Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1009 - No Matter How Much She Tries To Copy Her, She Will Never Be Tangning!

Chapter 1009: No Matter How Much She Tries To Copy Her, She Will Never Be Tangning!

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As a result, Han Xiuche did not see Tangning at the college from the next day onwards.

After asking the college why Tangning no longer appeared in class, he later discovered that she had already withdrawn from her course.

Tangning had withdrawn!

Han Xiuche never expected Tangning to change her mind so quickly.

If this was the result, then why did she practically put up a fight against the whole world?

However, this result also seemed reasonable. Even in Beijing, she couldn’t withstand public opinion, so it was no surprise that she was running away again.

Han Xiuche suddenly felt frustrated and angry. Was the woman that he admired for so long actually at this level?


He refused to believe that. But, he couldn’t deny that Tangning had indeed left England.

Han Xiuche was disappointed that the woman labelled as a legend actually turned out to be like this.

“No, this can’t be,” Han Xiuche felt humiliated.

“Have you guys heard that the b*tch from China withdrew from her course?”

“Chinese people have always been cowards.”

“With a bad reputation like that, if I was her, I would also leave.”

After hearing the discussions from the foreigners, Han Xiuche threw away the papers in his hands and booked the next flight out of England straight back to Beijing.

As soon as he returned to Beijing, he immediately asked his manager, “Did Tangning return to Beijing?”

“I haven’t heard anything about that,” she replied.

“Then she must be hiding…” Han Xiuche was angry and embarrassed. He suddenly felt that he had wasted his time obsessing over the wrong thing.

But, at this time, a commercial appeared on the television featuring the fake Tangning. As soon as Han Xiuche saw her, he immediately felt interested, “I want this woman’s contact details…”

“Han Xiuche, are you serious? Just because you can’t get Tangning, you’re trying to pursue a cheap replica?”

“You wouldn’t understand. I’m looking for this woman because I want to prove that Tangning is nothing.”

The manager felt dizzy from Han Xiuche’s constantly changing thoughts.

In the past, he was so interested in Tangning, yet now, he hated her down to the bone. What was he thinking?

“Xiuche, I really think you should see a psychiatrist.”

“I know what I’m doing,” Han Xiuche waved his hand calmly. “Just do as I say.”

The woman he had paid attention to for so long turned out to be a complete lie. So, Han Xiuche was obviously angry from the humiliation. It was like finding a piece of tasty-looking chocolate, only to realize after putting it into one’s mouth that it’s actually sh*t and they were too stupid to realize earlier.

“Tangning is a coward. Without Mo Ting, she’s nothing.”

Meanwhile, in the US, Tangning had absolutely no idea that she had provoked someone because she took no notice of Han Xiuche.

After arriving with Yan Er, the couple immediately moved into their manor in the US. Mo Ting then arranged for Tangning to work with a famous director from Hai Rui, as soon as possible.

To avoid causing a commotion with the media, the couple were even more careful than when they were in England. To prevent anyone from recognizing her, Tangning disguised herself every single day before heading out.

Afterwards, Tangning spoke to An Zihao once over the phone. As soon as An Zihao heard about her plan, he laughed and told her that she should have contacted him earlier; he could have introduced her to a great sci-fi director.

“Your expectations for yourself are too high. Why must you personally understand every aspect of film production?”

“If I don’t have any expectations for myself, would people watch my films?”

“Fine, I can’t argue with you. Since President Mo has already made arrangements, you should study in peace,” An Zihao laughed. “But, while you haven’t been around, Beijing has still had a lot of gossip.”

“Also, I’ve noticed that Superstar Media has been struggling. Are you really planning to do nothing?”

“Since I’ve already handed Superstar Media to Long Jie, what’s going to happen to her if I get involved? If it’s convenient for you, you should drop by and give her a hand.”

“You don’t need to tell me that…” An Zihao sighed before he said, “Without you around, the entertainment industry has become very boring.”

“Is it because there’s no news about me?”

“No, it’s because there are too many troublemakers. You need to be around to keep them in check.”

Tangning laughed and replied with deep meaning, “I’m simply a person that’s been rejected by the entertainment industry…”

“That’s enough, we’ve known each other for so long, there’s no need to be polite. Return soon, I’m still waiting to see ‘The Ant Queen’s’ results…”

After he was done speaking, An Zihao hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, Tangning looked helplessly towards Mo Ting, “In its current condition, can Lu Che provide some help in secret? Long Jie has too much pride to accept his help, but…”

“I’ve said it before, Superstar Media has nothing to do with you,” Mo Ting said as he looked at Tangning. “Since you’ve already made your decision, you should learn to let go. Long Jie needs to grow up.”

After careful thought, Tangning nodded her head, “You’re right, I’ll listen to you.”

Meanwhile, Superstar Media was really facing a huge problem. No matter how hard Long Jie tried, she couldn’t create big news like when Tangning was around. Plus, every artist she signed on, seemed to end up like Han Xiuche: their minds were either not focused on progressing, or they didn’t produce anything great.

“Am I really useless?” Long Jie asked the pregnant Lin Qian. “Why don’t I produce the same results as Tangning when I use the same methods?”

Lin Qian patted Long Jie on the shoulder and comforted, “You’re putting too much pressure on yourself. You’ve already done really well.”

“Long Jie’s stressed because I’m disobedient.” After arriving at Superstar Media and not seeing Long Jie, Han Xiuche knew straight away that she would be out on the balcony, but he never expected to see Lin Qian there as well.

“I haven’t asked you yet, why did you suddenly go to England?”

“I went to see Tangning,” Han Xiuche shrugged. “But, after she left the school, I ended up returning…”

“Who told her to be so famous? And who told me to miss out on seeing her before?”

“Since you’re back, you should focus on your own progression instead of doing reckless things.”

“Now that you mention it, I have a suggestion. Since Tangning is no longer in Superstar Media, to create some hype, we should bring the fake Tangning over to our agency. Think about it, what would happen if we sign her…?”

Long Jie immediately shook her head, “Don’t mention fake Tangning in front of me ever again. No matter how much she tries to copy her, she will never be Tangning!”

After speaking, Long Jie turned around and returned to her office.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian looked at Han Xiuche suspiciously.

From the moment that Long Jie first signed on this person, she already had her doubts.

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