Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1003 - Because You're Too Dopey

Chapter 1003: Because You're Too Dopey



Tang Yichen lowered her head and did not say another word. She thought she was just dreaming.

Did Lu Guangli actually like her?

That couldn't be right...

"Since you like me, why didn't you confess earlier?"

"Because you're too dopey," Lu Guangli tapped Tang Yichen on the head as his cheeks turned a slight tinge of red. He was, after all, a proud medical genius with no idea on how to pursue a girl. If his brother hadn't given him some advice, he would probably be watching the dopey girl entering into the world of blind dates.

"My IQ is at an average level, so I, of course, can't compare to a genius like you," Tang Yichen rolled her eyes as she began to look around Lu Guangli's bachelor pad.

At this time, Lu Guangli sat down casually on the sofa. As he held onto the back of the sofa, he said, "I have one older brother, he is the CEO of Guangli International and my parents are still alive, but they live in Norway."

"My family isn't extremely rich, but I am good enough for the Second Miss of the Tang Family!"

"What are you doing?"

"Giving you the lowdown on my family background," Lu Guangli replied. "As for my love life, I'm sure you know better than I do that I've had many pursuers, but..."

"Stop acting so smug," Tang Yichen scoffed, "Since you are with me, you will need to listen to my orders from now on!"

After hearing this, Lu Guangli leaned in closer to Tang Yichen and said seductively, "You can tell me what to do right now..."


One week after Yan Er was born, Tangning was discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home. However, Yan Er still needed to remain in the incubator for one more month.

After returning home, Tangning got back into the routine of training. The nutritionist hired by Mo Ting, also designed a personalized menu for her so her body would eventually be even more perfect than before.

During this time, Mo Ting also tried to find a suitable college for Tangning. Because Tangning needed to keep a low profile, he found an apartment near the college for Tangning and decided he'd fly back and forth between the two places. But, Tangning requested to take Yan Er with her so she could take care of her.

Everything was running smoothly. However, the young artist that was using Tangning's name, continued to rise in popularity.

She did not debut with an unlikable image, nor did she try to steal anything from Tangning. Her agency simply said that her aim was to help Tangning fulfill her dreams.

In regards to plastic surgery, the young artist admitted to it outright and did not hide it at all. In fact, she attended events in a good state, regardless of how the world doubted her. She had an obviously good EQ.

Since Tangning was no longer in the industry and there was no one around to maintain the so-called justice, the public was satisfied as long as they were given something to gossip about.

After returning home, Tangning ended up hearing about the new artist. Immediately, she was reminded of the Mini-Tangning in the past. But, no matter what, a fake would never be real.

Over this short period of time, Han Xiuche's apartment slowly filled up with images of Tangning. Whether it was from her past as a model or her later pursuit as an actress, he seemed to be obsessed with possessing Tangning in his hands.

After his manager saw this, she was shocked.

"I simply haven't visited for a few days and your apartment has turned into this?"

"Uh huh," Han Xiuche nodded as he hung up another picture. "That's why I told you to update me on Tangning's latest activities. She is currently my biggest source of motivation."

"But, there's no point in doing that. It's not like Tangning would like you."

"I don't care. I simply want to appear in front of her...She is currently the inspiration for all my creativity."

The manager couldn't stand listening to Han Xiuche, but she didn't know how to stop him, "Forget it, I can't be bothered dealing with you. If you weren't the CEO's son, he would have never allowed you to sign with Superstar Media. I think it's time you learn how to stop. Otherwise, you'll ruin yourself before you even get to see Tangning."

"If you're not here to help me, then don't say a thing."

The manager sat on a chair and looked at Han Xiuche helplessly. How did a perfectly normal man become so crazy?

"If you want to know about Tangning's activities, isn't it faster to ask Superstar Media?"

"I can't let them see through my intention, otherwise, everything to follow will lose its meaning..." Han Xiuche looked like a sleazy man from a television drama with his gold framed glasses.

"Then I'm just going to ignore you..." As a woman, the manager naturally disliked Han Xiuche's actions, so she had no intention of helping him. But, she wasn't about to expose him either. So, she was going to pretend that she knew nothing. Besides, she really couldn't understand why Han Xiuche would do something that no one could understand when he had a perfectly good future ahead of him.

Han Xiuche was good at entertaining himself. So, his manager assumed that it was because he lacked motherly love from a young age.


As soon as Tangning was able to leave the bed, she asked Mo Ting to take her to see her daughter (even though the little creature was already spoiled to bits by various visitors).

But, the couple didn't arrive on their own, they also brought the two rascals along to let them learn about their sister's birth as soon as possible. Tangning couldn't wait to take the two kids out to see her.

While Mo Zichen was going through an extremely active stage and was extra naughty, Mo Zixi sat quietly beside his mother like an old man in a child's body.

"Look at him," Tangning gestured for Mo Ting to look at their son.

However, Mo Ting was already used to it, "I'll take him to do some tests tomorrow. Maybe he really is different to the normal person."

The couple were well aware that their child had many abnormalities.

Therefore, Tangning nodded her head. However, she couldn't help but sigh. She didn't expect her sons to necessarily achieve big things, she simply hoped for them to be happy.

Soon, the entire family arrived at the hospital. The couple carried the two older brothers into the neonatal unit and viewed Yan Er from behind a layer of glass.

"Our daughter looks a lot like you," Mo Ting said to Tangning.

"Does that mean a lot of people will pursue her?" Tangning laughed.

"I'm afraid it's not that easy to be the son-in-law of the Mo Family..."

Of course, with a strict father like Mo Ting, who would have the guts to try?

"I've already booked a ticket to England for you and contacted your college as well. As soon as you arrive overseas, you can immediately commence your course."

Tangning looked at her daughter and then looked at Mo Ting helplessly, "Why are you suddenlybringing this up?"

"Since you plan to take on studies, you should do it as soon as possible," Mo Ting replied. "Don't you want to fulfill Qiao Sen's dream? Or are you planning to abandon 'The Ant Queen' halfway? You would never do something like that..."

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