Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1040 - That Was Awesome

Chapter 1040: That Was Awesome

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“So, how was it?” Tangning asked anxiously.

“It was beyond my expectations…” Mo Ting said before he turned around. Afterwards, he did not say another word. However, these five simple words were enough.

Because, it was the best form of acknowledgment for Tangning.

After Tangning heard this, she laughed. According to Mo Ting’s personality, he had high expectations for everything, so he would never praise someone straightforwardly. Hence, ‘beyond his expectations’, was already the best appraisal; it meant he acknowledged her!

What did it mean to be acknowledged by Mo Ting?

He was a top businessman, so he had a good level of judgment, a familiarity with film and an impressive level of assessment.

So, how could Tangning not be happy?

With this thought, Tangning jumped out of bed, leaped barefoot onto Mo Ting’s back and hugged him tightly, “Are you serious?”

Mo Ting lowered his head and looked at her bare feet. Afraid that she would be cold, he turned around and carried her in his arms, “Even though you’re at home, you must remember to wear shoes.”

“Were you serious about what you said?”

“You’ll know when you watch it,” Mo Ting replied. “After the first round of trailers are released, you can do some test screenings. Work hard on the trailer, remain focused!”

“OK!” Tangning nodded furiously.

No matter how she appeared to the outside world, in front of Mo Ting, she would always be a woman that needed his love and protection.

Mo Ting was pleased with Tangning’s reaction, so he placed her on the sofa and returned to the bedroom to fetch her a pair of shoes. He then placed them in front of her.

With Mo Ting’s encouragement, Tangning finally put away her worries.

But, before Mo Ting left the house, Tangning quickly stopped him and asked, “I forgot to ask you before, does Hai Rui have the right to take back Superstar Media?”

“The contract between Superstar Media and Hai Rui clearly states that every year after establishment, the agency must sign a qualifying artist with Hai Rui to continue operation. Xing Lan and Luo Sheng were your achievements. After that, Hai Rui will hold an evaluation every 6 months. If the agency struggles to continue normal operation and can’t produce any good artists, Hai Rui has the right to step in.”

“Regardless of who’s holding the shares?”

“No matter who’s holding the shares, Hai Rui has the right to make the final decision,” Mo Ting replied. “This was the reason why the board of directors allowed you to start your own business at the start.”

“In other words…”

“In other words, whenever you want to take back Superstar Media, it’s as easy as holding a board of directors meeting. But, if we take it back, then the agency will no longer exist. You need to think it over carefully,” Mo Ting replied in seriousness.

In reality, if Tangning hadn’t said anything, Mo Ting would have never gotten​ involved with Superstar Media’s matter. As a result, the agency would have continued to exist as long as Hai Rui’s shareholders didn’t notice anything.

“In that case, let me think about it carefully.’ Tangning replied.

Mo Ting smiled and gently patted Tangning on the head.

Although the couple were both in their thirties, their affectionate actions made them appear like they were still dating.

“You decide for yourself!”

Back when Ma Weiwei and Han Xiuche tried so hard to snatch away Superstar Media, they had absolutely no idea that the agency was established under such terms with Hai Rui.

When Tangning first created Superstar Media, her intention was never to become independent from Hai Rui, she simply formed it to scout for talented artists. So, the purpose of her every move was to help artists progress to a point where she could eventually hand them over to Hai Rui.

Hence, she never expected that something she agreed on when she first established the agency, would end up being used as a faceslapping weapon.

However, she didn’t know if Long Jie and Lin Qian would be able to accept the destruction of Superstar Media.

Superstar Media had its glory days. Even though it didn’t last for long, it still created names like Xing Lan and Luo Sheng. As for Luo Yinghong, she had always been a hardworking person. And, this was even more apparent when Superstar Media started to become unstable. But, she never relied on the agency. Instead, she negotiated jobs on her own.

As long as Tangning made proper arrangements, there was no reason why Luo Yinghong would be upset by the loss of Superstar Media.

The next morning, Long Jie arrived at Hyatt Regency. Tangning explained the relationship between Hai Rui and Superstar Media to her and asked for her opinion, “If you agree, Hai Rui will compensate you for the shares you once had. They will also compensate Lin Qian.”

“But, I already gave my shares to Han Xiuche…” Long Jie said sadly to Tangning. “Just compensate Lin Qian. I have no right to accept anything.”

“So, this means you agree…?”

“I think being your assistant is more suited to me. As for Lin Qian, you’re well aware of her situation: she’s about to become a mother and the Li Family are good at avoiding troubles, so, I think Lin Qian can always change careers to something else.”

“So, I agree with your suggestion…” Long Jie replied. “At least it’s better than being tormented by the two jerks.”

Tangning looked at Long Jie. Although she tried her best to hold back her emotions, Tangning could see the tears in her eyes.

“That’s true. If you’re going to be anything, why not be my assistant. It’s a much more fulfilling role for you. Let me show you something.”

After saying these words, Tangning turned on ‘The Ant Queen’ for Long Jie to watch.

This time, Long Jie represented a different type of audience.

If Mo Ting represented the words of a professional, then Long Jie was a better reflection of the audience’s reaction.

And Long Jie’s attention was immediately drawn in to the screen.

Just the first scene, made her eyes open wide, “Is…is this the film you did with Qiao Sen? Didn’t you say that you only had the trailer? Is the film completed?”

“You’ll know after you see it. This is the first cut.”

Long Jie immediately jumped in joy. After waiting for so long and enduring so many difficulties, they could finally see the completed thing. How could she not be excited?

She felt the same as Tangning!

Tangning looked at Long Jie and was tempted to comfort her because she understood that Long Jie had sacrificed a lot for Superstar Media; she sacrificed too much. So, even if Hai Rui was to take back Superstar Media, she was going to attend the board of directors meeting and help Long Jie fight for some compensation. However, she didn’t really have any rights for negotiation, so she didn’t want to give Long Jie any false promises.

Long Jie had a very general taste towards films.

She didn’t care about the plot or the genre, she simply watched films with a good review. There weren’t any genres that she disliked.

So, allowing Long Jie to watch ‘The Ant Queen’, was like receiving another honest review.

Throughout the entire film, Long Jie was in a constant state of suspense. At times, she even broke out in a cold sweat and grabbed onto Tangning during climactic scenes, “That scared the hell out of me…”

Only when the film reached its last scene did Long Jie finally turn towards Tangning and raised her thumb without a word…

Afterwards, she patted herself on the chest, signalling that her heart almost couldn’t take the thrill.

“That was awesome…”

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