Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 51: The Ultimate Attack is Not Far

Chapter 51: The Ultimate Attack is Not Far

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"Let's see after the magazine is released..." After speaking, Tangning stood up calmly. However, Mo Yurou spoke up to hold her back.

"Tangning, I know you are not willing to accept being stepped on by me; I will definitely convince you."

Hearing Mo Yurou speak like she was swearing on an oath, Tangning sneered as she turned around to leave. Before she started striding away, without turning back to look at the trio, she said, "This trip has been wasted on listening to your commotion..."

"Since you are feeling so impatient, you can leave first...You have no business being here anymore," Han Yufan said as he lifted his brow.

"My pleasure."

Han Yufan and Mo Yurou assumed Tangning had taken a huge blow and was trying to avoid seeing them getting engaged. They were glad she was leaving. After the release of that week's Secret Magazine, Tanging would no longer pose a threat to them and Han Yufan would have her in the palm of his hands. Mo Yurou felt she no longer needed to care about Tangning as she had so many other competitors. There was no point wasting all her energy on one outdated model.

Han Yufan and the others watched as Tangning left. At this time, Han Ruoxue calmly suggested, "We can't let her leave unnoticed. Yufan, release an article: [Tangning returns home after failing miserably: flees from her lost American battle]."

"Jie, don't worry, I know what to do," Han Yufan embraced Mo Yurou as he nodded.

The entire situation was ridiculous. In order to give up on an artist, a management agency actually trampled them to this extent.

Behind her back, they were plotting away. Meanwhile, Tangning held her head high; she was not afraid at all.

Outside the hotel, Mina's assistant was waiting to escort Tangning. After arriving at Secret's headquarters, Mina pulled out a document and started explaining, "The photographer and I have passed on the highlights from your shoot to a few famous brands. After seeing your photos, they have expressed their interest towards you. Amongst them was a famous French makeup brand. They want to make you their spokesperson for the Asia region. The premise is, they want you and their product to make a debut in Secret Magazine and open them up to the Asian market..."

"Tangning, we have all witnessed how your management agency treats you, but we don't want to let you go to waste. We will not spread news about this for now, but after the Oriental Trend issue is released, we will make a public announcement."

Tangning looked at the information in her hands. Noticing it was the French brand, ISN, her eyes slowly lit up. It was a French domestic brand that was founded over 100 years ago. had never opened up to the Asian market.

This was such a pleasant surprise!

"Mina, do you have that much faith in me?"

"You and I know it in our hearts. Tangning, do you know what impresses me most about you?" Mina smiled slightly, her voice contained traces of admiration, "Your casual and calm nature and the fact that you're not arrogant or impatient. You were born to be a model and will someday become a supermodel. I believe in my judgment."

Hearing their conversation, Long Jie immediately started clapping. She was so happy she wanted to scream. Mo Yurou would have never imagined, while she was still thinking of despicable methods to destroy Tangning's reputation and force her to take on cheap endorsements, Tangning had already become the Asian spokesperson for a French brand.

Who knows how upset Mo Yurou would be once she finds out?

"The day after tomorrow, I will arrange for you to have a secret meeting with ISN to go over the details of your collaboration. We will discuss further then."

"Thank you, Mina." Tangning stood up to shake her hand.

"No need to thank me. I'm not just helping you, we are helping each other," Mina hugged Tangning warmly. She was lucky she wasn't blinded by Han Ruoxue's lies, or she would have missed out on working with such an outstanding model. She was also lucky, she didn't let a moment of pride destroy this opportunity to revive Secret...

Tangning smiled as she placed the documents in her bag secretly.

Lin Wei looked at Tangning from behind and let out a smile of admiration. She knew Tangning had been through a lot, but because of her hard work, she was finally getting what she deserved.

"Let's open a Champagne to celebrate once we get home...this time, Han Yufan and the others are going to explode from anger," Long Jie revealed a child-like smile.

"Tangning, does this mean we won't be returning to China first?" Lin Wei asked.

"Han Ruoxue is going to be disappointed; she's probably already prepared a news article to make a fuss about me returning home. On the other hand...would you believe it if I told you Mo Yurou will be happy? This means she can humiliate me in front of my face."

Tangning could completely see through them. Lin Wei smiled as she agreed; looks like that's how things were gonna be...

"In that case, I will give them a call in a moment to tell them we are not returning yet. We will wait for the arrival of the Oriental Trend together..."

"Lin Wei, can you find out more information about ISN for me and run some background checks. I want to make sure everything is flawless," Tangning instructed carefully.

"Your choices are never wrong."

Regardless of everything else, Tangning felt working with Lin Wei was getting better each day. As a result, her trust towards her was getting stronger. Whereas Long Jie, although she was capable of a lot of things, Tangning felt she was better off as an assistant because of her attitude.

In the car, Tangning was feeling a little uncomfortable, so she naturally changed her position. Upon seeing this, Long Jie raised an eyebrow, "Is your waist sore?"

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded.

"And are your legs tired?"

After hearing this question, Tangning lifted her head innocently and looked at Long Jie. It turned out Long Jie was teasing her.

"Mrs. Mo, why are you blushing?"

Tangning was thinking about the intimate scene from the previous night: Mo Ting's sexy body, his gentle strength, his deep and charming voice and his magical hands...

In the short span of an afternoon, she already missed him...

"Since we have the next 2 days off, go keep your husband company."

"Yep," Tangning already intended to do that.

Meanwhile, after receiving Lin Wei's call, Han Yufan's face was covered in anger. He had already prepared the article and contacted the media, but Tangning had simply decided she didn't want to leave anymore...

"Yufan, this is also good. Let's all wait for the results from the magazine together. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she fails miserably," Mo Yurou hugged Han Yufan as she spoke. "After all, she's already suffering anyway. We will have plenty more opportunity to step on her in the future."

"I wanted to get back at her for you!"

"I know your intentions and that's enough...after all, we are to be engaged," Mo Yurou responded shyly.

After being comforted, Han Yufan calmed down. Since Tangning wanted to disgrace herself, then she had no one to blame.

However, while they were enjoying themselves, Tangning secretly met up with ISN. Both parties were satisfied and the contract was quickly finalized. There was no way Tianyi's higher-ups would disagree to this contract...

The ultimate attack...was not too far ahead...

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