Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1002 - Mo Ziyan

Chapter 1002: Mo Ziyan



"I really want to pinch you to death," Lu Guangli humphed.

He had already been so straightforward, yet this woman's mind was still thinking nonsense. He really wanted to press her against a wall somewhere and kiss her until she came to her senses.

But, a nurse soon walked past the corridor. When she spotted the two, she immediately approached them and said, "Dr. Tang, Dr. Lin is looking for you."

"OK, I'll be right there."

After the nurse left, Tang Yichen also turned to leave, but Lu Guangli quickly grabbed onto her, "Where are you going? Are you ashamed of me? I haven't seen our teacher for a while."

"Let's go then..." Tang Yichen replied in a dopey manner.

She was the type of person that appeared smart on the surface, but in reality, when it came to love, she was completely clueless. She was so clueless that it made one's heart ache.

Soon, the two of them arrived at Tangning's room. As soon as Tangning spotted Lu Guangli, she could roughly guess what was going on.

Dr. Lin was also surprised, "Guangli, it's been a while...Why did you decide to visit?"

"Yichen's caused you trouble this time," Lu Guangli said in seriousness. But, in reality, he was actually declaring his standpoint.

Dr. Lin was stunned, but she quickly understood the meaning to his words, "I was wondering why the medical genius, Lu Guangli, would appear at my humble little hospital. It turns out, he is related to our Yichen."

"She's too dopey. I feel worried about her wherever she goes," Lu Guangli did not hide his concern for Tang Yichen.

Dr. Lin chuckled, "Don't worry, did you think I'd eat your girlfriend up or something? Previously, during medical school, I always wondered what kind of girl you would like. I never thought you'd fall for Yichen...But, this is a good thing."

"I hope Dr. Lin can take good care of Yichen."

"I don't need you to tell me that."

Tangning looked at Lu Guangli with hostility. Although this medical genius had helped them a lot, did he really think that he could win over Tang Yichen just like that?

Had he asked her family for their opinion yet?

"I was wondering why your face has been as red as a baboons ass. It turns out, it was all because of him," Tangning said to Tang Yichen. "Hasn't he been bullying you? Plus, didn't you say that you wanted to distance yourself from him?"

"I think it's best if Mrs. Mo doesn't intervene in other's personal matters," Lu Guangli didn't like Tangning either because she often caused trouble for his little sidekick. Even though they were sisters, he still didn't like it.

"Dr. Lu, a smart person wouldn't offend their sister-in-law."

"What sister-in-law? You're thinking too far ahead," Tang Yichen said as she blushed. Who could stand being discussed by an entire room of people.

"That's enough. You can discuss your relationship at home. Let's talk about something serious," Dr. Lu quickly drew the conversation back to what was important. "Tangning, I actually have some bad news for you..."

"Although you've given birth to three kids safely, it's been a gamble both times. So, I suggest that the two of you not have any more kids. Even if you want more, I don't think you have the ability to do it," Dr. Lin explained.

"Giving birth to your daughter has already been your body's limit."

"In other words, you are no longer capable of carrying another child."

After hearing this, Tangning did not say anything. She simply looked at Mo Ting nervously.

Mo Ting held onto Tangning's hand and said in a choked up voice, "I simply hope that Dr. Lin can help my wife recuperate. As for kids, we don't plan to have anymore."

"That's good, President Mo. I know that you care about Tangning a lot, so I won't say anymore. As for your daughter, she has no major issues, but will definitely show usual signs of a premature baby. For example, her immune system is a little weak and she will be more susceptible to diseases compared to a full-term baby. You need to be prepared for this.

"Thank you, Dr. Lin."

"No need to be polite. I am, after all, Yichen's teacher. That's it, I'm not going to disturb you any longer...As for recuperation, I think it's best you go home as soon as possible because of your identity..."

Actually, even up to this point, Tangning had yet to see her daughter.

After all, she hadn't been able to leave the bed.

"Ting, why don't you take this opportunity to name your daughter?"

"Mo Ziyan," Mo Ting replied swiftly, "I've actually thought about it for a long time."

"OK, we'll call her Mo Ziyan then."

"Since our daughter is now born, you can consider the possibility of going overseas. When I promise something, I never go back on my words..."

Tangning would never leave her daughter in the first few months because she still needed to breastfeed her. Besides, she didn't want to miss out on such a special part of her daughter's life. So, she decided to leave going overseas for later.

As he watched the happy family, Lu Guangli suddenly dragged Tang Yichen out and said, "Take me home."

"Aren't you embarrassed? Don't men normally take women home?"

"Stop saying useless things," Lu Guangli pushed Tang Yichen into the driver's seat of a sports car and clipped on her seatbelt. "Your younger sister already has three kids. Don't you feel like you should hurry up?"

"Why do I need to hurry up?" Tang Yichen humphed.

"Even if you don't want to hurry, I want to hurry...Let's compare our schedules tonight to make things convenient..."

"Convenient for what?" Tang Yichen asked cautiously..

"Convenient for me to eat you up!"


In reality, even though the two had known each other for many years, Tang Yichen had never actually entered Lu Guangli's home before.

"Are you really planning to let me into your home?"

Lu Guangli laughed as he drove, "Don't worry, I won't eat you up tonight..."

Tang Yichen did not say another word.

Soon, the couple arrived downstairs at Lu Guangli's apartment block. Tang Yichen felt a little nervous at the thought of stepping into this man's territory. If they wanted to take things to the next step, she had to understand this man better.

Perhaps, she may be disappointed in the end.

"Why aren't you going in?" Lu Guangli asked as he stood behind Tang Yichen.

"I'm afraid that if I step into your home, your image in my heart would be destroyed."

"What type of person do you expect me to be?" Lu Guangli shook his head as he led Tang Yichen into his home.

Contrary to what she imagined, Lu Guangli's home was tidy and clean, just like what was expected of a doctor.

As she looked at the minimalistic apartment and the bookcase filled with medical books, Tang Yichen cursed at herself for being so silly...How could she have expected so little of the man.

"You are the first woman to enter my home, so I don't have any slippers prepared. You can wear mine."

"Are you really sure that you want to be with me?" Tang Yichen confirmed once again. She wanted to make sure that she wasn't dreaming.

"What are you thinking? If I don't take in this dopey woman, who would be able to handle her? Besides, I've already watched over you for many years. I don't want to change."

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