Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1028 - Divert Trouble

Chapter 1028: Divert Trouble

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This was perhaps the question that everyone wanted to ask.

Did Long Jie know about this and intentionally hide it to protect the group…?

“Tch, I heard Long Jie was the one that reported the four to the police. Didn’t you guys hear? The only way the police knew about this entire incident was because someone reported it to the police – and I received word that this person was Long Jie! Besides, the crew of the show that S.A.J. were supposed to be on, said that Long Jie only found out about their secret recently…and as soon as she found out, she immediately broke all ties with them…”

“She must have been heartbroken and disappointed!”

“This explanation makes sense…”

This was the reason why Tangning had the four captured at the hotel. She wanted to clear Long Jie’s name.

That way, no matter if it was S.A.J. or Superstar Media, both of them were Ma Weiwei and Han Xiuche’s problems. Meanwhile, not only was Long Jie innocent, she was seen as the biggest victim!

Although no one stepped out to clearly explain the matter, the industry was getting closer and closer to the truth with their guesses and most people believed it.

During this time, Han Xiuche’s brother and Ma Weiwei’s agency tried their best to clear their names with their PR efforts. They claimed that the two weren’t familiar with each other and couldn’t possibly be in a secret relationship. They also asked the public not to make random guesses.

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei were still at the police station waiting to be interrogated.

“The four members explained everything in detail. They’ve been covering for each other since their university days and have partaken in shady business. Were you aware of this, Mr. Han?” a police officer asked Han Xiuche with a piercing stare. “Although their only punishment is to be sent to rehab, they will never get the chance to be public figures again. Since you and Miss Ma are in charge of their agency, you should provide an explanation for everyone.”

“Long Man was the one that created this group. She knew about everything from the start…” Han Xiuche said calmly. “She created these artists with her own two hands, does that mean I can sue her and demand for compensation?”

“Mr. Han, a person should have a conscience,” the officer sneered. “Miss Long has her bottom line and principles, so she was the one that reported the group to the police. She has already dropped by and provided a statement on the entire incident.”

“Don’t you think it’s shameless for you to try and throw the blame on her?”

While the officer was staring at him, Han Xiuche pulled Ma Weiwei up and said, “Let’s go.”

“But, what should we do now?” Ma Weiwei asked anxiously. “Tangning setup such a huge trap for us as soon as she returned to Beijing. How are we supposed to fight back?”

“Let’s talk after we leave this place,” Han Xiuche reassured calmly, “I dragged you into this matter, so I will definitely handle it. Go home and get some rest first.”

“Han Xiuche! It wasn’t easy for me to get to where I am today. I don’t want to lose everything,” Ma Weiwei said with seriousness as she glared at Han Xiuche.

“I know,” Han Xiuche nodded. He then reminded Ma Weiwei to leave through the backdoor; he would handle the reporters out the front.

As he looked at the mountain of reporters outside the police station, Han Xiuche stepped out without any trace of fear.

“I’m sorry everyone, but the rumors online aren’t true. Ma Weiwei and I really aren’t familiar with each other. As for S.A.J., I was only made aware of their actions recently and I’m sorry for it.”

“If you’re not familiar with each other, why would you give Superstar Media’s shares to her?”

“Well, that…”

“Please give us an answer!”

“Because I wanted to use Ma Weiwei and Tangning to create hype for Superstar Media. Although my method wasn’t right, I honestly don’t have the type of relationship with Ma Weiwei that everyone thinks. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate into the matter.”

“Ma Weiwei has nothing to do with this entire incident, so please stop harassing her.”

“As for all the rumors online, haven’t you guys thought about where they came from? The entertainment industry has never been a place where one receives the answer to everything they want to know. Let me tell you, all these rumors are because Tangning has returned to China!”

As soon as everyone heard this, they were shocked.

Tangning had returned!

But, what did this have to do with Tangning?

“If you think about the correlation between her and Ma Weiwei, you will realize that I’m not just making things up.”

So, was Han Xiuche trying to say that Tangning was manipulating the public?

“That can’t be possible. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Tangning. She can’t be back just because you say she’s back,” the reporters hounded Han Xiuche.

“You guys just wait and see, Tangning is going to make Ma Weiwei suffer even more, simply because she looks like her. I’ve never seen a woman that’s as cruel as Tangning.”

After saying these words, Han Xiuche stormed off.

Because of Han Xiuche’s words, the entire incident turned into a real-life ‘Rashomon’. After all, everything about Tangning and Long Jie were just rumors with no solid evidence, but Han Xiuche had actually stepped out personally to give an explanation…

“This Han Xiuche sure knows how to lie with his eyes open. He appears to have a very strong mentality,” Lin Qian laughed as she watched Han Xiuche being questioned by the reporters. “I guess manhua artists also know how to divert trouble away from themselves.”

“He is indeed very smart,” Tangning responded.

“What should we do now?”

“If I try to fight for Superstar Media with him, I will become the cruel woman that he claims I am,” Tangning laughed, “And, he will have reason to continue to slander me.”

“His target has always been you. He wanted to lure you out and make you angry! After the way he’s protected Ma Weiwei, if we continue to target her, we will eventually fall into his trap. So, we have to hold back a bit.”

“Especially since the media are trying to confirm if you’ve returned to China.”

“Han Xiuche will definitely think of a way to force you into the open!”

“When a person is shameless, they are indeed invincible!”

This wasn’t the first time that Tangning had met a person like this and it wasn’t the first time she had come across a matter of this kind. However, none of her previous experiences had been as disgusting as the current one.

He stole Superstar Media and hurt Long Jie, yet he was trying to throw the blame on her.

This Han Xiuche really made one feel competitive.

However, when President Mo tried to offer a hand, Tangning completely turned him down.

“I promise I’ll defeat this guy without him seeing my face. Otherwise, how am I supposed to continue in this industry?”

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