Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1032 - Please Move Aside?

Chapter 1032: Please Move Aside?

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“Hey…you guys…watch what you’re saying,” as soon as the reporter put down his phone, he quickly tried to stop the people around him. “This man is Jones, ‘The Father of Sci-fi…”

“What?” others quickly looked at the biography on the reporter’s phone and froze. “Oh God, what have we done?”

As a result, a small group of reporters discovered who Jones was. However, the ones that were standing directly in front of Tangning and the old couple were still hounding them.

At that time, Jones shielded Tangning behind him and stepped forward to face the crowd. He then said in English, “I have never experienced this kind of offensive behavior anywhere else in the world. The Beijing media has truly opened my eyes!”

“Hey, foreigner, f*ck off back to the US. This is Beijing! Not your territory!”

“I know, right? Who do you think you are?!”

“Tangning, you are such a coward. How could you hide behind the American? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Tangning sneered without giving a response. She simply turned to Jones and said, “Teacher, it’s too messy here, let’s go back to the hotel.”


Under the protection of the bodyguards, the old couple and Tangning successfully got rid of the crowd. However, after they left, a few crazy reporters still tried to chase after them. But, when they noticed the odd expression on the faces of the other reporters, they quickly stopped.

“What are you guys thinking about? Why aren’t you chasing?”

“Have a look for yourself,” a reporter showed their phone to one of the crazy reporters. However, after looking at it, she was still confused.

“This…what does this mean?”

“This means, the American you were offending so arrogantly, was the famous ‘Father of Sci-fi’, Jones. He is loved all over the world and his fans are crazy about him. Yet, you guys actually insulted him in such a way. You just wait for your names to appear in the American headlines; you’re famous!”

After hearing this, the female reporter stared blankly at her peers…

“Didn’t everyone say…”

“And that’s why Tangning said you guys were making speculations and claims without any idea of the truth. A good show is on its way.”

At the beginning, the reporters approached Tangning and Jones hoping for a good show. But, now that Jones had appeared, the entire Beijing went crazy.

“Did you guys hear? Jones is here in Beijing. He’s the American that Tangning met with.”

“Jones? Oh my God! I’ve watched so many of his films. I’m completely obsessed with him!”

“So, Tangning was entertaining Jones when the reporters rushed over to diss them. They’ve completely humiliated Beijing!”

“WTF, these stupid reporters are everywhere. If my idol develops a bad impression of Beijing, I’m going to force these media outlets to shut down!”

In an instant, everyone was excited by Jones’ visit and they were in envy and admiration of Tangning’s close relationship with him. Fans even called Hai Rui to remind Tangning to take good care of their idol.

But, the reporters that had surrounded Tangning earlier and speculated her, were in a pitiful state. After the truth was revealed, they became a laughing stock. If they were to really appear on American news sites, they would completely embarrass Beijing.

“You guys are so stupid. While you were looking down on Tangning, calling her outdated and claiming that she was slandering Ma Weiwei, she was welcoming ‘The Father of Sci-fi’ to our country.”

“Is this what you call being a joke in England and running errands in the US? She’s obviously reached new heights instead!”

“After so long, Tangning is still so good at giving face slaps…In fact, they are becoming more and more impressive.”

“I have a feeling Tangning’s about to do something big. Thumbs up if you agree!”

Did Han Xiuche’s claims still hold any weight?

Not at all…

Because anyone with brains could tell that Tangning and Ma Weiwei were from two different worlds. Although everyone had misunderstood Tangning for a really long time, she kept a low profile and did not respond. After all, would responding have done anything? Especially when she was responding to the Beijing media?

What a joke!

So, the rubbish incident at Superstar Media was no longer of significance!

No one cared if Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei were framed or schemed against. The most important thing was that Jones was in Beijing and he was insulted as soon as he stepped foot into the country. Therefore, fans quickly pleaded Tangning to explain things to Jones so he wouldn’t be disappointed in Beijing.

“Jones has always been a simple person that’s focused on perfecting the art of film making. Since Tangning and Jones are so close, I refuse to believe any of the negative rumors that are going around about Tangning.”



“So, would Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei please move aside? If they dare to flip right from wrong at a time like this, it’s obvious who has the wrong intent.”

Han Xiuche never expected this.


She was actually familiar with Jones and had a trick like this up her sleeves?

Because of what Tangning did, everything that Han Xiuche previously did, quickly went down the drain. He thought Tangning would never make a comeback, but the obstacle he created, turned out to be a walk in the park for Tangning.

Worst of all, he didn’t know that there was more to come.

For example, the fact that Tangning was Jones’ student.

Or the fact that she already had evidence of his meeting with Ma Weiwei.

There was still so much waiting for him to experience. But, there was no rush…

Soon, Tangning and the old couple returned to the hotel. Seeing that public opinion had already turned, Tangning said to Jones, “Your appearance has been a huge help to me! I’m truly grateful.”

Jones revealed a loving smile as he looked at Tangning, “You are a rare child that I acknowledge. Because of you, I realized that there are still genuine people in this industry waiting to create something different and spectacular.”

“More importantly, I sensed a passion and persistence for film from you. This is something that’s becoming more and more rare.”

“As your teacher, I felt that helping you even after my retirement is a very fulfilling thing. So, you don’t need to thank me. I’m still waiting for your film to be released. Don’t disappoint and embarrass me! I’m now depending on you to uphold my pride…”

Tangning nodded her head and laughed, “You’re speaking too highly of me. I will of course do my best!”

Tangning understood that she was lucky to meet a good person like Jones. So, she never wanted to use her relationship with him and felt that the current extent was already enough. Hence, she had no intention to reveal that she was Jones’ student.

However, things didn’t always go as planned!

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