Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1005 - Couldn't Be Starved For Too Long

Chapter 1005: Couldn’t Be Starved For Too Long

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Tangning understood the hint as soon as she heard it.

But, their daughter was only three months old. Even if Yan Er was asleep, it still made her uncomfortable. However, her worries were pointless because President Mo already knew this and had a crib prepared for the baby; he even sound-proofed it. As soon as Tangning saw the room, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Men: they indeed couldn’t be starved for too long.

During dinner, Mo Ting said to Tangning, “The helper I’ve hired for you should arrive tomorrow. When neither of us are around, you can give Yan Er to her to take care of.”

“Can she be trusted?”

“She’s a kind-hearted woman. Don’t worry, she will take good care of Yan Er.” Mo Ting understood what Tangning was worried about because his worries were the same. But, Lu Che picked this woman based on a strict selection process. She was selected from a pool of tens of thousands of people, so she couldn’t be bad.

Tangning nodded her head. She was far from home, so she had to consider everything she did carefully, unlike in Beijing when she was in her own territory.

After dinner, Tangning gave Yan Er a bath. She then put Yan Er to sleep and lay in the bathtub on her own until Mo Ting stepped into the bathroom. “Yan Er will be sleeping for roughly four hours…” she blushed.

In other words…

Mo Ting naturally understood Tangning’s hint, so he knelt down beside her and said, “Help me take off my clothes.”

Tangning stretched out her hands and began to undo Mo Ting’s buttons. Slowly, his perfect body appeared in front of her…

Due to Tangning’s pregnancy, it had been a long time since the couple were this intimate. Mo Ting stepped into the bathtub and lay beside Tangning as he pulled her into his embrace.

“What’s wrong?” Tangning asked after noticing for some time that Mo Ting wasn’t taking things further.

“I’m worried that your body hasn’t fully recovered,” Mo Ting replied cautiously.

“The doctor’s already said that I’m fine.”

After saying these words, Tangning hooked her arms around Mo Ting’s neck and whispered beside his collarbone, “I also want you.”

After hearing these seductive words, Mo Ting no longer held back his desires. He carried Tangning straight out of the bathtub to the bed as their bodies glistened with droplets of water. He then pulled curtains around the bed because Yan Er’s crib was right next to them.

“Since Mrs. Mo has already said this, I won’t hold back…”

After the curtains came down, the covered bodies slowly stacked on top of each other. Perhaps due to consideration for her parents, little Yan Er was particularly well behaved and did not cry that night. However, Tangning was completely worn out by the time that she woke up the next morning.

That morning, the hired help arrived. She was a woman in her early forties and she was obviously not British.

“Good morning, Madam.”

“Are you also from Beijing?”

“Yes, Mr. Mo selected me and brought me all the way from Beijing so the Madam could adjust to the lifestyle here,” the woman was extremely understanding. “I already know about Miss Yan Er, you can leave her with me without any worries.”

“Where’s Ting?”

“The Master left on a plane this morning for Beijing and will be back tomorrow morning,” the woman replied. “Madam, you can call me Auntie Yun.”

Mo Ting arranged everything well, leaving Tangning with nothing to worry about. All she had to do now was report to the college. It seemed, she’d be able to enjoy student life in peace for the coming year.

To keep a low profile, Tangning decided to use the name she used as a model in France, Kira.

The college Tangning attended wasn’t far from the river near her home. This place had already produced many famous directors. So, what Tangning needed to do was study the systems and programs used by the industry so she could go from being an actress to a producer.

Practically all her classmates came from impressive background. But, Tangning had no intention to get close to them. So, she did not ask them about their history.

Within the film industry, the Western markets often looked down on actors from Beijing. They even preferred dark skinned people. So, whenever Beijing actors went overseas, they were only hired for supporting roles.

As a result, they automatically looked down upon Tangning too.

Although they didn’t say it outright, their gaze and tone were cold towards her.

For the first three days, Tangning was quite exhausted. Even though she had good English, she still struggled with a lot of professional terms and had nothing she particularly excelled in.

But, three days later, another transfer student arrived from Beijing.

Of course, it was none other than the man that tried everything to get close to Tangning, Han Xiuche.

Han Xiuche assumed that Tangning would warm up to him easier if she ran into a fellow countryman in a foreign land. So, after class, he deliberately asked Tangning for directions, “Kira, I’m new here. I was wondering what’s a good place to eat nearby.”

“Up ahead to your right there’s an entire street of food.”

After speaking, Tangning turned and left. However, Han Xiuche stopped her again, “Since we’re both from Beijing, do you think we could take care of each other?”

“I can take care of myself,” Tangning smiled and continued on her way. This time, Han Xiuche did not stop her again; he knew it would only make her dislike him even more.

But, even though Tangning didn’t make much contact with Han Xiuche, she wasn’t stupid.

Above all, President Mo always investigated a person’s motive before they approached his wife. So, it was impossible for Han Xiuche to gain Tangning’s interest.

After returning home, Tangning told Mo Ting about Han Xiuche and Mo Ting replied, “He is Superstar Media’s newly signed manhua artist…”

“…and the sci-fi loving artist that Lin Weisen tried to introduce to you.”

“His brother is also the owner of an entertainment agency.”

“Don’t think too much into it, it might just be a coincidence.”

Tangning nodded her head before she returned her focus to her studies.

The following few days passed by smoothly – until the teacher handed out a group assignment. The two students from Beijing, Tangning and Han Xiuche, were grouped together, but Tangning said to the teacher, “I can do it on my own.”

“The production of a film isn’t the result of a singular person, it involves the input of a lot of people, so I reject your request.”

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche sat not too far away and smiled at Tangning.

After class, he directly approached her and said, “You seem very unsocial, unlike when you were in Beijing.”

“I simply want to keep a low profile during my studies.”

“I know. No matter what identity you once had and the status you held, you are just a student now. But…you still need friends and you still need to cooperate with others. Don’t reject me so quickly. Who knows, I might become a reliable partner for you.”

Tangning put away the papers in her hands and looked at Han Xiuche, “From the look in your eyes, I can tell that your passion is not in your studies.”

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