Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1026 - What Was Han Xiuche?

Chapter 1026: What Was Han Xiuche?

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The group members quickly looked at each other nervously before they followed the director to the nearby forest.

“Director, did we do something wrong?”

“Yes, please tell us. We can change…”

“Change?” the director sneered before he asked, “I have no faith that you can do that. I simply want to ask where Long Jie is.”

“Well…” the members looked at each other, not knowing how to respond.

“You didn’t even show any mercy to Long Jie who created you. For the sake of your own benefit, you watched as she was hurt. Was it worth it?” the director asked as he looked at the four. “I’ve already heard about the shameful things you’ve done. The four of you don’t need to stay around for the rest of filming. You can all return to where you came from.”

As soon as the members heard this, they were shocked as they immediately tried to explain themselves, “Director, have you misunderstood something?”

“Misunderstood?” the director laughed. “Must I go into detail about what you did on the hotel rooftop?”

The four members froze…

“I’m letting you keep your pride by telling you to leave!” the director humphed. “Youngsters should maintain their bottom line. Even if you took drugs, you could have still been saved by showing some gratefulness, but…”

“…you guys chose to be ungrateful because of greed. I can’t believe the four of you betrayed Long Jie just so you could stay on the show!”

“And I can’t believe Long Jie actually tried to protect a bunch of ungrateful wenches!”

“My show has no place for you. Get lost!”

After speaking, the director turned to leave, but one of the members quickly grabbed onto his sleeve, “Director, we can’t leave. If we leave, then everything we filmed, will go to waste.”

“Waste? Haha, you guys think too highly of yourselves. Because of Long Jie, we slotted in scenes of you, here and there. But now, all we have to do is remove those scenes.” After speaking, the director freed himself from the member’s grip and returned to the set.

Meanwhile, the defeated group had no choice but to leave with their heads down!

Han Xiuche quickly heard about what happened. When he saw the group packing their things, he immediately asked, “What happened? Did you guys cause trouble when I took my eyes off you?”

“We’re not sure what happened. The director somehow found out about us…so…”

“Let me go talk to the director,” Han Xiuche immediately turned around. However, he was quickly stopped by the members.

“Forget it. If the matter gets blown up, it won’t be of benefit to us. Besides, did you really not know about our secret…or did you purposely use it to hurt Long Jie?”

The four members weren’t stupid. Long Jie had been forced to leave and their secret had been exposed. No matter how they thought about it, it seemed as though Han Xiuche was involved.

“By the way, why did Long Jie give her shares to you? What happened between the two of you? Also, did you deliberately expose our secret?””

The members were suspicious of the fact that Han Xiuche had suddenly been put in charge of Superstar Media, “Previously, you simply told us that Long Jie was tired and left us for you to manage. We thought Long Jie disliked us and didn’t want to see us, but, according to the director, that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Although these questions made Han Xiuche nervous, his expression remained calm.

“You guys must have misunderstood…Long Jie is honestly just tired. That’s all.”

The members wanted to ask further, but Han Xiuche quickly stopped them, “You guys will understand everything later. Let me first speak to the director about why he’s sending you away.”

At that moment, the members didn’t have any faith in Han Xiuche. Unfortunately, they were at his mercy, so they could only wait to see how he’d handle things.

Han Xiuche couldn’t understand the director’s decision.

Within the industry, plenty of artists did things because they couldn’t withstand their loneliness. He was sure that the director had seen more than he had. But, those things had always been the private lives of artists. As long as it didn’t affect the show, directors generally turned a blind eye to stuff like that. But, why was S.A.J. treated differently?

Hadn’t he provided enough benefits?

Because of this, Han Xiuche went to look for the director.

“Director Feng, can I have a few minutes of your time?”

Director Feng was in the middle of mapping out positions. As soon as he saw Han Xiuche, he was reminded of Tangning’s plan. So, he nodded his head.

The two men retreated to a quiet place for a chat and Han Xiuche immediately questioned politely, “I wonder how my artists have upset you. If you tell me what they’ve done, I can go teach them a lesson.”

The director laughed and said beside Han Xiuche’s ear, “Mr. Han must know that they have a bad history behind them, right?”


“Don’t say anything. These four can’t stay here. You can take them wherever you want,” the director said firmly. “The crew will make an announcement soon, so be prepared.”

“Director Feng…”

“I’m very busy. I hope we can work together again in the future.”

After speaking, the director disappeared from Han Xiuche’s sight. However, the director’s decisiveness made Han Xiuche suspect that the director had been influenced by someone. Otherwise, why would he be so firm and unwavering.


…who could it be?

It couldn’t have been Long Jie, Long Jie wasn’t that capable.

After careful thought, Han Xiuche still couldn’t figure out the answer. Soon after, the show released an official statement that they were canceling S.A.J.’s appearance on the show due to moral grounds, and after further investigations, have decided to blacklist the group entirely.

After this, Han Xiuche was even more certain that someone was playing tricks behind-the-scenes.

Especially since the four were stopped by the police as they were leaving their hotel.

“Someone has reported that the guests in room 2022 and 2023 were caught using illegal substances​. After speaking to the hotel staff, this incident has been confirmed, so we would like to ask the four of you to come with us.”

Han Xiuche couldn’t believe that he’d end up standing there helpless as the four were taken to the police station for drug tests.

And, as the ‘new bosses’ of Superstar Media, he and Ma Weiwei were asked to cooperate with the investigation!

Han Xiuche followed behind as the four were taken out of the hotel and led into a police car. At this time, he noticed a familiar figure board a black Rolls Royce.


That’s right, it was Tangning!


But, even though Tangning heard his cries, she had no intention of looking at him. To her, what was Han Xiuche? Trash like him was to be disposed of…not to be given any attention!

Of course, now that she was back in Beijing, she was ready to put on a spectacular battle .

So, what was the rush?

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