Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 999 - I Have No Right To Be Compared To You!

Chapter 999: I Have No Right To Be Compared To You!

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While Tangning’s surgery was being planned, Mo Ting found some time to personally discuss Tangning’s options with the doctor. As usual, at a time like this, Mo Ting asked close friends to accompany Tangning.

The entertainment industry was everchanging and newcomers stirred up trouble every single day. So, mentions of Tangning naturally began to decrease.

Therefore, Long Jie, who was still working in the entertainment industry, couldn’t help but complain whenever she heard people say that Tangning was outdated; even though she knew that Tangning didn’t care.

“You don’t know how realistic people are. As soon as he saw you retreat from the industry, Lin Weisen immediately signed his wife with a new agency.”

“There’s nothing to be angry about. He did nothing wrong.”

“Isn’t he obviously stepping on you while you’re down? After all, he asked in front of everyone at his wedding for you to take care of his wife. His actions are clearly pointing out to everyone that you’re a thing of the past, right?”

“I only left not long ago, yet you’re already like this. What would happen if I completely disappeared?” Tangning shook her head and sighed. “Long Jie, I know you’ve always done what’s best for me, but retreating from the industry is my choice. Since I’ve prepared myself for this, I’ve naturally considered the consequences.”

“I’m too insignificant. Besides, how many people in the industry can survive for over a decade and flourish like an evergreen?”

Long Jie understood this reasoning…but, without Tangning, she felt that she had lost her value.

“I will eventually return…don’t look at me with that depressed expression.”

“But, after 1-2 years will you still be able to return?”

Would Tangning announce a comeback like she did when Han Yufan betrayed her?

But, Tangning was 26-years-old back then, and now…

“I naturally have my own plans.”

After various ups and down, didn’t she pull through in the end?

Besides, she hadn’t completely recovered from Xia Hanmo’s death yet; she still needed some time.

“No matter how badly the public forget about me, you need to remember who my manager is. Even if you don’t have faith in me, don’t you have faith in him?”

Now that Tangning mentioned it, Long Jie finally thought of Mo Ting, “There are a lot of newly formed agencies. Most of them have adopted your methods. The smart ones have integrated it into their business and even used your name to create hype.”

“OK, that’s enough. It’s rare for me to see you, so stop talking about this stuff,” Tangning cut in. “My surgery will be in two days. I want to welcome my daughter in the best state.”

“Oh, that’s right, I won’t mention other things, but I must let you know that a manhua artist recently joined Superstar Media. His name is Han Xiuche and he’s quite interesting. He actually specialises in sci-fi. Would you like me to introduce him to you? I think he will be of help to you.”

Tangning thought for a second and replied, “Let’s talk about it after my surgery.”


Long Jie had no idea that she had let a wolf into the house.

Luckily, Tangning hadn’t agreed to meet the man yet because her pregnancy was still her main priority. Besides, she did not need a manhua artist because she was determined to use Qiao Sen’s designs and fulfill his dream.

After Long Jie left, Mo Ting returned to the room and confirmed that the surgery would be in two days. But, Tangning’s mind seemed to be elsewhere, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Long Jie came over and rambled on about a whole heap of things happening in the industry and gossip that’s going around. I haven’t had the chance to process it all yet.”

“It seems, I need to limit her visits,” Mo Ting replied.

“No, her stories are so vivid and interesting. I know all about who’s cheated and who’s gone to Thailand with who. It’s actually an entertaining way to past time.” In reality, Tangning didn’t want to be completely separated from the industry.

Just like Long Jie said, leaving the industry was easy, but coming back was truly a hurdle.

After hearing Tangning’s response, Mo Ting sat down and held onto her hand, “I always feel like you suffered a lot and sacrificed a lot by marrying me…”

“We’ve already been married for a good few years now, why would you still say something like that?” Tangning asked. “If two people haggle over little things when they’re together, how can they spend a lifetime together?”

Mo Ting sighed and patted Tangning on the head, “When our daughter is born, I will take care of her. I don’t want you to give up on anything.”

“But, I’m almost 30…Plus, you’ve always been my number one priority.”

Mo Ting did not say another word. He simply hoped that time would pass faster because he wanted the kids to grow up on their own without Tangning having to stress about them. At the same time, he also wished that time would slow down so he could spend more time with the woman he loved. This was one of the dilemmas in life.

“No matter how old you are and no matter how the world is like, as long as there’s something you want to do and you’re willing to do it, I will help you achieve it.”

Tangning smiled and nodded her head.

Of course, she had no idea how serious Mo Ting was when he said these words.

Nor did she know that the most common scene captured by the media after her daughter’s birth, would be President Mo carrying the little princess around. Of course, this would be left for later.

“Hold on for two more days…everything will be over quickly. Both you and our daughter will be safe.”

Tangning was not worried about this. Although she often met with various obstacles, the results weren’t always bad.

But, just as Tangning disappeared from the industry, a few new artists appeared with plastic surgery done to look like Tangning.

Hadn’t there already been a Mini Tangning in the past?

And wasn’t her fate bad? But, that wasn’t as bad as the current newcomers. Because, for the sake of fame, these women were willing to do anything.

While Tangning was waiting for labor, Tang Yichen returned to the military hospital once. She originally returned to quietly grab her stuff, but she was stopped by Lu Guangli in her office.

“Why are you being so sneaky? Are you afraid of seeing someone?”

Tang Yichen jumped in surprise as she turned around and looked at Lu Guangli, “It’s none of your business.”

“I originally planned to give you a promotion. Who would have thought that you’d suddenly leave…”

“You would actually do something nice like that?” Tang Yichen shook her head, gesturing that she didn’t believe him. “Either way, I’ve decided to leave already, so these words mean nothing to me. You can leave this opportunity for the next person.”

Surprisingly, Lu Guangli did not make things difficult for her.

However, at the exit of the hospital, she ran into the hospital chief’s daughter.

“This is no coincidence. I heard you returned, so I specifically waited for you here,” the woman humphed. “I can’t accept that you’ve already left, but Dr. Lu won’t allow me to take your place. So I asked him how I don’t compare to you. Can you guess what he said?”

“He actually told me that I have no right to be compared to you!” the hospital chief’s daughter said unhappily as she crossed her arms.

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