Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1007 - I Hate Being Threatened

Chapter 1007: I Hate Being Threatened

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“He definitely will!” Mo Ting stared at Tangning and replied. “Even if he dislikes Chinese people, he still needs to put away his opinion when he’s around you.”

Tangning thought about her situation and realized Mo Ting’s reasoning made sense. This wasn’t a place where she should show mercy, especially when faced with discrimination from foreigners. In particular, she shouldn’t have let a small-time professor bully her.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything, I already know what to do.”

Mo Ting turned and looked at Tangning with a proud smile.

“You didn’t retreat from the entertainment industry and break ties with Hai Rui, just so you could come here and suffer.”

“Bring out your courage…I want to see the Tangning that would never lower her head to anyone.”

Tangning nodded her head. The discomfort she felt from being discriminated and bullied, suddenly disappeared.

As a result, Tangning arrived at the professor’s class as usual the next morning.

But, after the professor saw Tangning, he put down the information in his hands and asked, “Didn’t I tell you never to attend again?”

“Are all Chinese this thick-skinned, or is it just you?”

As soon as the professor said this, laughter erupted in the classroom.

But, Tangning remained in her seat and didn’t move. After everyone stopped laughing, she said in seriousness, “The professor insults Chinese people so much, but have you ever traveled to China?”

The professor froze for a moment, unable to answer Tangning’s question.

The answer was simple: he had never been before. He simply looked down on the Chinese culture and subjectively discriminated against them.

“If you don’t answer, it must mean that you’ve never been before…”

“Since you’ve never been before, how could you insult a country that you know nothing about?”

“Based on your subjective instinct?”

“I admit, the Eastern culture isn’t as advanced as the Western culture, but we have our own uniqueness and charm. Yet, the professor keeps acting so arrogant. Why must you discriminate against us? Is it because you’re strong and you want to bully the weak?”

“Do you discriminate against North America?”

“The North Americans have plenty of notable productions…What do you guys have?”

“We may not have any productions to show off, but…have you thought about the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oscars last year?”

“Was the winner British?”

“No, the recipient was from the East!”

“So, how can you deny our hardwork and achievements?”

“Yet, as a professor, you’re singling me out and discriminating against me when you should be encouraging cultural exchange and understanding. Is this something that you should be doing as a professor?”

“Film is indeed a form of art. But, are you planning to use this so-called art as a weapon against us? Is your art that high class?”

The professor was dumbfounded. Even though he was a pure English person, Tangning spoke so quickly that he couldn’t even get a word in.

More importantly, he had been in the industry for a few decades and no one had ever shown him so much disrespect in his class.

Yet, he couldn’t say a word.

Because, Tangning was right, he was prejudiced and narrow-minded.

In the past, he had also bullied other Chinese students. However, no one had ever argued with him in the open like Tangning did.

At that moment, everyone looked at Tangning.

They looked at the woman that actually dared to criticize the professor, while the professor couldn’t argue back.

His face was pale, but there was nothing he could say. All he could do was process what Tangning had said for a while before he raised the papers in his hand and yelled, “Let’s start the class!”

Tangning sneered. Even though everyone looked at her with complicated emotions, she had no reason to be afraid.

During this time, Han Xiuche was sitting in a corner not too far away.

He watched as Tangning rendered the professor speechless.

It completely changed his image of women.

Wasn’t she afraid that the professor or any of the foreigners in the class would attack her for what she did?

However, everyone knew that the professor’s discrimination was unreasonable. Even though they looked down on Chinese people too, they would never openly make them into enemies.

They, at most, only said a few insults behind their backs and secretly played some tricks.

As a result, Tangning became famous in the college.

Of course, they were in faraway England and Tangning used her English name, so barely anyone realized she was ‘Tangning’. After all, people within the college rarely took notice of Chinese celebrities.

They completely looked down on them!

However, the situation was likely to change after class.

After class finished, the professor glared at Tangning as she left the classroom. Tangning sensed his glare and looked back at him.

She had nothing to be afraid of.

At this time, Han Xiuche ran up to her and raised him thumb, “You are the first person that’s been brave enough to argue with the professor.”

Tangning took one glance at Han Xiuche and left.

Her deliberate coldness was obvious. She had not shown any signs that he was welcome to get close to her.

Faced with rejection, Han Xiuche followed begrudgingly behind.

How could there be such a difficult woman in this world?

As Tangning insulted a much-loved professor, many of the students on campus began to secretly take note of her.

Endless troubles were likely headed her way.

However, Tangning didn’t care.

Mo Ting wasn’t home today, so Tangning had to drive back on her own. But, while she was driving, she noticed someone was trailing her through the rearview mirror, so she began to speed up.

“Madam, why is someone snooping around outside?”

“Ignore them,” Tangning did not care about these people as she carried Yan Er in her arms.

After all, she was well aware that if these people dared to do anything, Mo Ting’s bodyguards would tear them apart.

“But, haven’t you lost your privacy like this?”

“It’s fine. They can snoop as much as they want.”

Tangning predicted that these fans of the professor would have many tricks to use against her.

However, she wasn’t someone that could be easily bullied.

The next morning, Tangning visited the library. When she arrived, she ran into Han Xiuche. It seemed, he had predicted Tangning would go there and was waiting for her.

“If you continue to treat me like this, I won’t be nice either.”

Tangning looked at the man in disdain and replied, “I hate being threatened.”

“I simply want to be friends…”

“Friends?” Tangning turned and looked at Han Xiuche. She thought this word sounded quite amusing. “You’ve already chased me all the way overseas. I’m pretty sure you’re not simply aiming to be friends.”

“Have you investigated me?” Han Xiuche was happy because Tangning noticed him.


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