Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 998 - Are You Really Angry?

Chapter 998: Are You Really Angry?



Tang Yichen was deliberately highlighting her identity.

She was the Second Miss of the Tang Family.

The hospital chief was quite surprised. He had never seen Tang Yichen show off her identity like that. Yet, this time, she was clearly telling him that she was the Second Miss of the Tang Family.

"Fine, since your family needs you, then there's nothing I can say. However, the military hospital's doors will always be open for you."

"Thank you, chief," Tang Yichen said before she left.

Meanwhile, behind the hospital chief, his daughter was still unconvinced, "What's so good about her?"

"When it comes to social standing, you are still far from Tang Yichen. She may not be extremely outstanding, but the Tang Family are people that you can't afford to offend. Now that Tang Yichen is gone, you can pursue your man in peace - you embarrassment!"

Tang Yichen no longer cared what the father and daughter said behind her back. She also had no plans to bid farewell to the team at the hospital.

However, those that knew her well were shocked to hear that she had finally acknowledged her identity as the Second Miss. They secretly cheered on the inside.

"Did the hospital chief's daughter actually think that she could do whatever she wanted? She shouldn't forget that our Yichen also comes from a rich socialite background!"

"I know, right? All she knows how to do is flaunt her identity so she can throw around orders. Now that Yichen has mentioned her identity, that woman can finally experience what true power is."

"My Yichen is powerful!"

The entire hospital was secretly cheering for Tang Yichen. After all, the hospital chief's daughter had been acting too arrogantly. She actually had the guts to bully whomever she wanted, even though Tangning was currently staying in the hospital. She must have been tired of living. However, Tang Yichen had no time to think about that.

Officially handing over her responsibilities at the hospital would take some time, but Tang Yichen had to first handle Tangning's matter. So, she took out some annual leave; 5-6 days was all she needed.

Afterwards, she organized for Tangning to stay at the hospital owned by her medical school teacher.

Although the conditions couldn't compare to bigger hospitals, it was still friendly and comfortable.

Soon, Tangning met the teacher that Tang Yichen spoke of. This honest and friendly middle-aged woman gave Tangning a good first impression.

"Since you're here now, you should wait patiently for your baby to be born. Yichen has already briefed me on your condition. I will do all I can."

"Thank you, Dr. Lin."

"No need to be polite. Yichen is like my own daughter."

After Dr. Lin explained a few things, she left the hospital room. Mo Ting was already notified as soon as Tangning decided to change hospitals, so he was currently standing beside her. He had already done his research on Dr. Lin and she did indeed have a good reputation.

"My teacher said she'll discuss with the other doctors to determine the least risky option for your surgery and she'll draw out a plan for you. So, you may need to wait a few more days."

"You're really not returning to the military hospital?" Tangning suddenly asked. "You won't miss it?"

"There's nothing to miss," Tang Yichen replied firmly as she looked at Tangning. "The are some things that are beyond my control."

"As long as you don't regret it!"


As Tangning moved to a new hospital, Mo Ting needed to apply more efforts to security. But, this did not effect the trust that she had in Dr. Lin.

Although the new hospital wasn't a top tier one, it was highly focused on providing humane care for its patients. This was something that Mo Ting was very satisfied with.

Meanwhile, Lu Guangli did not find out that Tang Yichen was leaving the hospital until later that night. He initially thought that she was merely referring Tangning to her teacher. But, when he finished his last surgery and said to his assistant, "Send out the notice for tomorrow's team meeting as soon as possible," his assistant asked, "Do I need to notify Dr. Tang?"

"Why not?"

"Because the chief already said that she resigned," the assistant replied.

Lu Guangli was taken by surprise, like a bolt from the blue. He never imagined that Tang Yichen would leave the hospital without saying a word to him and that she would no longer be within his sight.

They had spent so many years together. Even if they were just friends, wasn't it only right for her to at least say goodbye?

So, after work, Lu Guangli rushed over to Tang Yichen's new hospital. As soon as he saw her volunteering there, he walked straight up to her and asked, "Why didn't you mention that you were leaving?"

"I'm only on leave for a few days. I will return to the hospital to do a handover after I'm done here," Tang Yichen replied. "That's why I didn't think it was necessary to say anything. Besides, I don't need your approval for my decisions."

"Are you really that angry?"

Tang Yichen took a deep breath and nodded her head, "Yes."

"You won't come back no matter what?"

Tang Yichen shook her head, "Tangning's right, no matter what, I am still the Second Miss of the Tang Family. There's no reason why I should let myself suffer."

After saying this, Tang Yichen paused for a moment. She then said to Lu Guangli, "Take good care of yourself from now on."

"I know what to do."

"Huh?" Tang Yichen didn't quite understand Lu Guangli's response.

"Take care." After saying this, Lu Guangli turned and left.

Tang Yichen was sad, but she did not think it was a shame that things turned out that way. There were some things that never belonged to her from the start. So, why should she force herself into a dead end?

Of course, Tang Yichen had no idea what Lu Guangli had planned nor did she think about it...

By the time she returned to Tangning's hospital room, Mo Ting had arrived. Not wanting to be a third wheel, Tang Yichen decided not to go in. So, she instead sat down on a bench in the courtyard and looked up at the stars.

Not too far away, Lu Guangli was in his car. As he watched Tang Yichen from the side, he also had some thoughts running through his head...

The next day, the hospital chief's daughter directly turned up at Lu Guangli's office.

"Dr. Lu, since Yichen is resigning, I think I can fill her empty spot..."

Lu Guangli was in the middle of writing a medical report. When he heard the hospital chief's daughter say this, he lifted his head and said, "If you don't have anything else you want to say, please get out and close the door behind you."

"Dr. Lu..."

"Without my permission, no one can replace any of my doctors."

"But she's already resigned."

"It doesn't matter!" Lu Guangli yelled firmly.

"In what way do I not compare to her?" the young woman asked straightforwardly.

"I've never compared the two of you...because you've never had the right to be compared to her!" After he was done speaking, Lu Guangli pointed to the door and yelled, "Get out!"

The hospital chief's daughter received quite a blow, so she burst into tears as she left Lu Guangli's office...

And all Lu Guangli felt at that moment, was annoyed!

It seemed, he'd need to put in quite a lot of effort to bring the brat back to his side...

Fine, he had to admit that his previous methods didn't quite work.

But, he simply couldn't help but pick on her!

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