Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1023 - You Should Have Known You'd Be Dealt With Sooner Or Later

Chapter 1023: You Should Have Known You’d Be Dealt With Sooner Or Later

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Han Xiuche was acting brazenly, Ma Weiwei was acting arrogantly and the industry was acting outrageously because no one knew that Tangning had already returned to Beijing.

Meanwhile, as soon as she arrived back in Beijing, Tangning went to pick up her two sons.

The next day, she gave Lin Qian a phone call and plans to meet up with her after Long Jie returned. However, Lin Qian told her that she had lost contact with Long Jie.

Tangning immediately gave Lu Che a phone call. In response, Lu Che tried to contact Long Jie and S.A.J. straight away. But, on the other end of the phone, S.A.J.’s members were under Han Xiuche’s control and couldn’t say anything except that everything was fine.

Lu Che felt something wasn’t right, so he personally visited Hyatt Regency, “Madam, I think I should go look for Xiao Man, she’s never turned off her phone for no reason.”

Tangning thought for a few seconds and nodded her head, “Go ahead.”

“When you weren’t around, rumors about you floated around the industry for a long time. Because of this, Xiao Man suffered a lot. To prove herself, she put in all her effort to form S.A.J.. She wasn’t aiming to prove her abilities, she was aiming to prove that Superstar Media remained the same even without you around,” Lu Che explained. He then added before he left, “So, Madam, Xiao Man has really given her all for you.”

“I know,” Tangning nodded. She had always been aware of Long Jie’s loyalty to her friends.

Back when Lan Xi threatened her, she had never buckled under pressure, let alone now.

Lu Che was quick at finding people, but Han Xiuche was even quicker at transferring his shares.

In the blink of an eye, Ma Weiwei became the new boss of Superstar Media with the most shares in her hands.

Soon, Ma Weiwei arrived at Superstar Media’s office with legal documentation of her ownership…

When Long Jie’s secretary first saw Ma Weiwei, she knew who she was, but she had to keep her professionalism even though she disliked her. So, she asked with a smile, “May I ask what Miss Ma is here for?”

Ma Weiwei flinged the documents at the secretary and threw open Long Jie’s office door, “I am the new boss of Superstar Media…”

The secretary was a little surprised, not quite understanding​ what was happening.


“Director Long has already transferred her shares to me. If you don’t believe me, you can have a look for yourself.” After speaking, Ma Weiwei walked over to Long Jie’s office chair and sat down.

The secretary immediately opened the document folder and looked at the documents inside. After confirming that Ma Weiwei was telling the truth, she immediately gave Lin Qian a phone call, “Director Lin, something’s gone wrong, can you drop by the office right now?”

On the other end of the phone, Lin Qian was trying to support her protruding belly. As soon as she heard that something was wrong with Superstar Media, she immediately replied, “I’ll be there in half an hour.”

“There’s no point calling anyone. Even if Tangning’s standing in front of me right now, she’s still not the boss of Superstar Media,” Ma Weiwei laughed. “But, I guess it’s only right for me to meet the other shareholders as well as the other artists. Help me call Luo Yinghong and everyone else while you’re at it.”

The secretary was obviously against what was happening as she boiled in anger and disbelief.

How did the agency suddenly end up in the hands of Ma Weiwei?

What about Long Jie?

Why did she transfer her shares to Ma Weiwei?

Why Ma Weiwei of all people?

Ma Weiwei deliberately flaunted her power at Superstar Media, but she had no idea that Tangning had already returned to Beijing.

Lin Qian was pregnant and Li Jin was in the middle of a mission. If Tangning wasn’t around, the Li Family would never allow Lin Qian to visit Superstar Media on her own.

So, Lin Qian gave Tangning a phone call, “Ning Jie, Superstar Media is in trouble.”

Tangning furrowed her brows and immediately drove straight over to the Li Family Home to pick up Lin Qian. She then stormed up to Superstar Media with bodyguards arranged by Mo Ting.

Luo Yinghong arrived one step ahead of them and figured out what was happening after she saw Ma Weiwei sitting in Long Jie’s seat.

“As expected, your relationship with Han Xiuche isn’t simple.”

“Since you expected something earlier, why didn’t you stop this from happening?” Ma Weiwei asked as she raised an eyebrow. “Is it because Long Jie didn’t believe your words? Look at yourself, you’re already a 40-something-year-old hag, yet you’re still trying to flaunt yourself. What an embarrassment. What woman would expect their career to go through a second high?”

“You have a son, yet you’re not keeping your eye on him. You are a complete offence to public decency. That’s why, as the boss of Superstar Media, the first thing I’m doing is placing a ban on you.”

Luo Yinghong laughed in ridicule as she looked at Ma Weiwei, not taking her words to heart, “No matter how badly I offend public decency, I’m still better than a cheap replica. Do you actually think you are in control now?”

“Yes, you can ban me, but I am also allowed to sue you…”

“You can sue me all you like. After all, I don’t care about Superstar Media’s reputation. You can do whatever you want,” Ma Weiwei shrugged. “As soon as the media find out that I’ve become the new boss of Superstar Media, I will already achieve my motive. Think about it, if I replace Tangning inside the business that she started, how big the news would be.”

Luo Yinghong could only glare at the face that resembled Tangning while Ma Weiwei achieved her evil plan.

The two women had 80% similarity, but Luo Yinghong knew that no matter how similar to Tangning Ma Weiwei looked, she would never become mainstream.

Soon, footsteps resounded from outside Superstar Media. Ma Weiwei originally thought it was the pregnant Lin Qian and looked forward to insulting her. But, instead, Tangning was seen dressed in a little white suit, leading four bodyguards behind her.

“Tangning, you’re back,” Luo Yinghong was obviously excited to see Tangning.

“Hong Jie, I’ve heard your entire conversation. Don’t worry, no one would dare to ban you.”

Ma Weiwei immediately stood up from Long Jie’s seat. This was the first time she had seen Tangning in real life.

Luo Yinghong nodded her head and moved aside to clear some space so Tangning could release her full potential.

Afterwards, Tangning looked Ma Weiwei up and down and said, “Your face does look slightly similar to mine, but your height is too far off. I suggest you do some stretches…”

In front of the real thing, Ma Weiwei lost all confidence; she felt like she had been put to shame. Because, Tangning was perfect in every aspect. This was the face of a confident woman; the body of a supermodel; the presence of Superstar Media’s boss.

Ma Weiwei, on the other hand…

…could barely qualify as Tangning’s shadow.

“Ning Jie, Ma Weiwei claims that she is the new boss of Superstar Media,” Long Jie’s secretary said as she handed Tangning the documents in her hands.

Tangning casually flipped open the documents and saw the agreement for the transfer of shares. She then placed the documents on the table and glared at Ma Weiwei, “Firstly, tell me where Long Jie is.”

Ma Weiwei looked away and didn’t say a word…

Of course, Tangning wasn’t angry. She simply said to her bodyguards, “Before we figure out what’s going on here, don’t let Miss Ma leave this building. If she goes missing, I will hold you liable.”

“This is illegal detainment!” Ma Weiwei argued.

However, she was quickly frightened into retreat by Tangning’s sharp glare.

“When you have the ability to get out of here, you can go ahead and tell everyone that I held you here against your will…As a cheap replica, you should have known you’d be dealt with sooner or later…”

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