Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1031 - You Sure Have Bad Taste

Chapter 1031: You Sure Have Bad Taste

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Tangning was back!

Did that mean she was about to embarrass herself again like the drama she caused in England and when she was running errands in the US?

How many people in the industry were waiting to insult her?

Although she was married to the Big Boss of the entertainment industry, it didn’t mean she received the same amount of respect that Mo Ting did. Because, after everything she experienced and the ups and downs she went through, Tangning had long been considered by the media as an outdated artist.

The media felt she was the type to deny that she was outdated and that she would cling on until she was abandoned before she admitted that she was old.

After all, look at Superstar Media’s downfall. The agency was both created and destroyed in her hands.

Worst of all, after putting up a front, she ended up grovelling to the Americans. Wasn’t she contemptuous towards Hollywood? Yet, she ended up kissing the feet of a rich American businessman!

“When a person falls, they receive so many slaps to the face!”

“Look at Tangning. She’s trying everything she can to redeem her popularity. But, how’s that possible? Someone new debuts every day and they are all young and beautiful. Plus, they are easy to cooperate with. Who would care about an outdated artist like her?”

“If you don’t care about her, why would you go and take photos of her?”

“She can only rely on rumors like this to attract everyone’s attention. She is so shameless. Isn’t she President Mo’s wife? Shouldn’t she watch what she’s doing?”

In conclusion, Tangning’s every move, every word and even the mention of Tangning, triggered a huge response from the media.

These people kept saying that Tangning was outdated, but, as soon as they heard anything about her, they were all over it at the speed of light.

Was Tangning getting slapped in the face? What a joke!

Either way, the outside of the Museum of Film was surrounded by reporters due to the leaked information and they all wanted to get first hand news about Tangning.

At that moment, Han Xiuche had his eye on the latest news. Although he wanted to personally go out and confirm what game Tangning was playing, his relationship with her was too sensitive. If he made an appearance, he would look too suspicious and Tangning would be able to attack him easily.

Ma Weiwei was in the same predicament as she stayed at home watching television, even though the manager behind her revealed a complicated look.

“Weiwei it’s almost time to head out for your next appointment.”

“Do you think Tangning really lowered herself to this extent?”

The manager froze for a second before she replied, “Times have changed. If you and Tangning were to compete for the same job, the client would definitely pick you over her.”

Ma Weiwei’s mood was lifted by these words as she stood up proudly, “Although I’d love to stay and watch this show, I unfortunately have work to do. Ever since Han Xiuche told the media that Tangning framed me, he’s honestly helped me a lot. At least, Tangning has been too afraid to do anything else to me.”

“Han Xiuche is indeed smart. Unfortunately, he hasn’t applied his intelligence to the right place! Luckily, he hasn’t used it against us!” the manager replied.

“Hmmph, Tangning won’t be able to compete against me soon. You just wait and​ see.”

This time, Ma Weiwei’s manager did not respond. If Tangning was actually the way she appeared on the surface, then she wouldn’t be the Tangning that made a comeback even after debuting for 7-8 years. Ma Weiwei underestimated Tangning too much.

But, her manager did not warn her. After betraying Ma Weiwei, she decided to keep a low profile.

Inside the museum, Tangning and the others were made aware of the situation outside. But, their mood was not affected. Especially Jones, whose expression remained the same as he continued to learn about the history behind Beijing’s film industry and continued to listen intently to interesting stories about the past.

Visiting the entire museum took roughly one hour. During this time, Tangning was practically a tour guide as she explained the boring and tasteless path that the film industry took to get to where they were today.

“OK, that’s enough, it’s time for this visit to come to an end. You were a great storyteller and very detailed with your explanations, I really enjoyed it.”

Tangning glanced at the exit and turned back to look at Jones helplessly, “Are you sure?”

“Let’s go,” Jones said in certainty as he walked towards the exit.

As soon as the reporters saw this, they immediately tried to swarm around him. However, the bodyguards that Tangning brought quickly stopped them.

During this entire time, Jones did not appear upset at all. He simply turned to look at Tangning,

“Tangning, Tangning…come out for an interview.”

“Tangning, rumors say that you seduced an American businessman.”

“Tangning…tell us what happened with Superstar Media.”

The reporters thrusted their microphones forward, forcing Tangning and Jones to take a few steps back. However, Jones continued to look at Tangning without any trace of anger.

Seeing this, Tangning stepped in front of Jones to protect him.

“This isn’t anything worth reporting on. We are following a private itinerary, please move out of the way.”

The reporters thought that Tangning would give them an explanation since they personally ran into her sucking up to an American businessman. After all, wasn’t she afraid that she’d​ be slapped in the face?

“You’ve previously expressed your disdain towards Hollywood in a public setting, but you seem to have close ties with the Americans now. Don’t you think there’s anything wrong with this?”

“Is this something that President Mo agrees with?”

“Tangning, you are such a fake!”

At that moment, the media had yet to realize who the man standing beside Tangning was. Hence, their attacks were fierce.

This made it difficult for Tangning and the old couple to leave the museum even though they had bodyguards.

“Everything you’re saying today is complete speculation. I’ve never admitted to it and you’ve never tried to investigate the truth. Most importantly, this is not the right place for me to answer your questions. I hope you understand your limits.”

“Tangning, does the businessman’s feet smell good?”

“Tangning, this American doesn’t look like anything special…you sure have bad taste.”

Tangning looked at the clueless media and closed her eyes. She then said, “I hope you guys don’t regret what you’ve done today.”

“Hahaha, you are already the most despised sewer rat in Beijing, what is there for us to regret?”

“This is not the US!”


Many of the reporters were just following the crowd, but not every single one was that brainless. Especially one particular sci-fi fan reporter who found Jones more and more familiar as he looked at him. In the end, he couldn’t help but pull out his phone to do a search…

Afterwards, his face swept over with shock!

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