Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 996 - I Admit Defeat When Fighting With You

Chapter 996: I Admit Defeat When Fighting With You

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“Why? Didn’t she say that she could guarantee a full term?” Tangning suddenly panicked. “Aren’t I doing fine? Why does it need to be premature?”

“Gestational hypertension isn’t an incurable disease, but it may be fatal…I don’t want to take any risks,” Mo Ting replied, “That’s why I agreed to bring forward your labor.”

Tangning froze, unable to process the news.

“What are the consequences of giving a premature birth?”

“Both mother and daughter will be safe. But, the child may experience some negative repercussions.”

Mo Ting replied honestly.

After Tangning heard this, she shook her head, “I can hold on. We don’t need to bring it forward. I have no control over how the child will be after it is born. But, for now, while it’s still in my stomach, I will do all I can to give it the best life possible. I don’t want it to suffer because of my selfishness.”

“But, that’s just a possibility…”

“If it actually develops something, then it’s too late,” Tangning replied. “Think about it: if the child is actually born with a disorder or defect, do you think I could face that situation in peace?”

“But, it’s very dangerous for you!” Mo Ting emphasized.

“I can do it. I won’t let myself be triggered again,” Tangning said confidently.

“But, I’ve already agreed to Tang Yichen…You may be worried about the child, but I’m worried about you…”

After Tangning heard this, she did not say another word as she fell silent.

She wasn’t acting recklessly, she simply felt that she could still hold on, so there was no reason to get to that stage…

This was the first disagreement between the couple since their marriage. Tangning did not say a word and Mo Ting could only watch in silence.

If Tangning continued to refuse, then the surgery couldn’t possibly continue. For Tangning, it was a step that she simply couldn’t take. She couldn’t use her child’s health as an exchange for her own safety.

So, the couple did not speak to each other for three days.

When Tang Yichen saw this, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Why must you torment Mo Ting like this? He’s simply worried about you and he’s afraid of losing you. Plus, you really shouldn’t underestimate this disorder. If you faint again, you might report straight to death. Aren’t you scared?”

Tangning did not say a word. It was obvious that she was struggling to make a decision.

“Besides, why must you be so pessimistic? Plenty of premature babies are born completely healthy without any repercussions. Why do you always plan for the worst? Must you slice open Mo Ting’s heart, one slash at a time?”

“In his world, you and the child are two separate entities.”

“The child has its own life – but you are his life.”

“Your persistence is the worst form of torture for Mo Ting. He’s worried about you, but he can’t say anything harsh to you. Think about it.”

Tangning remained silent. That night, she forced herself to stay awake as she waited for Mo Ting to come from work. Soon, she felt Mo Ting hold onto her hand as he sat by her bedside and got some rest.

At that moment, Tangning’s tears began to flow from her eyes. How did the child become her main priority over Mo Ting?

Soon, Mo Ting was awoken by Tangning’s sobs. He immediately sat up and looked at her teary eyes. Without saying a word, he simply helped her wipe away her tears.

“Book me in for surgery as soon as possible. I’ll go ahead with it.”

“Huh?” Mo Ting was surprised.

“I can’t stand seeing you in pain,” Tangning said with a choked up voice. “I can’t endure fighting with you any longer. I admit defeat.”

Mo Ting did not say a word as he sat on the bed and pulled Tangning into his embrace. They obviously loved each other, but…they also hurt each other as well. However, this was what made them understand the depth of their love for each other.

“Even if the child is born with repercussions, it will still be the luckiest little princess in this world. Do you trust me?”

Tangning nodded her head. The amount of persistence she had before was equivalent to the amount of guilt that she felt now.

“Don’t cry anymore, it’s bad for your body.”

The next morning, Tang Yichen heard that Tangning agreed to the surgery and said quietly to Mo Ting, “Persistence is indeed the key to victory. She still knows how to think about you.”

“My only request is for you to ensure the safety of the surgery,” Mo Ting said to Tang Yichen.

“I don’t need you to tell me that. I’ll help her find the best obstetrician…”

Tang Yichen went ahead and organized everything.

However, there were still some things that were beyond her expectations. Don’t forget, she had previously offended the hospital chief’s daughter by being with Lu Guangli, and the best obstetrician in the military hospital, happened to be that woman’s auntie…

Tang Yichen spoke to the obstetrics professor and the professor agreed to take on the surgery. But, when the hospital chief’s daughter heard about this, she personally visited her auntie and pleaded for a favor.

She wanted Tang Yichen to agree to one condition.

“Yichen, Guangli is the pride of the military hospital, so it’s normal for my niece to like him. She came to me asking for a favor, so I had no choice but to speak to you about it. After all, your relationship with Dr. Lu is really good.”

Tang Yichen needed the professor’s help, so she couldn’t brush her off. However, she never expected to be betrayed at such a critical moment.

“Dr. Lu has always been a good friend of mine,” Tang Yichen replied with a smile.

“Since you’re friends, then that’s great…”

The professor simply wanted to know Tang Yichen’s standpoint. And Tang Yichen gave her reply without going against her conscience. After all, she honestly thought that Lu Guangli only thought of her as a friend.

But, when Lu Guangli heard about this…

…he was not pleased.

Was Tang Yichen being an ungrateful wench?

If she needed a surgery done, she could have asked him. But, not only did she find someone else, she even sold him out.

Did she not care about him at all?

With this thought, Lu Guangli felt himself burn up inside. So, wherever Tang Yichen appeared, he found a way to get revenge by tormenting her.

“Look, how much of a grudge must Dr. Lu have against Tang Yichen?”

“I know, right? He expects her to read such a thick stack of documents in one night? He deserves to be called ‘The Demon King’.”

“Poor Yichen. How did she offend Dr. Lu?”

Tang Yichen also wanted to know why she was being punished in such a childish way when she was already in her early thirties.

“Lu Guangli, you a*shole!”

Lu Guangli knew that Tang Yichen would curse at him behind his back. So, he stood behind her to watch the show.

“What could I do when the hospital chief’s daughter came to threaten me? I’m just an average doctor. How do I go up against the rich and powerful? I’m suffering too, but who am I supposed to turn to? Besides, you were the one that stood her up and offended her. Did I ask you to keep me company? Jerk, I’m going to bust your balls!”

“Go ahead…” Lu Guangli said from behind her.

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