Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1036 - I Am A Parasite On Tangning's Body

Chapter 1036: I Am A Parasite On Tangning’s Body

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“So, if you want to watch a good film, you should stop bullying her. Can you promise me that?”

Perhaps due to Jones’ gentle request, the reporters beside him nodded their heads submissively.

Jones immediately revealed a loving smile, like a doting father that had successfully protected his daughter.

From the conversation he had with the reporters, it was clear to see that Jones’ relationship with Tangning was very close. At least, Tangning was the only person capable of having a world class master of sci-fi admit that she was his student.

That was so bad*ss!

“She may not have come from the most professional background, but she will definitely use her sincerity to create a good film. Trust me.”

After speaking, Jones did an OK gesture towards the reporters as he passed through security.

This old man was extremely loveable.

Only after Jones disappeared from their sight did the reporters begin to sigh, “Tangning actually became a student of Jones’. Even though everyone’s been ridiculing her, she’s still determined to create a sci-fi film.”

“She was experimenting with filming one when Qiao Sen was still around. I just can’t believe that after everything that’s happened, she still hasn’t given up. This time, I must say that I’m convinced by her.”

“Tangning is certainly lucky to have a world class master of his field speak up for her.”

“I guess, with Jones’ support, making a comeback and creating something big won’t be that difficult for Tangning. Let’s see how Ma Weiwei compares to this.”

“One has always been the real deal while the other is a cheap replica. What did you expect from a replica?”

The discussions amongst the reporters were exactly what most people thought – especially after a video of the day’s incident was placed online. Even though this was normal for Tangning, it immediately caused a huge commotion. At this rate, even if Ma Weiwei tried to copy her a little every single day, it was impossible to catch up.

Especially now that a master in his field had claimed her as his student. Simply based on this relationship alone, the reporters had no choice but to be kinder to Tangning.

Of course, after opposing the reporters so many times, Tangning learned from Jones that there was no winner. While the reporters reflected on themselves after appearing on the American headlines and being faceslapped, Tangning realized her time was better spent on perfecting her film rather than arguing with the media.

Above all, now that she had acknowledgment from Jones, as well as his support, her value naturally changed…

Those that had been following the story felt a sense of satisfaction.

After all, seeing Tangning being bullied by Ma Weiwei somehow made them angry because it felt like they were the ones that were being bullied instead. So, now that Tangning had turned the tables and slapped Ma Weiwei in the face, it felt extremely satisfying like they had done it themselves.

Of course, as the protagonist, Tangning had no idea that Jones was going to do what he did. In fact, she had even made the decision to never reveal their relationship.

“Shouldn’t you be happy that Jones gave you such a big present?”

“You must know that the reaction is very different when these words come from his mouth compared to yours.”

This was the first thing that Long Jie said to the serious-looking Tangning after returning to work.

But, of course, Tangning’s worries were also right, “Being Jones’ student may be a prestigious thing, but it also means that people will have different expectations​ for you. This gives me even more pressure.”

“That’s true. Jones is, after all, ‘The Father of Sci-fi’. If you produce something bad as his student, you’re going to receive a lot of backlash. But, I believe in you,” Long Jie had complete faith in Tangning. “Look at how you moved the production team for ‘The Ant Queen’ back and forth between the US and China. I’m sure you’ll receive acknowledgment from film fans.”

“The production for ‘The Ant Queen’ has started. I’m sure everyone will see it very soon. Plus, now that Jones has left, I think it’s time I deal with Superstar Media’s matter. But, before that, Ting and I need to take Zichen for a test.”

“Everyone can tell that something is different with this little rascal,” Long Jie said as she looked at Mo Zichen who was sitting on the sofa.

Unfortunately for Long Jie, after leaving work, she still had difficulties to face at home.

Even though Mother Lu only visited once and Long Jie said she didn’t take it to heart, the thought of Mother Lu’s face still made her uncomfortable.

Lu Che told her he was waiting for the right time, but she wanted desperately for that time to come. Otherwise, she would soon dislike their home and not want to return. After all, she was always worried that Mother Lu would suddenly turn up again…

Meanwhile, the checkup that Lu Che told her to do did not have results yet.

During this time, news that Tangning was Jones’ student quickly spread throughout Beijing. The audience had always acknowledged Tangning’s achievements in film. Even though they previously mocked her for wanting to produce a sci-fi film, she was now the student of ‘The Father of Sci-fi’. Didn’t that mean she was truly determined and had put in the hard work required?

It seemed, she really liked challenges.

And particularly liked giving face slaps.

This time, the news related to Tangning, made it impossible for Ma Weiwei to catch up even if she was to catch a rocket. After all, she was completely clueless when it came to film and television. Although she had put in the hard work to learn about it, she couldn’t comprehend it and had no talent for it. Not everyone was like Tangning.

As a result, the public finally tipped the scales between Tangning and Ma Weiwei.

This meant, Ma Weiwei received more ridicule and criticism and less profits.

At the same time, the way she was treated was a direct influence on her self worth.

Therefore, Ma Weiwei became very depressed.

Her manager stayed by her side to comfort her, “Weiwei, don’t let it get to you, our main priority is to grab onto the next opportunity for hype.”

“I am a parasite on Tangning’s body.”

“Don’t think too much. Your agency will take you to participate in an audition for an international skincare brand tomorrow. Although Tangning’s gone up another level, you’re not bad either,” Ma Weiwei’s​ manager consoled. “Get some rest and stop thinking.”

Ma Weiwei had declared war on Tangning multiple times, but Tangning didn’t care at all.

What was Ma Weiwei to do about it, though? Tangning was already Jones’ student!

She wasn’t someone that a third-rate artist could compete with.

Because of this, Ma Weiwei gave Han Xiuche a phone call, “If your mood’s not good, why not have a drink?”

“Because of Tangning?” Han Xiuche immediately asked. “I’ve heard how she’s heading for the top, step-by-step. So, it’s only a matter of time before you get faceslapped…”

“Stop talking arrogantly. You’re not going to end well either,” Ma Weiwei humphed. “After all, you’ve always viewed Tangning as your enemy, so wouldn’t you suffer when your enemy gets better?”

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