Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 52: No Mentions

Chapter 52: No Mentions

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"Hey guys, have you bought a copy of the latest issue of Secret?"

"Are you referring to the Oriental Trend issue? I've bought it already. Originally I was going to buy Royal Magazine, but I was attracted by the front cover of Secret."

"Are you guys crazy? Secret hasn't done anything good for years...they don't understand fashion at all..."

"Quick, quick! Go buy it...Secret really lives up to it's expectations this time. You will regret it if you don't buy it!"

That's right, after all their hard work, Secret finally released their newest issue, named Oriental Trend. Originally, Secret had already lost it's status amongst magazines and their sales weren't something to brag about. However, after the release of the Oriental Trend issue, the melancholy black and white cover actually stood out amongst the other colorful magazines; everyone passing by the newsstands couldn't help but stop for a moment to take a look...

In just three days, all the major news agencies contacted Secret, requesting for a reprint. They wanted to increase the circulation of the magazine because it deserved a spot on their stands. Many companies that didn't expect much from Secret were now regretting their decision to not work with them.

At the same time, the woman on the super popular front cover climbed up search rankings. On one of the biggest search engines in the US, her name was almost at the top. Meanwhile, some of the most searched phrases included, 'Secret Oriental Trend', 'Secret Oriental woman'...and 'Oriental beauty Tangning'.

The huge sales from the Oriental Trend issue, unexpectedly helped Secret make an impressive revival; people in the industry critiqued it and once again acknowledged it. In three days, the sales of the issue broke the records of many big publications. Like that, they became the new favorite amongst the fashion industry, as the fresh winds of the Oriental Trend swept across the casual and free Western countries...

Secret had finally succeeded and the model on the front cover definitely deserved praise. Mo Yurou couldn't wait to show her results to the judges of the Top Ten Model Awards. However...

...that night, Han Ruoxue stared at the search engines for a long time...

...but, no matter how hard she searched, she couldn't find any mentions of Mo Yurou. No model had ever appeared on a front cover and received no mentions. What conniving scheme did Tangning pull off this time?

Han Ruoxue didn't mention this issue to Mo Yurou because, apart from Mo Yurou being busy planning her engagement party with Han Yufan, Han Ruoxue also wanted to investigate it further...

Next to her hand lay the magazine featuring Tangning and Mo Yurou. She couldn't deny, Tangning's skills were way beyond her expectations; she had definitely underestimated her...


Two days later, Secret held a dinner to celebrate their revival. Mo Yurou and Tangning were both guests of honor. This would be the first time they faced the media together since the interview before the photo shoot.

That night, Mo Yurou wore a long black dress that dragged across the floor; her chest was dotted with sparkling diamonds. She attended the dinner accompanied by Han Yufan and Han Ruoxue. Upon arriving at the entrance, they ran into Tangning. Compared to the magazine's front cover, Tangning seemed to have swapped outfits with Mo Yurou. Mo Yurou was wearing black and gave off a calm aura, whereas Tangning was wearing an off-shoulder white dress, looking heavenly.

"Tangning, I need to thank you for using all your strength to help my entry into the Top Ten Model Awards," Mo Yurou lead the conversation, "Did you know how many endorsements I've received in this short amount of time?"

"So you are still using Huo Jingjing to create news for yourself about becoming an international supermodel?" Tangning slightly smiled. This smile made Mo Yurou angry and made Han Ruoxue clench her fists; she wanted so badly to gouge her eyes out.

"Oh my that the Asian model, Tangning?"

"Yes, it's Tangning, it's really her..."

"Hurry, let's interview her!"

After speaking, Tangning simply brushed past Mo Yurou; she had no time to deal with her questions. A bunch of foreign reporters rushed towards Tangning, and in order to avoid them, she had to leave Mo Yurou and the others behind; quickly exiting the hotel. Unfortunately for Mo Yurou, nobody paid any attention to her.

"We should head in as well..." Han Yufan wrapped his arm around Mo Yurou. In this American fashion capital, because he was too busy planning his engagement party, Han Yufan had no idea why Mo Yurou wasn't receiving any attention. However, Han Ruoxue, knew everything clearly.

"My god, Tangning is here..."

"Tangning finally appeared!"

"Tangning! Tangning!"

The atmosphere in the celebration dinner had become full of excitement as soon as Tangning entered. Whereas, towards Mo Yurou, who was behind Tangning, no one even knew she existed. Seeing this, Mo Yurou sneered inside. They both appeared on the same magazine, how was it possible Tangning was so popular, yet no one even mentioned her name? Tangning is so despicable; she must have paid for these fans to boost herself.

Afterwards, Mina looked at Tangning from the stage. She also noticed Mo Yurou. Without being biased, she invited both of them onto the stage. But...

"Thank you, everyone, for coming. The heroes of this issue of Secret are currently in front of us. Let me introduce our front cover models: Tangning and Mo Yurou."

Hearing Tangning's name, everyone wasn't surprised. Although her name hadn't spread to the ends of the earth, her photos and news had impressed everyone...

On the other hand, Mo Yurou...

...who was she?

The reporters below the stage looked at each other confusedly. Although this issue of the magazine was a success and they had looked over it numerous times...they never noticed the front cover had anyone else apart from Tangning.

So, when Mina introduced Mo Yurou, everyone was puzzled.

"Who is that?"

"Oh! I remember now, she must be the one holding onto Tangning's hand as part of the set."

"I thought she was part of the backdrop. Look, doesn't she look like a typical American streetwalker?"

"My god, if I didn't look again I wouldn't have noticed. Now that I look at it carefully, how is she shameless enough to stand beside Tangning...they are worlds apart."

Hearing the discussions, Mo Yurou's expression changed. Never would she have thought, apart from buying fans, Tangning had instructed them to defame her and humiliate her. So, she turned sideways towards Tangning and complained, "Tangning, your heart is vicious. Do you think by defaming me, you can cover up how amazing I am? I also had a role in making Secret receive such huge sales, but I would have never thought, you would be so despicable as to defame me at this dinner..."

"You think too highly of yourself..." Tangning turned her head and smiled calmly.

Mo Yurou stood on the stage awkwardly. She believed everyone below the stage belonged to Tangning. She even pointed at them and asked straightforwardly, "How much did Tangning pay you to praise her and criticize me so much? Are you dogs?"

Mina looked at Mo Yurou as she listened to the translation from her assistant. Afterwards, she walked over to Mo Yurou angrily and spoke, "I invited you out of respect and courtesy. Miss Mo, is this your professional attitude? How dare you offend the reporters at such a public event?"

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