Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 993 - Death Is Better Than Struggling To Live

Chapter 993: Death Is Better Than Struggling To Live



Apart from her brother, Xia Hanmo did not have any relatives. Therefore, her funeral was quite simple.

On the day of her funeral there was some light rain. Tangning and Superstar Media's people arrived dressed in black, holding black umbrellas. With the addition of fans, the turnout was relatively grand.

Xia Hanmo's fans bawled their eyes out as they held onto the books that she had written and posters of films that she had appeared in. All of this was going down to the grave with her.

Tangning told Xia Hanmo that President Fan was being tortured in jail and that she'd take care of her brother on her behalf in hopes that she could rest in peace .

A moment later, Long Jie suddenly leaned against Tangning's arm and asked, "Look at the man hiding behind that tree. Is that Zhou Qing?"

But, Tangning did not bother to take a glance at him. She simply asked calmly, "He's not dead yet?"

"Should I find someone to..."

"No need. He's already paying for everything he's done to Xia Hanmo. Death is better than struggling to live."

Long Jie nodded her head and left Zhou Qing alone...

Sometimes, human relationships were very weird.

Zhou Qing used Xia Hanmo, lied to her and schemed against her when she was still alive. But, now that she was gone and lying under a pile of dirt, all the grudges disappeared with the wind.

So, Zhou Qing was left to spend the next half of his life paying back for his misdeeds.

But, Xia Hanmo didn't want Superstar Media to have anything to do with the jerk, right?


After the funeral, Long Jie officially took over Superstar Media. But, without Tangning, did she actually have the ability to create a future star like Xing Lan and Luo Sheng?

On top of that, the problem between Long Jie and the Lu Family was still ongoing. It couldn't be forgotten that Lu Che's mother was keeping 'a son' for him. Was the little one born yet? This matter had to be resolved sooner or later.

Luckily, Long Jie was already well experienced in the industry and had many contacts. So, as long as she wanted to do something, nothing was impossible.

"Are you returning to the hospital to recuperate?"

Tangning nodded her head, "Originally, Tang Yichen didn't allow me to come out, but I told Mo Ting to give me some time and Tang Yichen couldn't refuse Mo Ting."

"Let me tell you, meeting Mo Ting has been the luckiest thing in your life. Don't worry, I will visit you often."

Tangning smiled before she boarded a black Phantom and Mo Ting delivered her straight to the military hospital.

"You're finally back," Tang Yichen felt better after seeing Tangning. "Although I promised I'd be able to keep your child safe until you hit full term, I can't handle this kind of stress."

"I will listen to you from now on," Tangning surrendered.

"Hurry over to your luxurious hospital room."

In the past, when Tang Xuan was still around, Tang Yichen often used the excuse that the hospital was busy to not go home. She also remained neutral to Tang Xuan's matters and never said more than she should. So, Tangning and Tang Yichen never had much of a relationship. But, now that they were in contact with each other, Tangning realized that Tang Yichen was a passionate woman.

Tangning could tell that Tang Yichen admired Lu Guangli. But, what was Lu Guangli thinking?

Inside the hospital room, Tangning lay in her bed as she questioned the busy Tang Yichen, "Isn't it time you considered marriage? I've almost given birth to my third child."

Tang Yichen froze in surprise as she turned to look at Tangning, "You may be able to do whatever you want on the outside world, but when it comes to the hospital, you need to do what I say. So, stop trying to snoop around my private life."

"Lu Guangli's not easy to pursue, is he?"

"Would you believe that I could hit you right now?" Tangning raised the stack of hospital records in her hand. "I'm like a little shrimp that works under him. Almost 90% of the women in the military hospital like him. I'm, at most, just a friend."

"Intimacy is built on a foundation like this."

"You are the Second Miss of the Tang Family. Why are you so lacking in courage?"

"If you have so much courage, I dare you not to stay here," Tang Yichen humphed as she held onto Tangning's hospital records and left the room.

Tangning chuckled and shook her head; those two were meant for each other.


Actually, Tang Yichen and Lu Guangli had been ambiguous at one stage. At that time, Tang Yichen actually thought that Lu Guangli liked her. But, in the end, she realized that Lu Guangli simply treated her like a friend.

No, to be exact, he treated her like a mere sidekick.

Soon, Tang Yichen returned to her usual responsibilities. At that time, Lu Guangli happened to just complete a surgery. As soon as he saw her, he said with a cold glare, "Busy with your sister again?"

"Don't tell me that you forgot that we have a team meeting at 3pm."

Tang Yichen froze. She had indeed forgotten.

"Don't beg me, I won't help you."

After speaking, Lu Guangli turned and left, leaving Tang Yichen in a state of confusion in the corridor.

Tang Yichen thought, if worse came to worst, she would simply put up with a bit of scolding. "If I beg you, then my surname isn't Tang!"

But, when the team meeting officially started, she had no choice but to look at Lu Guangli as she quickly messaged him under the table.

"What's the topic of discussion today?!"

"I already told you last time."

"No you didn't. If you did, I'll chop off my head and let you use it as a football."

Lu Guangli sat at the head of the table and looked at Tang Yichen. She put in so much effort when it came to her sister's matters, yet, when it came to the task he had given her, she was so careless.

"Lu Guangli, help me. Tell me the answer..."

"Out of all the doctors here, you're the only one that's asking me for the answer," Lu Guangli speedily replied.

"Are you helping me or not?"

After Tang Yichen asked this question, Lu Guangli said to everyone, "I expect everyone to be serious during our meetings. Stop playing on your phone."

As soon as he said this, everyone looked at Tang Yichen.

Tang Yichen slowly put away her phone and looked into Lu Guangli's eyes with hatred.

"Tang Yichen, you appear to be well-prepared. Why don't you tell us what's so difficult about this patient's surgery and the best way to fix it?"

Tang Yichen glared at Lu Guangli and eventually stood up from her seat...

However, she had nothing prepared, so her answer was bound to be incorrect.

Apart from being scolded, she had no other option. In fact, after the meeting was over, she was forced to stay behind by Lu Guangli, "Listen to the content of our last meeting three times before you leave."

"Lu Guangli, with your EQ, you're going to stay single for the rest of your life."

Lu Guangli did not say a word as he grabbed his notes and left the room. However, as he walked out, the corners of his lips subconsciously curved upwards.

Wasn't a sidekick good enough? Why would he need a girlfriend?

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