Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1017 - I Dream About It Everyday!

Chapter 1017: I Dream About It Everyday!



In the meantime, the most important thing for Long Jie, was training S.A.J.

After a series of training sessions and after Long Jie was confident that every single group member was ready to face the world, it was time to commence the next stage of their promotional activities.

The new group had no popularity nor fame; they had nothing. If they couldn't even stir up conversations, then they would be a complete waste of resources.

Not to mention, Long Jie had invested all her heart and soul into them.

Without Tangning around, Superstar Media experienced more doubt than ever before. This made Long Jie's stress levels increase, but she did not retreat. Instead, she used the resources she had to record a dance video for the group of four and placed it online with the caption, 'New dancing quartet: ready for a challenge!'

As it had a sense of provocation, a lot of people clicked into the video wanting to ridicule them. They wanted to see who was so brave as to post up a video like this. But, as soon as they started watching it, their anger subsided because of the good looking young men and women on their screens.

With the added fact that they were actually talented, the results from the video exceeded expectations.

After a quick warm up, Long Jie decided to take advantage of the hype by paying a few famous social media accounts to promote the video by mocking it. Her aim was to create conversations, even though it resulted in arguments amongst fans. But, this boosted S.A.J.'s public image.

Slowly, people began to take notice of them and discover that they were Superstar Media's newly formed group.

Afterwards, Long Jie placed the focus of her promotional efforts on youngsters and students. She knew exactly where the group stood. Since they were marketing them as a youthful group, they of course focused on their good looks.

Gradually, fan clubs for S.A.J. began to form within the school grounds and they had regular fans that followed them around.

So, after reaping some benefits, the group believed in Long Jie's abilities a lot more. But, there was often a weird vibe in the group. A vibe that Long Jie didn't notice because she was so focused on booking activities.

When Xing Lan saw how much Long Jie was struggling, she naturally wanted to provide some help. So, she decided to promote the group a little. Since she was about to start her concert tour and her first stop was Beijing, inviting S.A.J. to be her guests seemed quite reasonable.

However, Xing Lan belonged to Hai Rui and their interests weren't connected to Superstar Media, so her manager did not approve of her decision. The number one reason was because Hai Rui didn't know anything about the background of this group formed by Long Jie.

It wasn't easy for Xing Lan to get to where she was, so they couldn't let anything go wrong.

Therefore, the manager did not allow Xing Lan to promote S.A.J..

Long Jie understood the worries of Xing Lan's manager. To be honest, she never considered getting help from anyone anyway, whether it was Luo Sheng, Xing Lan or Luo Yinghong.

"Long Jie, I'll speak to my manager about this matter. I am personally inviting S.A.J. as my guests."

"Make sure they are prepared, the concert will be at the end of this month."

On the phone, Xing Lan was extremely serious and sincere, "Although we are no longer legally bound, Superstar Media will always be my home. That's why I am happy to do this favor. Especially since I've watched their video and have confirmed that they are indeed talented."

Long Jie considered the situation, if she let Xing Lan provide assistance, she could avoid going in circles. But, this was exactly the reason why she wasn't willing to accept it.

"You are currently a rising star in Hai Rui. Your every move is a direct representation of Hai Rui. S.A.J. hasn't established itself yet and there are certain terms in your contract that you need to abide by. You shouldn't go against your agency because of me. I will find a way to deal with S.A.J.'s matter."

Xing Lan spent all night trying to convince Long Jie, but in the end, Long Jie still refused her help.

It was lucky that she didn't agree. Otherwise, Long Jie would have felt extremely guilty for implicating Xing Lan if something actually went wrong.

"You may be unwilling to accept help from Xing Lan, but what about me, your husband?" Lu Che asked as he stood up and looked at his wife. "I know you want to produce some results to prove yourself, but you shouldn't draw such a fine line between us."

After hearing Lu Che's words, Long Jie shook her head, "Trust me, Lu Che, it's not that I don't want to ask for your help, but I haven't truly understood the members of the group yet. As you know, both Lin Qian and Luo Yinghong have warned me about Han Xiuche. In order not to implicate anyone, I need to be cautious. That's why I rejected Xing Lan...Did you think I'd be against the idea of directly making these four famous? I dream about it everyday!"

After Lu Che heard this, he took a deep breath and nodded his head, "You've become a lot more understanding and mature."

"That's because I often try to see things from Tangning's point of view: if she was here, what would she do?"

"OK, in that case, let me know once you've confirmed what you are going to do. And if you can't hold on anymore, let me know as well," Lu Che said as he drew Long Jie into his arms. "Although I'm not capable of everything like the President, I still have the ability to protect my woman, OK?"

Long Jie closed her eyes and enjoyed Lu Che's scent. Marrying this man was indeed the best decision she had made in her life.


Han Xiuche watched as Long Jie committed everything to S.A.J. and revealed a dark smile. S.A.J.'s partially debuted state proved that Long Jie was indeed capable. Unfortunately...her relationship with Tangning...

"Long Jie, I'm quite familiar with Lin Weisen, do you want me to contact him to see if I can secure some fashion-related jobs for S.A.J.?"

Long Jie shook her head at the enthusiastic gesture, "Don't put yourself in debt. Even if you secure a job, it's of no use to the group. You need to understand that as soon as they become famous, jobs will automatically deliver themselves into their hands."

"You're right..."

"What they're currently missing is an opportunity to perform..."

"When they get the opportunity, does that mean they will officially debut?"

Long Jie nodded her head. The video was currently being put to good use and the group was being promoted to more and more people. "I will try my best to help them create a good image. Afterwards, I will schedule some jobs for them..."

"Let me know if you need my help!" Han Xiuche smiled as he nodded.

"You've already helped enough by introducing them to me. I haven't even thanked you for that," Long Jie thanked sincerely.

Long Jie hoped to receive Han Xiuche's sincerity in return.

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