Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1038 - Aren't I Getting Justice For You?

Chapter 1038: Aren’t I Getting Justice For You?

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“You guys can’t do this! How can you accept our bribe and not give anything in return?”

There were plenty of agencies and artists that tried to bribe the brand, but none of them openly talked about it like Ma Weiwei and her agency did.

“Go look for the person that accepted the bribe. Lina, send them out! Why don’t you take a proper look at yourself. As a fake replica, you should have some self awareness. Did you think you were the real thing?”

The real Tangning was different, she had the ability to directly reject a big international brand, while they dreamed of working with her.

After all, the only artist in Beijing to ever achieve anything overseas and receive international fame, was Tangning. Moreover, she was the direct student of Jones, ‘The Father of Sci-fi’. Therefore, she was the only person worthy of representing an international skincare brand.

Ma Weiwei continued to fight for the role, but her manager eventually stopped her, “Let’s go…”

“Are we leaving? How do we explain ourselves to Boss?” the artists director asked. “Weiwei, you need to try harder. It wasn’t easy for the agency to help you get this far, yet you can’t even secure a decent endorsement. If news gets out about this, how do we keep going?”

“If you can’t, then don’t!” Ma Weiwei said before she rushed out and entered the elevator without even putting on her sunglasses.

At that moment, the staff in the elevator all witnessed the upset look on Ma Weiwei’s face.

“Tangning…are you Tangning? Can you give me an autograph?”

A female staff wearing black-framed glasses passed her notebook to Ma Weiwei. However, the male colleague beside her quickly pointed out, “You’ve made a mistake, she’s not Tangning, she’s that replica…”

Hearing this, the woman quickly adjusted her glasses and looked at Ma Weiwei carefully. A moment later, her face turned red.

“I thought that since she was invited to an audition for a high class skincare brand, she would definitely be Tangning…”

“Not so loud.”

“Why is she here?” This woman happened to be a fan of Tangning’s, so she obviously despised Ma Weiwei. Now that she got a chance to see her in person, she naturally mocked her, “In this world, karma determines ones next life. For someone that advances by treading on others, I hope you will someday be torn to shreds.”

Ma Weiwei was being squished inside the small elevator as her hands clenched tightly into fists. If there weren’t so many people around her, she would have ripped the b*tch apart. Unfortunately, there were so many eyes on her.

“If you really want to help Tangning, you shouldn’t talk about her in the same breath as this woman. It’s a waste of time to even hate her,” the other staff laughed. Of course, this was after Ma Weiwei left the elevator. However, Ma Weiwei’s ears still picked up on it.

After hearing this, Ma Weiwei stormed out of the building, disregarding everyone that looked her way.

Was she supposed to live the rest of her life in Tangning’s shadow?

Perhaps, due to orders from the artists director to look for Ma Weiwei, Ma Weiwei’s manager had no choice but to contact Han Xiuche. After all, she had already lost control of Ma Weiwei by that point.

Although Han Xiuche didn’t want to get involved, especially during such a sensitive time, he couldn’t help but sympathize with Ma Weiwei.

Both of them had been hurt by Tangning. If he didn’t help Ma Weiwei, then no one would help her.

However, neither of them understood that, one was lying to himself because he dreamed about love and was hurt, so he slandered Tangning to convince himself to give up. Whilst the other went even further by doing plastic surgery so she could use Tangning’s looks to leech off her popularity, feed on her fame and steal her company.

Yet, not only did they not acknowledge their own faults, they kept trying to throw the blame on the person that wasn’t satisfying their desires…

In the end, Han Xiuche located Ma Weiwei at a bar and carried her back to his place.

“No matter what I do, I don’t think I’ll ever escape the curse of Tangning.”

“Compose yourself a little.” Han Xiuche placed a wet towel on Ma Weiwei’s forehead. “Whatever problem we have, we simply have to throw the blame on Tangning and everything will be over.”

“But, how many people are still willing to believe me at this point?” Ma Weiwei buried her head and began to cry. “I’ve already changed my face to look like her, what am I supposed to do? Han Xiuche, I’m honestly tired…”

“Get some rest. I’ll get justice for you tomorrow!”

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry!” Han Xiuche pulled out his laptop as well as a blanket. He then covered Ma Weiwei with the blanket before delving into his own world: he went online and began typing up insults.

His words were simple and harsh.

“Tangning, how much further do you want to push Ma Weiwei? Are you going to stop after another person dies? You already have everything, stop being so ruthless!”

As soon as this comment was posted, all those that saw it, including Tangning, were shocked.

Tangning didn’t even do anything, yet she was being called a ruthless person.

This time, Tangning’s fans could no longer hold back their anger as they stepped forward and began to fight back, “My Ning took ‘Mini-Mo’ to the hospital yesterday morning and spent the rest of the afternoon in Hyatt Regency. Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning for spouting such nonsense, Han Xiuche?”

“Han Xiuche, if you’re going to claim that Tangning is applying pressure to Ma Weiwei, you need to show us some evidence. Besides, didn’t you say that you and Ma Weiwei weren’t familiar with each other?”

“Just because Ma Weiwei made herself look like Tangning, does it mean that everytime she gets bullied, it’s automatically caused by Tangning? I’m sorry, but My Ning does not have that much spare time!”

“God will eventually deal with those that are despicable!”

All along, Han Xiuche had been trying his best to maintain Ma Weiwei’s image as a victim so she could cling onto Tangning and remind her that she was bound to suffer everytime she thought things were going well.

Of course, anyone with a brain knew that he was obviously creating hype. After all, he had previously admitted that he gave Superstar Media to Ma Weiwei because he was trying to leech off Tangning’s fame. But, he had already implanted the image that Ma Weiwei was the victim, deep in the minds of the public.

Whenever Ma Weiwei was scolded and things went wrong, she simply had to cry about it online and the public would be immediately stirred up.

When Ma Weiwei woke up and saw Han Xiuche arguing with Tangning’s fans, she immediately stopped him, “Are you crazy?”

“Aren’t I getting justice for you?” Han Xiuche laughed. “When you’re suffering, Tangning should suffer as well.”

“But, when she suffers, it’s of no benefit to me…”

“Who says it’s of no benefit? Some things become real if you keep saying it…Right now, you are just a replica, so it’s impossible for you to alter Tangning’s public image. But, if we look at it from another angle, you are also seen as someone that can’t possibly bully Tangning. Which, in turn, means that Tangning can easily bully you. So, your situation will only improve if you keep playing the victim.”

After hearing Han Xiuche’s explanation, Ma Weiwei couldn’t help but laugh, “You’ve already gone this far, yet Tangning is still indifferent. She sure has good tolerance!”

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