Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1006 - Have You Been Treated Unfairly?

Chapter 1006: Have You Been Treated Unfairly?

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After hearing what Tangning said, Han Xiuche was filled with curiosity, “The public once said that you can read minds. Could that be true?”

“Regardless of whether I can or not, I’m not someone you can get close to. I think it’s best if we keep our distance,” Tangning replied. “I can’t possibly be nice to someone that leaves a bad impression. So, I hope Mr. Han can stay a certain distance from me.”

“You are very difficult to get along with.”

Tangning did not respond to this as she turned around and left.

Initially, when Tangning arrived at the college and the foreigners singled her out, she decided that it wouldn’t be a problem as long as she ignored them. But now, a Han Xiuche arrived and he made her very uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you share your film with me? Perhaps I can be of some help. After all, my sci-fi manhua is quite popular. Besides, how can you complete a film on your own?”

“You’re really annoying.”

Han Xiuche never expected that Tangning would completely reject him.

Tangning was indeed difficult to get along with. She only treated people close to her wholeheartedly.

With this thought, Han Xiuche realized that Tangning was too big of a challenge. But, it made him even more interested.

However, President Mo quickly sensed the danger in this man. Of course, he never doubted Tangning’s ability to deal with the opposite sex because his wife never made him worry. But, there were some things that he still needed to keep an eye on.

“These foreigners have a genuine discrimination towards Asian actors.”

“No one shows any respect for me whatsoever. I had heard about it in the past, but I’d never experienced it before,” Tangning sighed after a week of study.

“Have you been treated unfairly?”

“Not entirely. I just don’t like being treated differently,” Tangning replied. “I can understand comparisons from society because people want to satisfy their own interests. But, when it comes to the college…”

“There’s nothing we can do about that. We are indeed too far behind.”

Tangning nodded in understanding. As the CEO of Hai Rui, he probably experienced the same treatment much more than her.

Asian actors barely received respect in the Western world. Although, they were gradually being noticed and things were beginning to change, they still didn’t receive invitations to partake in any films.

However, these first few days were just previews for the disrespect she would soon receive. Because, following on, an example mentioned by the professor made her feel completely humiliated.

“When it comes to films, I would like to bring up an example. A certain country has released 150 films a year for the last decade, but not a single one of their films has ever made it to the international stage. Could anyone tell me what this means? It means that the quality of their films are still at a basic level.”

“Perhaps their directors are still from elementary school or are half asleep.”

“They produce sloppy films and simply rely on word of mouth to gain decent results in the box office. This is why they would never film anything with seriousness.”

“So, to be exact, they are businessmen – not directors.”

“Their eyes are filled with dollar signs – not passion…”

“But, film is a form of art! And no one can disrespect art! That’s why I predict that in the coming ten years, this certain country will still produce films that can’t compare to the Western market.”

The meaning and discrimination behind these words were too obvious. So obvious that Tangning couldn’t ignore it.

So, she lifted her head and rebutted with perfect English, “I will only agree with a portion of the professor’s words because your arrogance does not deserve respect.”

“As you have said, we still have a lot to improve on. But, in the next ten years, our changes will make the Western market tremble in fear.”

“Since you can’t accept my views, why appear in my class?” the professor asked.

In other words, he was pointing out that Asians had to study in a Western college to understand what film truly meant.

If they had the ability, they would rely on themselves!

“Because I admit that we are still weak. But, I believe that we can learn and create.”

“Hmmph, you? Create? Do you guys even understand copyright?”

“No, we don’t, but we are learning. None of us know how the world will be in ten years time. We have a saying in the East that literally means ‘catching up from behind’. I’m sure the professor understands what I’m trying to say.”

The professor was dumbstruck, unable to rebuke Tangning’s words.

He simply glared at her angrily, “Don’t ever attend my class again. You can listen from the outside if you insist.”

Tangning closed her textbook and laughed, “It appears the professor is truly threatened by the rise of the East…”

“Get out!”

Tangning did not say another word as she walked out of the room with her head held high.

And, only at that moment, did Han Xiuche realize how sharp of a thorn Tangning was.

How could a woman love her country so much? In a place where she could get into a big fight, she actually had the guts to provoke the professor. Wasn’t she simply here to study? How could she offend the professor after just one week?

Han Xiuche decided to speak to Tangning about this after class. But, while he was following her out to the gates of the college, he saw her board Mo Ting’s car.

The couple quickly disappeared from Han Xiuche’s sight.

That was right, she was married…

And she had three kids.

Han Xiuche suddenly felt depressed…

On board the car, Tangning was silent. But, Mo Ting could sense his wife’s abnormality, “Did you get into trouble?”

“Not exactly,” Tangning replied. “I simply offended a professor in class.”

“Oh you, you’re almost 30-years-old, yet you can’t control your temper. But…you did well. If anyone upsets you, I will upset them back,” Mo Ting laughed. “So, what happened in the end?”

“He told me to never appear in his class again.”

“That serious?” Mo Ting asked. However, he didn’t sound worried at all. “If you can’t attend, then don’t go. You can teach yourself.”

“You understand me well,” Tangning gently leaned on Mo Ting’s shoulder. “These people are used to being arrogant. They don’t know how to respect people and would never sincerely pass their knowledge. So, there are many things that I should teach myself.”

“Anyway, I’m more than willing to spend some time on the set of a Western production. I think that’s the best place to learn.”

“No, before you do that, you should attend the professor’s classes more. The more he doesn’t want to see you, the more you should appear in front of him. I want him to know how it feels to bow down to money. I want to see an arrogant person like him apologize to you!”

“Would he?” Tangning asked.

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