Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1022 - Are You Really Planning To Give Superstar Media To Me?

Chapter 1022: Are You Really Planning To Give Superstar Media To Me?

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“Because Tangning triggered my interest in women and then destroyed it with her own hands. As a person that doesn’t like to be at a disadvantage, I naturally have to give her an eye for an eye,” Han Xiuche replied. “Tangning provoked me, yet she’s too afraid to show herself. First she hid in England, then she escaped to the US. If you must blame someone, then blame Tangning…”

“Actually, I don’t need you to suffer too much. You simply need to give me a bit of Superstar Media’s shares and let me be the boss. If you can do that for me, then I’ll cover up this matter and S.A.J. can continue filming like nothing happened,” Han Xiuche explained. “Otherwise, everyone will know by tomorrow morning that S.A.J. were caught taking drugs. When that time comes, not only will your efforts be wasted, but the entire Superstar Media will be implicated.”

“I’m not the only one that makes the decisions at Superstar Media.”

“I know that Lin Qian also holds some shares, but the majority are in your hands,” Han Xiuche said as he looked at Long Jie. “I can guarantee that Superstar Media will continue to operate properly in my hands and won’t be any worse than it is now.”

“Unless, you actually want to see Superstar Media being closed down?”

Long Jie never expected that Han Xiuche would dig such a deep trap for her to fall into.

Now, no matter what decision she made, none of her options looked good.

“Think it over clearly…” Han Xiuche said as he sat down on a sofa and waited for Long Jie’s response. “Don’t forget, I have a video in my hands and it’s very spectacular… Most importantly, if these four get exposed for taking drugs, you may be blamed for spoiling them and covering for them since you are their manager.”

Long Jie closed her eyes. She felt worse now than when Lan Xi betrayed her.

After all, she never trusted Lan Xi, but she trusted Han Xiuche.

“I don’t like being threatened…”

Han Xiuche shrugged again, “But, there’s nothing I can do about it…”

“What has Tangning done to hurt you? Why do you hate her so much?”

“You need to ask her that question,” Han Xiuche replied coldly. “Long Jie, I don’t want to waste any more time. You are handing Superstar Media over today. I will pay you for the shares according to today’s market price so you don’t make a loss. That is the best I can do for you.”

“You can either take my money and withdraw with no loss, or go down together. I’ll give you three seconds to come to a decision.”

At this point, what else could Long Jie do?

“Can you guarantee that you won’t do anything reckless with Superstar Media?” Long Jie asked.

“I can guarantee that as long as I’m the boss of Superstar Media, I will let it operate as usual.”

That was, as long as he was the boss.

Long Jie took a deep breath. Han Xiuche had been too calculative and she had been too stupid. If she had continued to be cautious of him, would things have turned out differently?

“What’s your decision?”

“Do I have any other choice?” Long Jie asked.

“I like that you know how to accept your fate. After all, Superstar Media belonged to Tangning to begin with. Now that you’ve helped her pay off her debt, everyone’s happy.”

Long Jie turned to look at Han Xiuche and sneered, “I don’t know how Tangning provoked you, but I know she’ll definitely take Superstar Media back off you.”

“I’ll be waiting for that to happen…”

Han Xiuche came well-prepared, so he immediately pulled out an agreement for the transfer of shares and had a lawyer witness the proceedings. Everything happened within the blink of an eye. No one would have imagined, that the once famous Superstar Media, would change ownership overnight.

Afterwards, Han Xiuche stuck by his word and allowed S.A.J. to complete their filming as though nothing happened except for the fact that Superstar Media changed owners.

The people that Long Jie fostered and the effort she put in, suddenly belonged to someone else.

And everything happened because of Tangning….

Even so, Long Jie did not reveal to Han Xiuche that Tangning was about to return to China.

When S.A.J. found out that Long Jie was leaving the agency, they immediately ran to her room. And, as soon as the door closed, they fell to their knees, “Long Jie, we really didn’t do it on purpose. Please forgive us…We didn’t know that Han Xiuche was using us as pawns.”

Long Jie packed her clothes into her suitcase and sat on the bed with her back towards the group, “What’s the point of saying this now? You guys focus on filming your show…”

“Long Jie…are you ashamed of us?”

“What else do you want me to do?” Long Jie asked as she turned around. “I’ve already given you my everything. You guys can manage yourselves from now on.” After she was done speaking, Long Jie picked up her luggage, walked past the group of four and left the hotel.

Meanwhile, not far away, Han Xiuche was leaning against a stone column with a handsome smile, “I’m sorry for making you suffer such a loss, Long Jie. Goodbye…”

Long Jie did not say another word as she left the hotel.

She still did not know what she had done wrong and couldn’t accept what had happened.

But, she had no one to blame.

However, Long Jie did not go back to Beijing. Instead, she simply moved to another hotel and sat there in a daze. She didn’t know what else Han Xiuche had planned. But, even if he still had more to his scheme, she was not in the mood to deal with him.

When Han Xiuche’s manager found out that he had actually taken Superstar Media from Long Jie’s hands, she immediately turned to him and yelled, “As*hole!”

“Long Jie didn’t do anything bad to you. So, you’re a complete as*hole. From now on, I won’t be helping you with anything. I will tell your brother to find you another manager…”

“As you wish.”

“Han Xiuche, you just wait. Tangning’s going to bring you to a terrible end.”

“Right now, she’s too scared to even make an appearance,” Han Xiuche laughed.

The manager did not respond. Originally, her job today was to pick up another artist from the airport, but she just so happened to see the Mo Couple returning quietly to Beijing.

Although they were fully disguised, Tangning’s legs were too iconic.

Plus, with Mo Ting by her side, how could she not recognize her.

But, Han Xiuche was so confident that there was no reason for her to tell him what she saw.

Since Han Xiuche liked to play games, she was going to let Tangning teach him a lesson and show him how to behave.

Meanwhile, after Han Xiuche arrived back in Beijing, the first thing he did was contact Ma Weiwei, “It’s done.”

“Are you really planning to give Superstar Media to me? For free?” Ma Weiwei asked curiously. “I don’t have any money.”

“Of course it’s for free. You can do whatever you want with it; even better if you manage to flip it upside down. Make sure to let everyone know about it.”

Ma Weiwei officially seized ownership of Superstar Media’s shares. If the media found out about this, they would definitely go crazy.

After all, how did Tangning’s possession end up in the hands of her fake replica?

This was a big show waiting to happen. Han Xiuche refused to believe that Tangning would remain in hiding if that happened.

Meanwhile, the first thing that Tangning did after returning to Beijing, was call Long Jie. But, Long Jie had turned off her phone.

She had mentioned that she was going overseas for a business trip. From the looks of it, it seemed she was still overseas.

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