Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 994 - He Never Belonged To Me From The Start. How Is This Considered Stealing?

Chapter 994: He Never Belonged To Me From The Start. How Is This Considered Stealing?

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When she heard from the nurse that Tang Yichen was being punished, Tangning looked at Mo Ting and laughed, “It seems, the demoness has met a demon slayer.”

“Now that you’re no longer working in the entertainment industry, are you trying to matchmake people again?” Mo Ting teased while he worked and kept Tangning company in the hospital room.

“Lying in bed has always been a boring thing to do, yet, I have to lie here for another few months,” Tangning said helplessly. But, when she looked down at her protruding belly, she couldn’t help but ease up, “Ting, I can put other things aside, but, when it comes to the post production of ‘The Ant Queen’, I definitely need to monitor it personally.”

Mo Ting sat opposite Tangning. When he heard what Tangning said, he put down the pen in his hand, “That’s not difficult to do.”

“Has Hanmo’s brother transferred to this hospital yet?”

“He is inside the VIP ward and has a special team of medical staff looking after him. Everything else will depend on fate. We’ve already done all we can,” Mo Ting nodded.

Tangning fell silent as she observed Mo Ting from afar; at the man that was always handsome and charming.

“By the way, a fan sent you a sci-fi manhua. I’ve asked Lu Che to bring it to you. When you’re bored, you can use it to pass some time.”

“Someone actually sent me something like this?”

At that time, Tangning and Mo Ting did not sense any aggression, but the person that sent the manhua was actually a person that always got what he wanted. If he had his eye on something he would pursue it with all his strength, even if he had to spend a decade doing it.

In the past, he had never paid attention to the entertainment industry, so he never noticed Tangning.

But, he was now interested in her because her look suited his tastes.

Tang Yichen was tormented until late into the night. At first, she wanted to go home after she was done, but she ended up lying in the doctors’ resting room, completely exhausted.

“Lu Guangli, you a*shole! I hope your manhood shrivels up so you can’t have children!”

Unfortunately, she did not expect that Lu Guangli had not gone home either and was lying on the top bunk of her bed. As soon as she saw him, she let out a shrill scream, “This is the women’s resting room!”

“The men’s one was full and this one happened to be empty,” Lu Guangli replied.

Tang Yichen was still upset, so she immediately got out of bed and packed her stuff to leave, “Have fun on your own then.”

“Is this because I picked on you during the team meeting?”

“I am a very vengeful person,” Tang Yichen replied. After she was done talking, she turned and left, leaving Lu Guangli all on his own.

It seemed, this anger would last for a good few days.

As a result, Tang Yichen avoided Lu Guangli for the next few days. And when she couldn’t avoid him, she would completely ignore him.

But, Lu Guangli did not appear bothered by it at all. This in turn made Tang Yichen even more angry.

Why was she the only one that was upset?

Tangning sensed an abnormality between the two, so she took the opportunity to snoop, “I haven’t seen you talk to Dr. Lu for the last few days.”

Tang Yichen rolled her eyes and stopped Tangning from asking any further, “Everything’s normal. I’m going to go check on the other patients.”

“If he’s bullying you, I can get someone to beat him up for you.”

“No need. I only feel my blood boil when I see him. If I avoid him, then I won’t be triggered,” Tang Yichen waved her hand, gesturing for Tangning not to be nosy.

If she added up everything that Lu Guangli owed her, he would have to pay her back until their next lifetime.

After seeing Tang Yichen’s reaction, Tangning was even more curious how Lu Guangli viewed Tang Yichen.

But, to add insult to injury, the hospital began rumoring that the hospital chief’s daughter invited Lu Guangli to go camping – and he actually agreed. This made Tang Yichen ignore him even more.

Lu Guangli and the hospital chief’s daughter were scheduled to go camping on Saturday, and worst of all, Tang Yichen was doing the night shift that day.

In the quiet of the night, Tang Yichen stopped inside Tangning’s room for a little while.

“The hospital is rumoring that the hospital chief’s daughter is finally stealing Lu Guangli from your hands. I never knew that the hospital has so much gossip. It’s just as bad as the entertainment industry.”

“He never belonged to me from the start. How is this considered stealing?” Tang Yichen replied casually. “Where’s brother-in-law?”

“He’s watching the kids at home. He’ll be coming soon.”

“You should let him get some rest. He doesn’t need to visit every day. It’s not like you’re ready for labor yet.”

“You should tell him that,” Tangning laughed.

At this time, Lu Guangli suddenly passed by Tangning’s room door. Tangning immediately turned to Tang Yichen and said, “Hmmm, it seems he hasn’t been stolen away after all. Lu Guangli didn’t go camping.”

“It has nothing to do with me whether he went or not.”

“In that case, when will you hand in your research papers?” Lu Guangli asked as he leaned against Tangning’s door.

“I will stay up all night to write it!”

“Then, why are you still standing here?”

Tang Yichen turned and glared at Lu Guangli before she stormed out in an annoyed manner. Meanwhile, Lu Guangli followed behind her, sending chills down her spine, “Why didn’t you go camping? Why are you following me around instead?”

“If you can’t finish your research papers, I will be held responsible too. So, I’m going to supervise you tonight.”

“You’re crazy!” Tang Yichen humphed as she ignored Lu Guangli and returned to her office to work.

During this time, Lu Guangli stood behind her and watched. There were only two of them in the office as time seemingly froze.

A little while later, Tang Yichen sat up and stretched her back. Seeing this, Lu Guangli immediately asked, “Finished?”

“Yes, you can go home and sleep now,” Tang Yichen replied.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I didn’t go camping?” Lu Guangli said as he sat down and crossed his arms.

“What has it got to do with me?”

“Of course it does. If you already had your research paper done, I wouldn’t have had to come here.”

“In that case, I’ll invite the hospital chief’s daughter again on your behalf,” Tang Yichen impulsively pulled out her phone and made a phone call. However, Lu Guangli quickly snatched the phone out of her hand. “Give it back! Stop being so childish!”

To Lu Guangli’s suprise, the phone was already connected.

Lu Guangli took one glance and returned the phone to Tang Yichen.

“Tomorrow, everyone’s going to know that I stood up the hospital chief’s daughter to spend the entire night with you instead.”

“You must feel uneasy when you’re not picking on me,” Tang Yichen was furious.

“Since this is the situation already, do you want to go camping with me instead? I already have everything prepared. Let’s not waste it.”

“Forget it. I don’t want to be hunted down by the entire hospital’s women.” After she was done talking, Tang Yichen shut down the computer and turned to leave, “I think it’s safer for me to keep my distance from you.”

“You’re wrong. You will only be safe if you’re with me.”

The next morning, Tangning began to hear rumors that Lu Guangli had stood up the hospital chief’s daughter and returned to the hospital to accompany Tang Yichen.

As an observer, Tangning knew exactly what was happening.

Lu Guangli was like a fox that had his eye on his prey.

Tang Yichen was the only one that was stupid enough to think that he merely treated her as a sidekick…

Lu Guangli had obviously made his decision already.

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