Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1019 - Isn't It Time You Consider Returning To China?

Chapter 1019: Isn't It Time You Consider Returning To China?



As they stepped off the music festival stage, the group of four were out of breath. But from the happy look on their faces, it was clear to see that tonight would be the start to their path of stardom.

Long Jie knew exactly how saturated the singing industry was. Since there were so many singing competitions and singers of all different levels, it was hard for the audience to process them all. If one did not have something unique to offer and wanted to advance simply based on singing skills, it was much too difficult.

So, Long Jie specifically hired a dance instructor from South Korea to help make up for the lack of dancing skills in China.

As a result, after the music festival was finished, Long Jie managed to open the doors to a variety of resources and finally breathed a sigh of relief. She then applied a stricter training regime to the group.

When Tangning was still around, Superstar Media was a professional agency that specialized in rediscovering forgotten artists. Now that Tangning was gone, Long Jie planned to turn Superstar Media into a breeding ground for newcomers; a place where young groups could be fostered. Superstar Media was about to be known for being 'Young and Stylish'.

After seeing the results produced by Long Jie, Han Xiuche's manager sighed. The people at Superstar Media were indeed capable. Although Long Jie didn't have as many ideas and methods as Tangning, she was still very impressive.

As the manager knew that Han Xiuche was the one that introduced S.A.J. to Superstar Media, she was happy to see them succeed.

"You know, apart from drawing manhua, you could go be a talent scout!"

As Han Xiuche stood in front of his drawing tablet and heard his manager's words of praise, he sneered.

"I didn't introduce these four to Superstar Media because I want them to be famous...Did you think that I would that nice?"

"Can't you do something good for once?" the manager turned and glared at Han Xiuche.

"No I can't!"

Actually, the manager knew exactly what Han Xiuche was thinking. On the surface, he said that he hated Tangning, but in reality, he simply wanted to lure Tangning out so he could witness her response. He was interested by her, but he was too stubborn to admit it. Plus, he had never learned proper social interaction.

"Even if Tangning provoked you, it's her bad luck. But, what about Long Jie? Long Jie placed so much trust in you, why must you hurt her?"

"Do you know why a psychopathic killer kills?" Han Xiuche asked as he put down his pen.


"Because he enjoys it...Long Jie means nothing to me, so why should I care about her feelings?"

There were some people in this world who did things for no apparent reason.

Some people couldn't differentiate between good and bad; they simply did what they enjoyed.

Han Xiuche was dumbfounded as she stood up angrily, "I'm not going to bother with you anymore. You can do whatever you want!"

Han Xiuche was proud and arrogant because no one could do anything about him. He could do whatever he wanted.

What was the entertainment industry? It was a place to eat, drink and play. At least, that's what Han Xiuche saw it as.

Was he really waiting to see Tangning's response?

Tangning was just a woman with a mask, why would he be obsessed with her? Everything he did was simply so he could see Tangning in pain?


Meanwhile, in the US, the filming for Jones' film, 'The Resurrected Specimen', was nearing its final stages. There were only 2-3 months left before the remainder of the film was to be handed over to post production. This was thanks to the capabilities of American special effects; something Tangning couldn't easily learn.

During the final stages of filming, Jones was worried that Tangning wouldn't understand what was going on, so he began to explain things in more detail. This was exactly what Tangning had hoped for. Previously, in England, she felt as though her classes were just a waste of time. No matter how many films she watched and how much theory she studied, it was nothing compared to Jones' experience.

"We haven't had much time together, but everything I've taught you is based on useful experience and filming techniques I've used."

"Tangning, filming is an art. An art where expressing your own style is a difficult thing to do. This is something you may need to spend a lifetime to discover..."

"From today onwards, you will need to experiment with this on your own..."

"I know you are currently working on a film. I've seen the proposal written by you and the late director...I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product."

Jones did not have any opinion towards Tangning's film because he knew Qiao Sen'sstory.

Even though Tangning had learned so much, she did not change the main plot of her film because she wanted to cherish the hard work of the deceased director. This was the reason why Jones was willing to teach Tangning: she was loyal and righteous.

"I'm also aware that your husband participated in this film."

"I have reason to believe that a film that consists of so many people's combined efforts, can't possibly turn out bad. You need to believe in yourself."

Tangning felt a little emotional. After all, as 'The Father of Sci-fi', Jones had already done and taught all he could.

Their time together may have been short, but this was their fate.

She couldn't possibly treat the set like a school and Jones like a professor and expect him to systematically teach her everything.

On the last day of filming, Jones got drunk because he knew he'd be announcing his retirement after this last film.

At the same time, Tangning already began to miss this generous old man, "I hope, in future, I can still visit you."

"You are my one and only student, it is your right to do that. You are always welcome..." Jones laughed. "Tangning, you are my student, don't disappoint me."

"I won't," Tangning nodded.

"I have faith in you..."

That night, Tangning and Jones chatted for a long time, almost like they were father and daughter. Jones also gave Tangning a lot advice.

"Before we say goodbye, I'll give you a gift. I hope you like it."

These were the last words that Jones said before he returned to his home. Tangning didn't know what Jones was referring to until a variety of American film companies began to contact her a few days later. That's when she realized that Jones had recommended her to a lot of big names in the industry.

To keep hold of Jones' student, the biggest film agency in the US offered Tangning some very attractive conditions.

But, Tangning rejected their offer because she knew where her real stage belonged...

Besides, she knew she didn't truly qualify to work with them, they simply approached her out of respect for her teacher.


"Isn't it time you consider returning to China?" Mo Ting asked as he strolled hand-in-hand down the street with Tangning. "You need to eventually return to where you came from."

Tangning smiled and shook her head, "I'm in no rush. We will continue to refine our skills here in the US, until I'm satisfied with 'The Ant Queen's' post production. I promised that I'd return to China with a completed film, but it's only half done."

"Fine then, Director Tang. After all, you're quite the topic of discussion amongst the directors here in the US..."

"Are you teasing me?" Tangning asked as she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace.

"I am praising you!" Mo Ting laughed. "Let's go, Yan Er should be waking up soon..."

"Oh, that's right, how's our sons doing?"

"What do you think? Zixi is fine, but Zichen..."

Tangning understood without Mo Ting having to explain in detail.

"Didn't you say you were going to do a test on Zichen?" Tangning asked. "If this kid turns out to be a genius, then we've made a huge benefit!"

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