Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1035 - What Did Tangning Do?

Chapter 1035: What Did Tangning Do?

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After experiencing the benefits of fame, Ma Weiwei temporarily forgot about her lack of self confidence. At least, in that moment, she finally understood the benefit of having a similar face to Tangning and why her agency chose that option for her.

Because of the foundation that Han Xiuche laid, Ma Weiwei learned to act recklessly with no fear. After all, if she came across any misfortune, she could easily brush the blame onto Tangning. So, why not?

Her latest job was an endorsement event for a jewelry brand.

Coincidentally, inside the same building hung a poster of Tangning advertising a watch for the same brand. As a result, the reporters couldn’t help but ask her what she felt about the relationship between her and Tangning. In response, she stood casually beside a cardboard cutout of Tangning and smiled, “I reckon if Tangning and I got to appear on the same stage, we would definitely be good friends.”

“You don’t mind sharing a stage with her?”

“Why would I mind?” Ma Weiwei shrugged before she added, “The Superstar Media created by Ning Jie, somehow ended up in my hands. I simply hope I live up to her initial intentions for the agency. I also want to take this opportunity to tell Ning Jie that I’ll take good care of Superstar Media.”

What was the point of her words?

It was almost like giving birth to a child and having the child stolen while the culprit told everyone that they’d take care of the child without feeling any regret.

One could imagine how cruel Ma Weiwei was.

But, it didn’t matter. Even though Ma Weiwei was seeking attention and Tangning was avoiding her, the tension between the two women was enough to keep the media entertained for a good amount of time.

Ma Weiwei actually promised to take good care of Superstar Media. This was perhaps the most provocative thing she had ever said.

Was she declaring war on Tangning?

Yet, the thing that made spectators most anxious was the fact that the other protagonist, Tangning, still refused to give a response.

She had no reaction whatsoever towards Ma Weiwei.

But, this was because Tangning was busy taking Jones to some of the most entertaining places in Beijing and was genuinely treating him like a family member.

However, Jones kept a close eye on the situation.

A few days later, Jones decided it was about time he returned to the US. Beijing was his first stop after his retirement and he felt like he had understood enough about the culture there. So, he decided to leave with his wife.

“Tangning, I know that if we stay here, you will continue to keep us company and won’t have time to deal with that cheap replica of yours.”

After hearing this, Tangning shook her head, “I can deal with that matter at any time, but spending time with my teacher isn’t something that comes by often.”

“I am leaving with Mrs. Jones tomorrow.”

“You don’t want to stay a couple more days?” Tangning asked.

“No, my wife is beginning to miss her grandchild…” Jones replied. “We will make our own way to the airport tomorrow, you don’t need to see us off. Otherwise, there will be big news again.”


“All good things must come to an end. My wife and I are old, but you are still young. You still have unlimited potential. I will anticipate the release of your film from the US.” After he packed his luggage, Jones placed his suitcase to the side and pointed to Tangning’s two sons, “Your sons are quite special.”

As she was afraid the media would harass Jones and his wife, Tangning organized for them to stay in Hyatt Regency.

When the couple first arrived, they were bursting with excitement because they got to see the three adorable rascals.

Jones was at the age where he enjoyed having grandchildren, so when he saw the kids, his gaze was extremely gentle and caring.

“His father and I are planning to get some tests done on him to see why he’s different to other kids.”

“Let me know the results after you receive them,” Jones said as he raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you guys have a saying that ‘anything is possible in this world’?”

Tangning laughed, “Yes, you’re right.”

The next morning…

…Jones insisted on leaving like he said he would. Tangning couldn’t keep the two elders from leaving, but she wanted to at least take them to the airport. However, Jones turned down her offer.

“We are currently two average old people, you don’t need to give us special treatment.”

Since, the two elders said this, what else could Tangning do? All she could do was organize a car for them to go on their own.

But, of course, she had no idea that Jones had an even bigger present prepared for her.

Perhaps, it was on purpose, Jones arrived at the airport without any disguise, quickly drawing fans around him. Of course, there were some Beijing locals that were fluent in English that tried to talk to him.

“Hi, Jones, I’m so happy to see you here.”

Jones was extremely approachable. He practically satisfied the requests of everyone that approached him.

Soon, the reporters nearby flocked over and surrounded Jones as soon as they saw him. But, even then, Jones did not look annoyed. “I simply have one request: as long as you aren’t too aggressive like the other day, I can give you a chance to interview me.”

“Of course not…”

“We won’t…”

“I know what you want to ask. You want to ask me why Tangning didn’t come to the airport, right?” Jones spoke on behalf of the reporters. “I specifically requested to come on my own with my wife because I’ve already troubled her enough these past few days.”

“Jones, in your eyes, what kind of person is Tangning?” a reporter asked.

“She’s stubborn and persistent. It’s strange, I’ve seen many of your articles, but you don’t seem to describe her the way that I know her. On the surface, she acts tough, but in reality, she is an extremely kind and gentle person. She’s cold on the outside, but warm on the inside. So, I can’t understand why you guys must slander her,” Jones replied in a cheeky manner.

“I really like your films, Jones. I’m looking forward to your latest project.”

“Latest project? I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m retired now,” Jones replied with a regretful look.

“But, if you still want to watch a good film, I think there’s someone that can satisfy you.”

“Who? Tell us, Jones…”

Jones held onto his wife’s hand as he began to answer the reporters, “My student, Tangning. I believe you guys call it a ‘disciple’ in your culture.”


“That’s right, my disciple. Don’t you guys have a term: ‘final student’? She’s my final and only student. Although I’ve stopped filming, she will continue the hard work.”

Dear God!

The reporters were stunned. What explosive news did they just hear? It turned out, the reason why Jones was in Beijing with Tangning was because she was his student; his only disciple. Jones personally revealed it!

She actually became a student of ‘The Father of Sci-fi’!

What did Tangning do?

She was unbelievable.

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