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Chapter 1016 - Group Ridicule

Chapter 1016: Group Ridicule

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Ma Weiwei opened her mouth with the intention to argue back, but she quickly remembered her identity. She could never publicly defy the American producer unless, of course, she wanted to no longer survive in the entertainment industry.

So, even though she was humiliated, all she could do was take it. At the same time, she continued to hold her chest high in confidence as she left the audition room.

Her manager immediately ran over and asked excitedly, “How did you go?”

Everyone around them propped up their ears with looks of ridicule. They all knew that if Ma Weiwei was actually accepted, the American film would go backwards by thirty years.

But, Ma Weiwei needed to keep her pride…

“The director said I was not bad…”

Not bad…Ma Weiwei managed to lie with a straight face. So, after her manager heard her response, her smile grew even wider, “I knew you could do it, Weiwei! You’re a genius…”

“Haha…I’m not hearing things, am I? If the producer actually said that Ma Weiwei was not bad, then everyone else is going to Hollywood for sure…” an artist ridiculed.

Ma Weiwei humphed before she left with her manager.

After arriving downstairs, Ma Weiwei stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her manager, “Why did you make me come to this audition?”

“Huh?” the manager was taken aback, “What’s wrong?”

“They were trying to test my limits because I looked like Tangning…In the end…” Ma Weiwei couldn’t continue. If other people found out about this, they would definitely treat her like a joke.

“Forget about it…”

Her manager was clearly confused, not quite understanding what Ma Weiwei was trying to say. But, later, when news of the audition appeared online, she finally understood.

[Ma Weiwei tries to compare herself to Tangning at auditions: video exposed!]

[Ma Weiwei’s first audition: frightens away American producer!]

When Tangning was around, people often caused trouble for her. So, they weren’t going to let go of the fake Tangning either. When it came to slandering people, there was always someone in the industry that was willing to do it.

Especially since the video of Ma Weiwei’s audition was a complete joke.

The public was filled with ridicule.

“Reality has proven that no matter how much she resembles Tangning, she should know the limit of her capabilities.”

“She’s so embarrassing that she even embarrassed herself in front of a foreigner. When it comes to acting, where did her confidence come from?”

“I need to watch Tangning’s films a dozen times to clean my eyes.”

“While we’re on this topic, ever since Tangning stopped acting, there hasn’t been another good film! What a shame…”

Because of what happened, fans began to sigh about how good Tangning was. No matter how she was like offscreen, at least her films lived up to her identity and did the audience justice.

Afterwards, the entertainment news reported on an interview with the producer. The reporter mentioned Ma Weiwei’s audition and said that they thought she’d be different from expectation because she made it to the auditions.

The producer responded with regret.

“I must admit that Miss Ma resembles the actress Tangning. That’s why I had high expectations for her. Unfortunately, reality has proven that Tangning is amazing because of her uniqueness. Her acting and professionalism isn’t something that others can replicate…”

“Since you are familiar with Tangning, you must have heard that she retreated from the industry…and that she had a lot of scandals in Beijing.”

“I think your nation has a huge misunderstanding towards Tangning. To be honest, before I came here, I had actually sent Tangning an invite, but she, unfortunately, rejected me…”

As soon as the producer said this, the reporters were shocked. So, there was actually more to the story; Tangning was actually in reach of Hollywood. Unlike someone like Ma Weiwei who was so embarrassing yet she still tried to compete with others.

This was the difference between the two women. Things that Tangning didn’t want…were exactly the things that Ma Weiwei wanted. But, no matter how much she wanted it, it was no use.

“Because of work-related reasons, Tangning and I have had some contact. She is an extremely charming Oriental woman. I think it would be very difficult to find another person like her.”

The producer’s high evaluation of Tangning directly opposed the rumors that Tangning was a cheap errands person for the Americans.

“In that case, can you tell us what Tangning’s been getting up to?”

“I think you will need to wait for her to reveal it when she feels like making an appearance.”

The producer answered perfectly; it was just enough to keep everyone hanging. After all, for Tangning to reject such a famous producer, it had to mean that everyone had misunderstood her.

“Besides, Tangning is from Beijing. Why are you guys asking me instead?”

The reporters looked at each other awkwardly. After all, Tangning’s retreat had a lot to do with them.

Plus, they had no idea what Tangning was doing overseas because their misunderstanding stemmed from the deliberate manipulation of others. In fact…everyone thought Tangning was just an outdated actress that would eventually be replaced and forgotten with the passing of time.

No one expected that Tangning would become a topic of discussion once again.

Meanwhile, Ma Weiwei was treated as a joke and all she could do was hope for the phase to pass.

The next time that Ma Weiwei and Han Xiuche met, it was initiated by Ma Weiwei.

“Didn’t you say that you were going to make a move on Superstar Media? Why haven’t you done anything yet?”

“Ma Weiwei, do you think the people at Superstar Media are easy to deal with? You haven’t had to do a thing, you simply need to sit and wait. What right do you have to request anything of me?”

Ma Weiwei calmed down and looked at Han Xiuche, “You must have seen the recent news, right? You’ve seen how I’ve been treated like a joke, right?”

“Did you think that I wanted to do plastic surgery? I did it because my agency told me it would make me famous! Otherwise, who would willingly want to become known as fake Tangning? Don’t you think it disgusts me to have the same face as hers? I have to put up with people comparing us all day long…”

“I think you should calm down. No one forced you to do this…You did it willingly.”

Ma Weiwei turned around and glared at Han Xiuche.

“That’s enough, stop complaining to me…The result is near. Wait for the good news.”

“I have a question. Why are you so determined to go against Tangning and her agency? From what I know, you weren’t familiar with Tangning before.”

“To be honest…I was in love with her for a while, obsessively in love…But, I realized she’s too fake and is nothing like she appears. So, it made me angry!” Han Xiuche replied.

“Tangning must have dug my ancestors’ graves in her last life!” 1 Ma Weiwei laughed. “Forget it, I’ll just wait for your good news…”

These two were simply a couple of people that were asking for their own humiliation. Tangning didn’t necessarily know or even remember them. For example, Tangning knew of the existence of Ma Weiwei, but…

…she didn’t even consider her as a possible threat.

Ma Weiwei was a little evil, but she wasn’t something to be concerned about.

As for the question that everyone in Beijing had on their minds about what Tangning was doing, she was going to give them a shocking answer very soon.

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