Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 53: Becoming The Backdrop

Chapter 53: Becoming The Backdrop

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"They were organized by Tangning...otherwise, why would they only pay attention to her and humiliate me?" Mo Yurou whispered.

After hearing the translation, a smirk appeared across Mina's face, "Originally, today was a day worthy of celebrating, so I didn't want to argue with you. But Miss Mo, I've never seen a magazine with two models on the cover, where one model becomes the hottest topic and the other practically receives zero mentions."


"Do you know what that means? It means, as well as the people present, anyone in the US or even the world that has seen this magazine - did not notice your existence."

The translator translated for Mo Yurou, word for word...

After hearing the translation, Mo Yurou's face turned pale...

"This is impossible! This must be a conspiracy between the two of you. This is all your doing..." Mo Yurou found it hard to believe; she was definitely on the front cover of the magazine, how could she receive no mentions?

This couldn't be true...

"Are you not aware of your own abilities? Before this issue was released, we were already prepared to accept that you would merely serve as a contrast. But who would have thought, instead of being a contrast, you stooped to the level of being part of the backdrop - without even a trace of existence..." Mina took out a copy of Secret and handed it to Mo Yurou.

If not for attending this dinner, Mo Yurou would have still acknowledged her own existence.

But after hearing everyone calling her part of the backdrop...

...her confidence came crashing down.

Tangning was so good at adapting to her surroundings that Mo Yurou was made to look like part of the background. Above all, Tangning's eyes were so lively that Mo Yurou's arrogant stare looked lifeless in comparison...

This was the reason Mo Yurou had no mentions!

Because no one could tell she was alive!

Mo Yurou held onto the magazine as she took a few steps back. If not for Han Yufan holding onto her, she would have fallen off the stage.

"I heard in China, there is an article comparing you to Huo Jingjing...If I were you, I would hide in the US for the rest of my life, because I would be too ashamed to go back."

Mo Yurou looked like she had been struck by lightning...her mind was blank as she stared at herself on the cover. This couldn't be...everyone had previously praised her on her skills, there was no way she couldn't compare to Tangning. This is impossible, Tangning must have done something...she must have...

"Tangning, I never thought you would sabotage me in this way!" Mo Yurou accused Tangning angrily.

Han Yufan glared at Tangning, "For the sake of revenge, you would really go to any length."

"Revenge?" Tangning smiled sweetly. "President Han, tell me, a person like myself, with no background and no top class manager, that even got her clothes snatched from her, what lengths can I go to?"


"Was I the one that caused her to receive no mentions? It was obviously because she wasn't skilled enough..."

"Also, was I the one that made her too ashamed to return to China? It was because you guys shamelessly used someone else's fame to boost her..."

"If you consider this revenge...then the real revenge is yet to come." After speaking, Tangning and Mina looked at each other before Mina welcomed the representatives from ISN onto the stage.

Two tall and handsome French men walked up the red carpet towards Tanging and Mina. They gave each other a friendly hug before turning to the guests and speaking, "We are pleased to announce, Tangning will become ISN's spokesperson for the Asia region..."


A top French brand with a century-old history. Upon deciding to go international, they actually got Tangning to be their spokesperson...for the entire Asia region!

In comparison, the deals that Mo Yurou received as a result of using someone else's fame - although not a small amount - not a single one of them had a big budget or ranked highly in Beijing. How could they compare to a top international brand?

Mo Yurou's face turned even more pale; her body felt like it was crumbling on its own weight. If word got out about the incident in US, she may not be able to hold onto even these cheap deals...

"When did you accept this deal? Don't you know it has to pass through the company's approval?" Han Yufan questioned Tangning angrily in front of everyone.

Tangning turned around and faced Han Yufan as she spoke, "The contract has already been seen by the company's higher-ups, I forgot to mention it to you. They all approved. As for when I accepted the deal...of course, it was during the time you and Mo Yurou were affectionately organizing your engagement party...While I was working, what were you doing? If you don't know how to be the CEO of Tianyi, you can pass it to someone else, there are plenty of people that want your position. What? Is this considered revenge as well?"

"Han Yufan, as of now, let me give you a warning: If you continue to protect Mo Yurou, Tianyi...will eventually give up on you..."

As Tangning had already risen high above Mo Yurou, Tianyi's shareholders weren't pleased by Han Yufan's decision-making; always causing trouble for Tangning, even at public events like this. Tangning endorsing an international brand was a huge step forward for Tianyi. It was bad enough that he didn't support her, he even went as far as to defame Tangning for the sake of Mo Yurou.

On top of everything, because they had high hopes for Mo Yurou, they had wasted all their time and energy on her. In the end, nothing resulted from Secret and she didn't even receive any mentions...

She went to the US under the guise of being on the same stage as Tangning. In the end, she only became a part of the backdrop...

Was this the level of skills Han Yufan was boasting about that was comparable to Huo Jingjing?

It goes without saying, at this moment, Mo Yurou the international supermodel with a promising future was about to fall into the depths of the abyss and become abandoned. She was overshadowed by Tangning so much, people even thought she wasn't alive. Who was going to look up someone that appeared to be part of the backdrop?

Han Ruoxue glared at Tangning fiercely. She had never thought, while they were relaxing, Tangning managed to accept a deal with such a famous French brand; increasing the distance between her and Mo Yurou by thousands of miles...

As a manager, this was the first time she didn't know how to deal with an artist.

After this issue of Secret, Tangning's popularity and status would be increased; whereas Mo Yurou would go the opposite direction.

Originally, all Mina wanted, was a simple celebration dinner, but instead, it had now turned into Tianyi's internal fighting grounds. So, she called the security guard over to escort Mo Yurou out of the hotel. However, she was stopped by Han Ruoxue, "We can show ourselves out..."

"Tangning, you are ruthless."

No matter how ruthless she was, it was only fair.

But, it didn't matter if Tangning had won this battle or signed a deal with ISN, it wasn't enough. Even watching the three being sent out helplessly wasn't enough. Han Yufan was still the president of Tianyi and Mo Yurou had not been pushed completely to the depths, so an even more impressive show was yet to come.

After leaving the hotel, Mo Yurou knelt on the ground dumbfounded. At this time, this helpless scene was captured by Mo Ting who was waiting for Tangning in his car; he secured a recording on his phone.

She only received such a small blow and she already couldn't handle it.

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