Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1015 - A Replica Is Just A Replica

Chapter 1015: A Replica Is Just A Replica

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“Weiwei, the agency told me you have the opportunity for an audition,” Ma Weiwei’s manager said excitedly after she contacted the American producer. She knew deep in her heart that even if Ma Weiwei was a popular topic of discussion right now, she still couldn’t compare to the versatile Tangning, so she never imagined that Ma Weiwei would receive an opportunity for an audition.

“That’s because I’m luckier than Tangning,” Ma Weiwei said calmly to her manager. “You just wait and see, I definitely won’t be defeated in everything I do like Tangning.”

“Of course not, our Weiwei is amazing…”

She was indeed amazing – amazing at getting plastic surgery and creating hype.

Unfortunately, Ma Weiwei had no idea that the producer gave her the audition opportunity simply because he wanted to see how bad she was compared to Tangning.

Meanwhile, Long Jie was training her newly signed group, S.A.J. The group was perfectly balanced with two boys and two girls and their voices were all decent.

However, this new group couldn’t be like Xing Lan, they couldn’t participate in a singing competition like she did. Their debut relied on Long Jie’s plans to create exposure, so she was putting them through a strict training regime.

From their clothes to the way they talked to their individual personalities, Long Jie designed each aspect carefully.

Seeing Long Jie immersed in her plan, Han Xiuche was extremely pleased. This meant he was one step closer to his goal.

Of course, Lin Qian eventually caught wind of such a big matter. Seeing that Long Jie was working so hard to train new artists, she felt guilty for not being of any help.

“At the moment, the group is performing well. When they finally debut in 2-3 months time, you will be ready to give birth. By the time that you return to work, we can start on another plan.”

“So, you don’t need to worry. Even if Tangning isn’t around, I will still do all I can to make Superstar Media shine.”

Lin Qian supported her stomach and smiled, “I have no doubt that your abilities are better than mine, but there’s still one thing that you need to be cautious of: Han Xiuche. I have a bad feeling about that guy.”

“But, Han Xiuche helped a lot this time…” Long Jie replied. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

“That better be the case.”

However, Long Jie had no idea that Han Xiuche had dug a huge trap for her to fall into. He didn’t care about the time and money invested, nor the consequences.

So, how could Long Jie guard against this? Not only did she not have her guard up, she even interacted with Han Xiuche more when Lin Qian wasn’t around.

Upon returning to the agency and hearing about Long Jie’s close relationship with Han Xiuche, Luo Yinghong remembered the conversation she overheard between Ma Weiwei and her manager. So, she was suspicious of Han Xiuche.

As a part of the agency, she believed it was only right for her to warn Long Jie.

Therefore, she waited until Han Xiuche wasn’t around before she knocked on Long Jie’s office door.

“Hong Jie? What’s the matter?”

“I noticed you’ve been getting really close to Han Xiuche lately, so I wanted to remind you to be cautious of him,” Luo Yinghong said. “A while ago, when I was filming a programme, I came across Ma Weiwei and overheard her conversation with her manager. It sounded like her relationship with Han Xiuche isn’t simple.”

After Long Jie heard this, she was a bit surprised.


“I have no grudges against Han Xiuche, so there’s no reason for me to slander him. Either way, you should be wary of him.”

As it was a kind-hearted warning, Long Jie naturally took note and nodded her head, “Don’t worry, Hong Jie. I know what I’m doing.”

“That’s good.” After she was done talking, Luo Yinghong turned and left the office.

But, right outside the door, Han Xiuche approached excitedly with something to discuss.

“Hong Jie…”

This polite young man looked completely harmless, but no one expected that he was hiding a malicious intent.

Either way, Luo Yinghong did not have a good feeling about him.

So, she simply nodded her head at Han Xiuche.

Han Xiuche immediately sensed the coldness. It seemed everyone at Superstar Media, except for Long Jie, had their guard up against him.

But, it didn’t matter because Long Jie was already knee deep in his trap…

9 days later, the auditions for the American producer were to be held.

Ma Weiwei arrived dressed in fancy clothes and makeup, like she was certain she’d be picked by the producer.

However, people within the industry didn’t seem convinced by her.

Even if Tangning appeared at the auditions, they wouldn’t be 100% sure that she’d succeed, let alone a fake replica. Apart from using Tangning’s name to get famous, what else could she do?


Could she do that?

Not everyone in the world was born with the talent to act like Tangning.

Ma Weiwei understood where she stood, but if she looked down on herself as well, who would give her the respect that she wanted?

To everyone’s confusion, Ma Weiwei was scheduled to audition first. But, the producer’s motive was simple: he wanted to quickly see her perform and quickly send her away if she wasn’t up to standard. That way he wouldn’t treat others unfairly while waiting for her.

“Weiwei, you can do it! Go ahead!” Ma Weiwei’s manager cheered.

However, everyone knew that Ma Weiwei wouldn’t have any acting skills to show.

Ma Weiwei saw through everyone’s disdain. But, even so, she continued to believe that she could do anything that Tangning could do.

So, she was filled with confidence as she entered the audition.

When she walked around like a superstar, she did indeed look like Tangning from certain angles. But, as soon as she stepped into the audition hall, the producer immediately knew that it was all a facade.

“You can start,” the producer said with perfect English. “Act out a role or scene that you are most confident with.”

The other staff in the room were filled with anticipation.

After all, they had all witnessed Tangning’s mesmerizing acting skills.


…even though Ma Weiwei was smart enough to know that crying scenes and arguing scenes easily triggered people’s emotions…

…the producer felt her acting was completely incomprehensible.

“Miss Ma, I’m sorry to tell you that your acting is so bad that you probably wouldn’t even qualify to play a corpse.”

“Exactly as expected, a replica is just a replica…you don’t even have the slightest bit of Tangning’s charms…”

“I shouldn’t have wasted my time,” the producer said as he lowered his head. “That’s enough, next person please.”

Ma Weiwei stood awkwardly in place…

She never expected to receive such a blow for the first time.

“Get out. Do you know why you even qualified for the auditions? It’s ​because you look similar to Tangning that the producer decided to give you a chance for Tangning’s sake. But, reality has proven that giving you this chance was the biggest form of insult for Tangning,” the staff accompanying the producer said.

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