Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1011 - You Just Wait For A Good Show!

Chapter 1011: You Just Wait For A Good Show!

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“Don’t worry, I can handle tough conditions,” Tangning replied.

“It’s up to me to determine whether you can handle it or not. You Chinese use the term ‘Final Student’. At my age, I was popular once, I hope you don’t disappoint my expectations.”

After he was done talking, Director Jones hung up the phone.

Afterwards, Tangning smiled and looked at Mo Ting, “It’s a success.”

Mo Ting nodded his head and placed a kiss on Tangning’s forehead, “You need to work harder from now on.”

“I know.”

As a result, no one heard from Tangning after she went to the US, but they didn’t expect that she had become the student of a world-class director…

Because no one heard anything about Tangning, there were various versions of rumors. The most popular version was that Tangning had nowhere to turn to; that she was kicked out of Beijing and rejected by England and that she was like an unwanted sewer rat.

No one expected that she was standing at the forefront of the industry because she wanted to produce a high quality sci-fi film. In fact, while she was Jones’ student, she didn’t care about her image at all. To prevent herself from being recognized, she wore a hat and glasses and was willing to do anything…

Meanwhile, Mo Ting continued to travel between the two places. However, Long Jie and the others still had no updates regarding Tangning. Lu Che tried asking Mo Ting indirectly, but he replied, “Why are you asking so much?”

“It’s because the rumors are too bad…” Lu Che explained. But, in reality, it was because Long Jie wanted to know. However, Mo Ting completely​ saw through his intention.

“Look after yourself! When you have time, go visit Superstar Media more often…”

Mo Ting thought the hint in his words were clear…

If Lu Che didn’t get it, then he didn’t deserve to be his assistant.

“I understand,” Lu Che understood immediately. In reality, he had wanted to help his wife for a long time, but Mo Ting had never given him approval.

But, even with Mo Ting’s approval, he still couldn’t be too obvious, in case he hurt Long Jie’s pride.

Tangning’s rumors circulated like wildfire through Beijing and caused quite a commotion. Even so, Tangning had no intention of appearing to explain anything. This made Han Xiuche even more certain that Tangning was nothing.

“I would like to see if a cowardly person like you would make an appearance if Superstar Media gets into trouble.”

“Young Master Han, I’ve contacted the fake Tangning, Ma Weiwei. When do you want to meet with her?” the manager asked unwillingly.

“As soon as possible,” Han Xiuche replied. “I would like to see how Tangning feels if Superstar Media falls into the hands of this fake Tangning.”

“Just a few days ago, you were so concerned about her, but now, you want to go against her. Men are sure hard to predict,” Han Xiuche’s manager mumbled as she walked out of the apartment with her phone.

She had almost reached her limit. Who wouldn’t go crazy when faced with an indecisive artist like Han Xiuche?

But, before that, she still had to fulfill her responsibilities.

The manager arranged for the two to meet at a quiet location. After all, they were both celebrities and their identities were a little inconvenient.

Originally, she thought the fake Tangning, Ma Weiwei, wouldn’t appear.

But, with the mention of Tangning’s name, she, of course, showed up. After all, she relied on Tangning to get famous. However, it was still a double edged sword. Although she was famous and gained some popularity, the real Tangning was still a threat to her.

She, of course, wanted to replace the real thing…

…instead of being known as a replica.

The two met inside a car while Han Xiuche’s manager stood guard outside.

“Speak, what did you call me here for, Mr. Han, the manhua artist!”

Han Xiuche looked at the face that resembled Tangning and smiled, “Are you interested in seizing control of Superstar Media? You must know that Superstar Media is Tangning’s blood, sweat and tears, if you successfully take it from her hands, you will be the talk of the town.”

Ma Weiwei smiled mockingly after hearing what Han Xiuche said, “Are you planning to betray your agency?”

“Simply tell me if you are interested. I don’t want to discuss anything else,” Han Xiuche said straightforwardly. “Right now, you are at most, just a face that looks like Tangning. You may be famous, but you have nothing to show, so your foundation isn’t stable and you may be abandoned at any time.”

“Think about it, if we work together and seize control of Superstar Media…”

“…things would be very different.”

“How are we supposed to gain control of Superstar Media?” Ma Weiwei asked. “Don’t forget, Tangning may not be in charge of Superstar Media, but Long Man isn’t easy to deal with either. Plus, her husband is the assistant of Hai Rui’s CEO.”

“Long Man isn’t hard to deal with,” Han Xiuche said confidently. “You don’t need to do much. I will deliver Superstar Media straight to your hands. You simply need to remember that from now on, if you have anything good, you will think of me first…”

Ma Weiwei thought Han Xiuche was crazy.

“Fine, if you can deliver Superstar Media to my hands, I will be more than happy to accept it!”

Even though she said this, she never expected Han Xiuche to actually succeed.

As a result, she simply treated the meeting as a chance for some fresh air. Sure, she was envious of the fame that Tangning once had, but, Superstar Media…

…she didn’t dare consider that.

It was impossible for a person to be successful overnight, but one day, she was going to be more famous than Tangning.

After their chat, Ma Weiwei left first. Afterwards, Han Xiuche’s manager asked, “What did you and Ma Weiwei agree on?”

“I’m simply making a new friend. What are you so anxious about?”

The manager took a deep breath. She was beginning to feel that Han Xiuche was becoming more and more unreasonable, “If you placed all this energy on your manhua, how good would that be?”

“You would never understand what I’m thinking!”

Han Xiuche chewed some gum as he said to his manager, “I like seeing Tangning fight back and then shrivel up and hide again. What do you think her expression would look like if Superstar Media was taken away?”

“Yes, I don’t understand you, but I do know that if you truly liked Tangning, then everything you’re doing today is hurting her.”

“You’re becoming more and more naggy!” Han Xiuche ignored his manager’s words. “I will do what I want to do. Even my brother can’t control me, let alone you.”

“You just wait for a good show!”

The manager was helpless as she pretended to be oblivious to Han Xiuche’s plans. But, even though she was his manager, she actually hoped that Tangning would appear soon and deal with this young spoilt heir.

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