Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1037 - Daddy Ting Is So Cool!

Chapter 1037: Daddy Ting Is So Cool!

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“Suffer? Of course I’m suffering. But, I’m not going to sit around and do nothing.” Han Xiuche worked on his manhua while he laughed at Ma Weiwei in ridicule, “What a pitiful little thing…”

So, Tangning really wanted to film a sci-fi?

Han Xiuche was well-experienced in sci-fi. If it was possible for Tangning to create something in that field, then what was there that he couldn’t do?

During this time, the matter with Superstar Media continued to linger. But, the disappointing thing was, Superstar Media was created by Tangning, yet she gave up on it so casually. So, for Han Xiuche, she was clearly a fickle person.

No matter how the public praised her, it didn’t matter. As long as he knew how fake she truly was, then, for him, it was enough.

Meanwhile, Ma Weiwei was indeed a pitiful little thing. After all, her fate was tightly bound to Tangning and she had no control over it.

Either way, the most important thing for her, was to secure the international skincare endorsement. However, she would have never imagined how badly she’d be humiliated at the audition the next day.

The next morning…

Tangning had previously promised that she’d take Mo Zichen for a test with Mo Ting after returning to Beijing. The little rascal was clever but he never tried to communicate with adults like other children did, so they had to test him.

At least, if his weird behavior was due to a certain ailment, they could quickly treat it.

Because of this, Long Jie contacted a specialist hospital and ensured that Tangning and the Boss’ schedule was a secret. Unexpectedly, the little rascal wasn’t scared at all, even though he had barely left the house before.

In the end, Mo Ting carried his son while Tangning followed beside him. The couple kept a low profile as they headed straight for the hospital’s neurology ward.

When the doctor saw the couple, she immediately approached them with a smile and took Mo Zichen from their hands, “I’ve already heard about the young master’s behavior from Miss Long. He is indeed different from other children his age – even his twin brother.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Mo, I will take good care of the young master throughout his entire test. You can be rest assured.”

Mo Ting placed his arm around Tangning’s shoulder and nodded his head. The couple then retreated to the waiting room with Long Jie.

The entire test took roughly one hour. Afterwards, the doctor carried Mo Zichen out and handed him back to Mo Ting.

The little rascal directly fell asleep at this time.

“Doctor, what were the results?”

“You don’t need to worry, the young master is very healthy and doesn’t have any issues to be concerned about.”

“But he doesn’t cry or whinge, nor does he speak…”

“That’s not a problem. When he finally feels like expressing himself, he will naturally speak up. The two of you may have given birth to a genius! From now on, you should foster his interests and incorporate it into your daily lives the best you can. That way, you can discover what he’s a genius at…”

“But, you need to be aware that smart children are generally prone to being lonely.”

Tangning glanced at Mo Ting and patted her son on the head. She then nodded at the doctor, “We will take note of it.”

Afterwards, the couple took the little rascal home.

On their return home, Tangning noticed that Mo Ting wasn’t worried at all, “What if he’s too smart and we can’t handle him?”

“That would never happen,” Mo Ting turned and looked seriously at his wife. “As long as he’s healthy, I’ll be in charge of teaching him from now on, OK?”

At the beginning, Tangning had brought Mo Zichen to the hospital because she simply wanted to know if he was healthy; she didn’t care about anything else. So, no matter how the little rascal turned out, he was still her and Mo Ting’s precious little boy. This was something that couldn’t be changed.

So, Tangning sighed, “My expectations are simple: as long as he’s happy and kind, it’s up to him whether he achieves anything in his life.”

“Don’t worry, OK?” Mo Ting carried Mo Zichen in one arm as he ran his hand through Tangning’s hair.

However, the couple may have kept a low profile, but, a passerby still spotted them and placed a photo of them online.

Netizens expressed that seeing Mo Ting out with his wife during an intense time between Ma Weiwei and Tangning, was a refreshing thing to witness.

In the photo, Mo Ting was seen carrying his child like an expert while Tangning leaned against his arm. The family of three looked extremely warm and harmonious.

“Daddy Ting is so cool…”

“The Big Boss of the entertainment industry dotes on his wife and loves his son. What a legend!”

Of course, some people also claimed that Tangning was trying to sell herself as a good mother to the public. But, comments like this were quickly criticized by other netizens.

“She’s simply taking her child to the hospital, why must some people be so cruel? Children have always been prone to illnesses…”

“Don’t forget who Tangning’s teacher is. She doesn’t need to sell anything.”

“How could someone get annoyed at news like this. It must be the ‘mother fans'”

“Has anyone noticed that their son is quite adorable?”

At the time of the photo, Mo Zichen was sleeping on Mo Ting’s shoulder, so his face was very adorable; a loveable sight to see. In response, the Netizens couldn’t help but sigh that it was because of genetics…

“I really want to see this adorable child!”

While these discussions were happening, Tangning’s​ home was filled with warmth because Mo Zichen’s public appearance had attracted a lot of positivity…

At the same time, with her agency’s help, Ma Weiwei successfully met with the boss of the international skincare brand that she was to audition for. But, after a short chat, the man eyed Ma Weiwei up and down and revealed a complicated expression. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking…

Therefore, Ma Weiwei’s agency expressed their confusion. Did they put in so much effort for the client to respond with uncertainty? But, the agency’s​ PR exhausted a lot of resources for this…

“Mr. Zhou, you must be aware of our Weiwei’s current popularity in Beijing. What else are you not satisfied with?”

Mr. Zhou lifted his head and glanced at Ma Weiwei. He then replied with a laugh, “To be honest, a lot of agencies have contacted me regarding this job. I know your agency strongly wishes to cooperate, but I’m sorry, our first choice has always been Tangning. She’s​ already rejected us…”

“…but, even so…”

“…we’d rather look for someone else than to work with someone that’s had plastic surgery. That’s like ruining our own image,” the man replied straightforwardly. “Besides, when it comes to international fame, your agency’s artist is a long stretch from Tangning. How can we hire a face that isn’t internationally known?”

“For us, money and interests aren’t the biggest concerns. The biggest concern is…”

“…we want to find a spokesperson that is truly suited to our style…”

“We need to also consider status; status is very important. Understand?”

“Unfortunately, your artist isn’t up to standard…”

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