Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1020 - I'll Be Waiting!

Chapter 1020: I’ll Be Waiting!

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It wasn’t unreasonable for a pair of smart parents to give birth to a genius.

But, apart from being smart, Mo Zichen was a little weird…

“After you return to Beijing, we’ll take him for some tests together.”

“OK,” Tangning nodded. Apart from matters related to the entertainment industry, the three kids were currently the center of the couple’s world.

However, the fact that their daughter was becoming more and more adorable, tormented Mo Ting. As a man, he was famous for being ruthless and tough, yet, whenever he looked at his daughter, he would have the urge to get close to her.

It seemed, he was going to spoil this child like crazy.

Tangning continued to stay in the US, while S.A.J. made sound progress. They received more activities and each one was more fulfilling than the one before it.

However, Long Jie was in no rush to get the group onto multiple stages because she cared more about quality than quantity; exposure had to be just right.

Plus, she had learned from Tangning to not follow convention. After all, didn’t the audience enjoy things that were different?

At that moment, while Long Jie was focused on securing some high exposure appearances, Han Xiuche was monitoring her every move. However, he was much too patient, he even helped Long Jie by helping her strategize. This made Lin Qian and Luo Yinghong slowly let down their guard. If there was actually something wrong with this guy, would he have endured for so many months without making a move?

But, Han Xiuche was just extra cautious. In fact, in the past few months, he had actually met with Ma Weiwei on various occasions.

Ever since the incident with her audition, Ma Weiwei reflected on her experience and quietly practiced her acting away from the public eye.

Although, with her current fame, it wasn’t necessary for her to have acting skills, she still felt she should plan for the future after remembering the humiliation she suffered from the Americans. Acting was something that one needed to have, if even just a little.

The two were colluding together and Han Xiuche made sure that Ma Weiwei knew about Long Jie’s every move.

When she heard about Long Jie’s efforts at training S.A.J., Ma Weiwei couldn’t help but sigh, “If I had been signed with Superstar Media from the start rather than taken to get plastic surgery, my life would not be so painful…I would not be constantly compared to Tangning and my life would not revolve around her.”

“Sometimes, I feel quite envious of the new group that Long Jie’s training.”

“Unfortunately for you, you will always be opposing Tangning,” Han Xiuche highlighted. “Tangning is just hiding in the US at the moment, unwilling to make an appearance.”

“Find a chance to make a move. I can’t wait any longer,” Ma Weiwei said to Han Xiuche, “I don’t want to be her shadow anymore.”

“You just sit back and wait for a good show.”

Ma Weiwei was extremely curious about Han Xiuche’s methods.

After all, Long Jie wasn’t easy to deal with. How was he going to take Superstar Media from her?

“In that case, I’ll be waiting!”

Han Xiuche watched as Ma Weiwei left and leaned back in a relaxed manner.

The only reason why he was so confident was because he had the four newcomers within his grasp. To be exact, even these newcomers were unaware that he had evidence of them sniffing cocaine. He had already discovered it during their university days and specifically introduced them to Long Jie because he knew that her efforts would go to waste as soon as their secret was exposed. Worst of all, Superstar Media would also be implicated.

This was Han Xiuche’s plan.

It seemed, the four newcomers had realized that following Long Jie was an easy path to take, so they tried quitting their drug addiction. But, unfortunately, there were some things that one couldn’t turn back from.

And the only reason why Long Jie hadn’t discovered anything was because they covered for each other. After all, they had experience at keeping this secret from their student days.

Soon, S.A.J. were to partake in a big reality TV show overseas, where they’d get the chance to relax a little…

However, a good show was about to start!

Meanwhile, Tangning was in the US with her post production team, slowly refining their skills and placing 100% of their focus on ‘The Ant Queen’. Although their special effects still couldn’t compare to the Americans, Tangning was already very satisfied.

Recognizing the limits of their current capabilities was also an important part of growing up.

“Miss Tang, according to the newest adjustments that we made, our production time can be split in half,” the post production manager said.

“Don’t lose focus. Don’t become sloppy because you want to save time.”

“Don’t worry, I personally watched Director Qiao Sen draw out his plans, so I’m also hoping to produce high quality results. You need to have faith that we learned a lot from the Americans during this time.”

Tangning was aware that the manager’s wife was about to give birth.

As a mother of three, Tangning understood the helplessness of not having one’s husband by their side during Labor, so she smiled and nodded at the manager, “If you are confident enough, let’s move the team back to Beijing. I’m beginning to feel a little homesick as well.”

“OK, Miss Tang.”

Originally, they predicted things to take another 6 months to complete, but now, it didn’t seem necessary.

That night, Tangning gave Long Jie a phone call to tell her the good news, “I will be returning to Beijing soon. Do you want to come pick me up?”

“I’m a very busy woman these days!” Long Jie joked.

“I heard you’ve been doing really well with your new group,” Tangning chuckled. “Fine then, since you are so busy, I guess I’ll have to come look for you instead…”

“You must be joking. How could I let the student of a big sci-fi master personally come look for me? When are you flying back?”

“I’ll let you know as soon as I book my tickets.”

“OK. But, you need to know that I’ll be going overseas in a couple days. My new artists are partaking in some filming overseas, I need to keep an eye on them,” Long Jie notified. “It’s not easy to manage this group. I can’t make any mistakes.”

Now that Tangning was coming home, who would be the happiest? Of course Long Jie and Lin Qian.

Tangning missed them a lot too. On top of that, it had been a long time since she saw Chen Xingyan and Huo Jingjing as well.

“But, is ‘The Ant Queen’ completed?”

“We’ve already passed the most difficult stage. It shouldn’t take much longer…” Tangning replied.

“That’s great. Although you faced many difficulties, you’ve finally got something new to show. Director Tang, I’m waiting for you to surprise everyone. When you return, don’t let others bully you again…and don’t ever leave again!”

Tangning understood Long Jie’s hint: it was time to put an end to Ma Weiwei without showing any mercy.

Moreover, she shouldn’t retreat from the industry again because of the public’s opinion.

In the past, she was held back because she was pregnant or because she wanted to improve, but now, she was already strong enough.

“Don’t worry, don’t you understand me well?”

Tangning was always someone that gave an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

However, Long Jie may not be able to hold on until Tangning’s return…

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