Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 1001 - Did You Put On An Act To Trick Me?

Chapter 1001: Did You Put On An Act To Trick Me?



"Since she's a legend, it doesn't matter how well people copy her. They are merely talking big. So, there's no need to be angry."

When Long Jie thought about it carefully, Han Xiuche was right.

"Don't you have confidence in Tangning?"

"Tangning has two sons and a daughter; she is already a winner in life. If she doesn't care about this stuff, why should you be bothered by it?"

After Long Jie heard this, she suddenly felt a sense of relief, so she looked at Han Xiuche and laughed, "I never thought a manhua artist like you would be so good at comforting people."

Han Xiuche laughed and replied, "I'm still waiting for you to introduce me to Tangning. I am truly interested in her sci-fi film."

"Don't worry. It's not very convenient for her at the moment, but you'll eventually get the chance."

Han Xiuche shrugged his shoulders. When it came to Tangning, the closer he got to her, the happier he was.

He was especially happy when he left Superstar Media at the end of each day and realized that he knew a little more about Tangning. It made him even more interested in her.

As for the women that were copying Tangning, he simply thought they were amusing. The more they resembled her, the more amused he became.

However, there was still a long way before he could actually come in contact with Tangning.

He had to find a way to appear in her life as soon as possible...


After almost three hours of surgery, Tangning finally gave birth to a daughter. By the time that Tangning finally awoke, her tiny little daughter was already lying inside an incubator. As she was premature and was born via caesarian, her immune system wasn't as strong as a child born via a natural birth. So, she required intensive care.

When Tangning woke up and saw Mo Ting, she subconsciously looked down at her flattened stomach and asked, "Where's our child? Have you seen her yet?"

"She's fine. The doctor is currently examining her," Mo Ting replied as he held onto her hand. "If you are still tired, then close your eyes and get some rest."

Tangning shook her head, "I've slept enough already..."

"Long Jie and the others wanted to visit you, but I told them to come another time."

"Ting...I want to go home," Tangning said tiredly.

"You can't go home just yet. But, I can promise you that you will never experience the pain of childbirth again," Mo Ting guaranteed. "Three kids are enough."

After Tangning heard this, she chuckled and softened her gaze, "I like having more kids. It's more lively and they can keep each other company. That way they won't be so lonely."

Mo Ting did not say another word as he sat up straight and pulled Tangning into his embrace, "From now on, if you want to do something, then go ahead and do it. I don't want to restrict you like this ever again."

"This isn't a form of restriction..."

While the couple were hugging, Tang Yichen entered the room. When she saw the affectionate couple, she couldn't help but say, "It's best you don't move around too much. After all, you've just completed your surgery. You should get some rest."

"How's the baby?"

"Don't you trust me? There's nothing wrong with it," Tang Yichen replied. "The most important thing for you right now is to recuperate yourself. Your child has plenty of people to take care of it."

"Sis, thank you," Tangning thanked sincerely. "If it was someone else, I wouldn't be this relaxed."

"That's enough, we're family, you don't need to say such polite words...I simply came to tell you that your child is doing well. Get some rest. You can return to doing what you were doing..."

After speaking, Tang Yichen left the room. Initially, she planned to get some rest after dealing with Tangning's matter. But, just as she stepped out of the room, she was pulled to the side by Lu Guangli.

"What are you doing?" Tang Yichen screamed in shock.

The kiss from earlier had frightened her way too much.

"It seems, you haven't realized that you now belong to me," Lu Guangli let go of Tang Yichen and crossed his arms as he stared at her like a predator eyeing its prey.

"Lu Guangli, if you want to play around, go look for someone else. I don't want to continue being tricked by you," Tang Yichen replied helplessly. "Did you put on an act to trick me?"

After hearing this, Lu Guangli once again leaned over and placed a kiss on Tang Yichen's lips.

Tang Yichen was taken by surprise as she covered her lips, "Lu Guangli!"

"I admit that tricking you is fun. But, I'm serious this time," Lu Guangli said as he looked Tang Yichen in the eye. "After being my sidekick for so many years, haven't you noticed that you're status is a little special?"

"I never noticed..." Tang Yichen humphed. "But, I'm sure that no woman would enjoy being bullied."

"But, I like bullying you; just you."

Tang Yichen's face immediately turned red, "Lu Guangli, what's wrong with you? This isn't like you."

"Silly, whether it's bullying or protecting, I've only ever done these to you. I've never done them to anyone else. Can't you tell that you're special? Have you really not noticed how I feel?" Lu Guangli stretched out his arms and hugged Tang Yichen, "I don't want any so-called hospital chief's daughter. I just want you."

"Otherwise, why do you think I continued to stay in the military hospital for so long? I was only willing because you liked it. If not, I could have gone anywhere else."

"You are the only person that's been naive enough to think that I have deep sentiments for the military hospital. I simply stayed there to protect you."

"Did you think, with your attitude, you'd safely get to where you are today without someone watching over you?"

"Yet, you were ungrateful enough to just leave..."

As Tang Yichen listened, her heart rate continued to increase...

"But, I've already left. What can I do?"

"What's done is done...I'm planning to return to our medical school to teach, you can come be my assistant," Lu Guangli replied. "I will only feel rest assured with you by my side..."

"Why don't you ask me if I'm willing first?"

"You've already stayed by my side for so many years. Even when I picked on you, you've gotten used to it. Since that's the case, why don't you continue to stick to me?"

"I guess that makes sense," Tang Yichen said with a slight stutter. In reality, she had already come to a compromise.

"I'm planning to start my own research lab. Do you want to join me?"

With this question, Tang Yichen lifted her head and said with flushed cheeks, "I don't know how to do much. Even when it comes to love I'm quite sloppy..."

"Yes, I know you better than anyone," Lu Guangli replied.

"Plus, I often make mistakes..."

"I know that too."

"But, I'm very serious when it comes to love. As soon as I start with someone, I don't plan to ever end it, nor do I want to be treated as a toy. So, if you're just playing around..."

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