t she gone too far? Didn’t we agree that she wouldn’t interfere with our lives again? Yet…”

Lu Che placed his arm on Long Jie’s shoulder and smiled, “Didn’t we also break our promise?”


“This matter will eventually be resolved, don’t worry,” Lu Che patted Long Jie on the head and pulled her into his embrace. “I will never be biased towards my parents. Trust me.”

“Dress up well for the 100 days celebration. I’m taking you with me!”

As she thought about the child, Long Jie pulled out her examination report from her bag, “Actually…you’re about to become a father again.”

Lu Che was a little shocked. As he looked at Long Jie’s face, he began to feel excited, “What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying, I’m pregnant again.”

After hearing this, Lu Che carried Long Jie in his arms emotionally like it was the first time.

“Hurry and let me down!”

Lu Che did not do as requested as he carried Long Jie into the bedroom and placed her on the bed, “If this is the case, then the upcoming show is going to be even more spectacular.”

A mother that wanted to control her son, happened to have a rebellious son. Who was going to win in the end?

Han Xiuche went up against Tangning’s fans for a good few days, but he soon realized that Tangning would never personally respond to him. She wasn’t afraid of being slandered and criticized, nor was she afraid that Ma Weiwei would use Superstar Media to blackmail her.

As a result, Han Xiuche felt like his attacks were useless and couldn’t accept it.

Han Xiuche’s brother lifted his head while he was busy at work and glanced at him. He then laughed, “Let’s put other things aside for now and focus on the fact that Tangning’s been married for a good few years. Even if she has a lot to be liked, she can never be with you.”

“Why must you be so persistent?”

“Bro…you have no idea. If everyone ​thinks that this woman is kind and just, but you’re the only one that knows she’s actually horrible, you would want to tear off her mask and expose her to the world as well.”

“Isn’t she tired of being so fake?”

“But, running around like a headless cockroach isn’t the best form of attack!” Han Xiuche’s brother laughed. “Right now, there’s nothing you can do about her. Plus, what about your future? Don’t you want a future anymore?”

“Bro, you know me best. If I don’t tear up this woman’s mask, I will never be satisfied.”

After hearing this, Han Xiuche’s brother nodded his head, “OK, then. To help you become more normal, I can only accept you the way you are.”

“If you want to know about Tangning’s latest news, you can try to sneak into her fan club. Fan clubs are generally the first to hear about any news.”

After hearing his brother’s reminder, Han Xiuche immediately sat up because he had a new option to think about.

He was born with a brother to protect him, so he was able to do whatever he wanted. But, Ma Weiwei wasn’t so lucky.

Ma Weiwei’s repeated humiliation restricted her to the level of a second and third rate artist. With Tangning above her, it was impossible for Ma Weiwei to ever reach the top. After all, any advertiser with brains knew the difference between her and Tangning. So, even if they couldn’t get Tangning, they would simply pick someone else. It wasn’t necessary to pick a cheap replica.

Ma Weiwei’s situation was stagnant and awkward.

During this time, her management agency tried their best to think of a solution. But, they had no luck.

This was the consequence of leeching off Tangning’s popularity. Every gain came with a loss and one was bound to fall sooner or later when riding someone else’s coattails. Ma Weiwei deserved the treatment she received.

Because of Ma Weiwei’s recent performance, her agency developed a dislike for her. After all, they had always known that Ma Weiwei wouldn’t last long. They just didn’t expect it to be this short.

Tangning didn’t need to sacrifice a single pawn for this replica to be destroyed. After all, she didn’t need to pay attention to something that only existed briefly, no matter how hard Ma Weiwei tried to scheme against her.

“Ma Weiwei’s situation has reached its limits. She’s already lost her chance to ever get to the top. So, to make up for our losses, you need to introduce Weiwei to a few more big bosses in the industry. You know what I mean?”

After hearing from her boss, Ma Weiwei’s ​manager nodded her head, “Yes, I understand.”


As mentioned earlier, Ma Weiwei’s manager simply looked dopey, but she was actually a very calculative person.

The other reason why she was so happy to give up on Ma Weiwei, was because she knew that Tangning was in possession of evidence that proved Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei had met in the past. Since she wasn’t sure when this ticking time bomb would go off, she had to get away as soon as possible.

Ma Weiwei had no idea that her management agency had already given up on her; she still thought she could live her life in peace with them. Therefore, whenever her manager looked at her, the manager’s gaze somehow contained a sense of pity.

In fact, she even considered helping Ma Weiwei find a way out.

“Since there’s no point keeping Superstar Media, why don’t you sell it while it’s still famous?”

After hearing her manager’s suggestion, Ma Weiwei fell into deep thought, “But, I don’t have all the shares.”

“You simply need to sell the ones in your hands!”

“You should do it while people are still talking about it. Who knows? It might boost its fame even more!”

Ma Weiwei weighed the pros and cons of her manager’s suggestion and felt it was a decent idea, “It’s not a bad idea to receive some money. After all, Superstar Media can’t achieve much in my hands. You can handle this matter on my behalf. Spread the news and see who’s interested.”

“OK,” the manager nodded her head.

But, what selling point did Superstar Media have? Xing Lan and Luo Sheng were both at Hai Rui, so the manager realized, the only thing they had left was Luo Yinghong.

If this was a typical bankrupt business, others may have disregarded it. But, this was something created by Tangning, so it still held its value, no matter what.

However, as soon as the manager leaked their intention to sell, Ma Weiwei received a phone call from Han Xiuche, “Has the thought of money made you crazy?”

“If I keep it, what else can I do with it? I don’t know how to run it! Plus, Han Xiuche, you’ve already given it to me, so you have no right to question what I do with it!”

“Is there something wrong with your brain? If you sell Superstar Media, you will lose all your chances of clinging onto Tangning!”

“I can’t even survive anymore, why would I still care about clinging onto Tangning?” After saying this, Ma Weiwei slammed down the phone angrily. “I’m selling it!”

Of course, this decision would end up creating a joke capable of destroying her!

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