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Chapter 1033 - Wasn't It Obvious How Embarrassing This Was?

Chapter 1033: Wasn’t It Obvious How Embarrassing This Was?

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But, how did Tangning and Jones get involved with each other?

Was this a method for her comeback? Was she using Jones to create hype?

A lot of people were suspicious of Tangning and openly questioned her. But, this time, Mo Ting personally released a statement to answer their suspicions. Although Tangning was no longer a part of Hai Rui, he was still her personal manager. And, as her manager for life, this was naturally his responsibility.

He let it pass when Tangning wouldn’t accept his help in the past, but this time, she had accepted Jones’ help and understood the importance of feeling needed. So, she no longer dwelled on small things like this.

Afterwards, Mo Ting personally placed a post on his social media account.

It couldn’t be considered as a response, but more of a question.

“My wife’s return has stirred up a huge commotion. She hasn’t even had the chance to resolve the matter with Superstar Media and she’s already being slandered for using Jones as hype. When can the media be more reasonable?”

“Jones’ visit to Beijing and my wife’s accompaniment was completely a private matter that required no explanation from the start. But, those that love to gossip couldn’t help themselves.”

“The most hilarious thing is, they expect my wife to explain how she got involved with Jones?!”

“The media keep playing the victim card and keep acting like everything they do is right. But, they are forcing artists to give up on their own rights and interests.”

“Artists are under public observation, not public humiliation. You make random speculations and then create hype with it, is that how you live your life?”

“For the entertainment industry to be a good place, reporters also need to maintain order. Otherwise, appearing on American headlines and becoming a joke will simply be the start.”

“Let me remind you one last time that this is my final warning. You’re welcome to monitor my every move, but if I come across slandering and false rumors again, please be ready to accept a letter from my lawyers.”

Mo Ting’s warning contained a lot of personal emotions. After all, he wasn’t speaking on behalf of his agency, so it wasn’t necessary to be completely serious.

But, contained in his words was a very important point: no matter what Tangning did, the media would criticize her about it. Sometimes, they would even do it with no reason.

Was Tangning creating hype?

Was she a shrewd person?

Did Tangning cause people to die?

Over the years, Tangning’s every change had something to do with the media. Now that the public thought about it, a lot of her rumors were based on groundless accusations. Even this time, when she wanted to show a friend around her hometown​, people claimed she was groveling to the Americans.

Had they gone too far?

This time, Tangning’s fans were encouraged by Mo Ting’s words to finally step out and protect her after being suppressed for such a long time.

“Excuse my brutal honesty, but is Han Xiuche mentally retarded? Superstar Media originally belonged to Tangning, but he stole it off her, yet he’s claiming that Tangning’s scheming against him. Don’t forget who’s the biggest benefactor in this entire incident. If he didn’t do something sneaky, how would he have seized control of Superstar Media?”

“As for the matter with Jones, this is perhaps the funniest entertainment news I have seen in a long time. Just because Jones’ identity is special, the media expect Tangning to explain how they met. How is it any of their business?”

“We’ve been fans of Tangning for a long time and we’ve gotten used to her being slandered, so we’ve been enjoying her previous works on our own without causing a fuss. We already accepted this as fate. But, this time, Tangning was simply showing a friend around Beijing, yet the media attacked her for it. I’m not going to hold back my anger anymore.”

Many people found their logic had been awoken by Mo Ting’s warning and a portion of them decided to side with Tangning. As a result, there was suddenly a lot of people that opposed the media.

Now that the harshness of the media was brought to life, many artists began to speak up, “Previously, when I was having dinner, a paparazzo captured a photo of me. I approached him nicely and told him I was having a simple dinner and didn’t want him to take photos of me. But, the crazy as*hole pointed to his own head and said that if I didn’t let him follow me and take photos, he would hit his head against the wall and tell everyone that I hit him. If that was to happen, I would end up with a negative scandal against my name…”

“In the end, I managed to lose him. I couldn’t afford to offend him, but I always had the choice of hiding. So, I simply ate some noodles on the side of the street.”

“Hasn’t the media always been judgmental towards artists, but forgiving towards themselves? Most people think that celebrities are rich and that no one can play tricks on us, but look at how my beloved friends of the media have turned a normal relationship into something dirty. If we dare lay a hand on them, we may lose our jobs…”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. The public loves watching a good show and the reporters love creating one!”

“If, within my lifetime, the reporter profession can be cleaned up, I would be willing to do a live broadcast of me streaking naked. We’ve already learned to be conscious of our actions, what about the reporters?”

The reporters were brought to light this time because they slandered Tangning and offended Jones. In the end, their actions were even exposed to the Americans.

Wasn’t it obvious how embarrassing this was?

There were articles covering this matter all over the American news websites and the most arrogant reporters that were exposed, ended up resigning from their jobs and leaving quietly. They were too ashamed to face the world.

After being cleaned up and being attacked by people from within and outside the industry, reporters felt an increase in stress levels.

Finally, when people from Hai Rui were being questioned about the meaning behind Mo Ting’s words, they simply laughed, “President Mo is trying to say that it’s understandable for reporters to do their job by interviewing people and monitoring them. But, please use your brains when doing this…”

“But, Superstar Media still owes us the truth.”

“That’s not within our control…”

As a result, the reporters became very cautious in everything they did. Meanwhile, to grab Tangning’s attention, Han Xiuche ended up abandoning his plan. After all, Jones was in Beijing and no one cared about a small matter like his.

“Damn it!”

When Han Xiuche’s brother heard him vent, he subconsciously said, “If you want to destroy Tangning with your abilities, you will only make yourself suffer.”

“The fact that she’s connected to Jones now, means that she’s entered an even higher level where average people like us cannot reach. If you have spare time, you should spend it on your manhua instead. Perhaps, one day, you will catch up to her.”

“Turn back now. You are my only brother. Stop doing things that make me feel bad.”

“Am I supposed to watch her from afar without doing anything?”

“What else do you think you can do? Do you want to create big news with the cheap replica, Ma Weiwei?” Han Xiuche’s brother laughed in ridicule. “If she’s a good actress, you could try and ride on Tangning’s coattails.”

“Isn’t Tangning magnanimous? She shouldn’t have anything to say about it.”

“You guys can mind your own business and she can mind hers. Although it’s a despicable thing to do, Ma Weiwei already exists and Tangning has nothing she can do about it. Plus, Superstar Media is already in your hands. It’s no big deal for you to leech off her a little!”

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