Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1021 - What Does This Have To Do With Tangning?

Chapter 1021: What Does This Have To Do With Tangning?

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Lu Che returned home while Long Jie was packing her luggage. Knowing that she was about to travel for work, he couldn’t help but remind her, “Make sure you can always be reached by phone. If you have any difficulties, you can always contact me. Don’t endure things on your own.”

“I’m simply taking my new group to film a few scenes overseas, what difficulties could I have?” Long Jie laughed as she wrapped her arm around Lu Che’s hip and placed a kiss on his lips. “It’s only a few days. I’ll be back really quickly. Take good care of our daughter.”

Before Long Jie could move away from his lips, Lu Che quickly wrapped his arms around her body and increased the passion of their kiss, “No matter if you face difficulties or not, as long as you leave my sight, I will automatically worry about you. Return soon.”

“OK,” Long Jie nodded with her luggage in her hands. As she turned to leave, she said to Lu Che, “If Tangning returns, let me know straight away.”

“OK,” Lu Che nodded.

After Long Jie was satisfied, she smiled joyfully and left to join the rest of the cast and crew with S.A.J..

“Long Jie, are you personally accompanying your artists?” one of the camerawomen for the show laughed when she saw Long Jie. “It seems like you truly care about these newcomers.”

“I have no choice. Newcomers don’t understand the rules and youngsters don’t know how to watch what they say, so I hope Ling Jie can help me take good care of them.”

“Of course. Don’t worry, everyone has experienced the anxiety of being a newcomer. I will try my best to guide them…Look at them, they are so eye catching. No wonder the show sent them an invite so quickly. A group like this is bound to be a big hit…”

These words worked well on Long Jie. After all, who didn’t enjoy words of praise?

It’s just, when she looked at the naive group, she wished they would smarten up soon…

As they were new and they were all good looking, the other artists in the cast took good care of them. During filming they were cautious of their feelings, but they did not treat them better than everyone else. S.A.J. understood this.

On their first day of filming, Long Jie kept a close eye on them. Anytime anything wasn’t quite right, she would immediately point it out to her artists.

The youngsters weren’t stupid and quickly learned the art of interacting with their seniors.

When Long Jie saw this, she felt reassured.

Filming was to take three days and things were everchanging. After confirming that the group were OK, she left them in the care of the crew and returned to the hotel to get some rest. She realized that the four brats didn’t come out of their training with nothing and that they truly had the brains to survive in the industry.

So, she confidently returned to the hotel.

The first two days of filming did not have any major problems. On the night of the second day of filming, Long Jie told the four about their schedule for the following day and they remained within her sight until roughly 1am. But, at 2am in the morning, someone suddenly knocked on her room door.

“Long Man, Long Man, something’s wrong!”

As soon as she heard something was wrong, Long Jie immediately jumped out of bed and walked over to the door. The camerawoman, Ling Jie stood in the doorway with a troubled look on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ll know when you see.”

Ling Jie led Long Jie to the roof where she found a few people watching over the kneeling members of S.A.J.. The two young men and two young women had their hands behind their heads as they knelt on the floor.

“What’s happening here?” Long Jie asked confusedly.

As soon as Ling Jie heard this question, she pulled out something that she found from the bodies of the S.A.J. members.

With one glance, Long Jie was shocked.

“One of the hotel’s cleaners discovered these four sniffing this stuff in the rooftop storage room. Although I’ve taken control of the current situation, I’m sure this matter will be leaked out by tomorrow. You can decide what to do about this. But, one thing’s for sure, filming will definitely be canceled because no one can handle the repercussions of this matter when it gets exposed.”

“We can be considered as acquaintances, so I suggest you report these guys to the police. At least you’d be able to protect a bit of your reputation.”

After Long Jie heard this, she froze for a bit before she said, “This isn’t the first time something like this has happened within the industry.”

“When this happened to others, they’ve been able to keep it under wraps with their backgrounds. Moreover, no one’s been personally caught in the act before. But this time… I’m not going to say anything else, you can handle it on your own.” After she was done talking, Ling Jie turned around and left the windy rooftop.

Meanwhile, the four members of S.A.J. kept their heads down, too afraid to take a glance at Long Jie.

“When did this start?” Long Jie asked.

“…” the members looked at each other, not knowing how to answer.

“Speak!” Long Jie roared.

“From…from our university days,” they quickly responded in fear. They then tried to explain, “We only do it every now and then…”

“Every now and then?” Long Jie scoffed as she looked away. “Does Han Xiuche know about this?”

“No one apart from the four of us knows about this,” they answered confidently. They didn’t want to implicate the ‘innocent’, but they had no idea that they were discovered because Han Xiuche hinted the cleaner.

“Good.” After she was done speaking, Long Jie turned to leave, however, one of the women held onto the hem of Long Jie’s dress.

“Long Jie…are you abandoning us?”

“Do you think there’s anything else I can do for you?” Long Jie asked. “What am I supposed to do when you were discovered in the act by a staff member?”

“We were wrong…We were truly wrong.”

But, what was the use of saying those words now?

Long Jie freed herself from the woman’s grip and returned to her room without hesitation. However, she suddenly received a video on her phone at that time.

The video clearly captured the disgusting things that the four did on the rooftop.

When she looked at the name of the sender, Long Jie was a little taken aback. She then called Han Xiuche’s number.

“What’s the reason for sending me this video?”

“Long Jie, I think we should have a chat…” After Han Xiuche said these words, Long Jie heard a knock on her door. After opening it, she found Han Xiuche smiling at her smugly in the doorway, waving the phone in his hand.

Long Jie’s expression changed. No matter how stupid she was, she definitely knew what was happening.

So, she moved aside and let Han Xiuche into the room…

Han Xiuche glanced at Long Jie before he walked into the room and closed the door behind him.

“Why?” Long Jie asked with her back facing Han Xiuche. She was so upset that she didn’t even notice her hands were trembling, “I was cautious towards you at the start, but after such a long time working together, I trusted in you wholeheartedly.”

Han Xiuche shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “There’s no why. If I must give a reason, it would be because your relationship with Tangning is too good…”

“Tangning? What does this have to do with Tangning?” Long Jie asked confusedly.

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