Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 992 - Too Late!

Chapter 992: Too Late!



With this smile, Tangning disappeared from the reporters' sights. From that moment onward, she was no longer a manager.

After giving up her role in Superstar Media and becoming independent from Hai Rui, the only thing she had left was her manager-artist relationship with Mo Ting. Even though she no longer belonged to Hai Rui, Mo Ting was still her personal manager.

After coming out from the press conference, Tangning paid a visit to Superstar Media's office.

From the moment she first decided to form the agency to the present day, Tangning had actually gained a lot.

Long Jie watched as Tangning packed her things and felt bad, "Superstar Media will always belong to you."

Tangning looked at Long Jie and smiled, "I trust in you. Even without me, you can make Superstar Media shine."

"Where do you want to go now? I'll take you," Long Jie stepped forward to help Tangning with her boxes.

"Just take these to the car. I still need to visit a dark place," Tangning replied.

Tangning was so cool that she once again disappeared from the public's sight. She went from a model to an actress and an actress to manager. And now, she was even giving up on her role as a manager. The entertainment industry was like an amusement park for her; a place where no one could stand in her way. After all, she was very different to people that chased after fame and fortune.

The reporters claimed that Tangning invited them.

But, from the moment that Tangning announced her comeback, when had the reporters not fought to interview her?

Soon thereafter, the media started to report on Tangning's press conference. Xia Hanmo's fans expressed their understanding, however, most other people were still upset.

But, no matter how bad people talked about her, as long as Tangning didn't care, then they were practically disgracing themselves. Their attacks were completely ineffective as though they were punching cotton.

Soon, Tangning arrived at the dark place that she spoke of: the police station.

She had to at least see the man that had caused Xia Hanmo to lose her life.

Due to self neglect, President Fan's face was covered in a scruffy layer of facial hair like a caveman. He wore a prisoner's uniform, had handcuffs around his wrists and his expression was blank.

Tangning's arrival made his eyes light up as he ecstatically pounced towards her.

"Let me out, let me out...I don't want to stay in here."

The police officer told Tangning how much time she had and reminded her not to go overtime. So, Tangning nodded her head and walked over to pick up the phone.

Meanwhile, President Fan looked at Tangning crazily like he had spotted a slither of hope. He was at a point where he pleaded whatever living person he could find because he wanted to leave so badly. After all, jail wasn't a place where a person wanted to stay for a long time.

The reason was simple: President Mo had told Lu Che to 'take good care' of President Fan.

"Tangning, I was wrong, I was very wrong. Let me out. As long as you let me out, I will do whatever you tell me to do."

Tangning simply glared coldly as she witnessed President Fan in his current state, "If you can bring Hanmo back to life, I'll let you out."

Tangning's tone was gentle, but her every word hammered deep into President Fan's heart.

"Besides, why would you want to leave? I think this place suits you pretty well. All Hanmo has is a coffin to stay in. So, a 一方jail cell is already a bonus for you," Tangning replied. "Anyway, this is what I came for today."

As she spoke, Tangning pulled out a photo from her handbag and showed it to President Fan.

"I specifically came here to tell you that Luo Qi has been detained by the police because he was caught injecting drugs. I have a feeling you will meet in jail very soon."

After seeing the photo, President Fan suddenly jumped up like he had lost his mind and furiously hit the glass in front of him, "Don't touch him. Don't you dare touch him."

"After Hanmo died, I thought of many ways to take your life in return. But, when it comes to people like you, I realized that death is the most relieving option for you. So, I'm not going to let you die. I'm going to make you suffer until you can't live anymore."

Tangning tore up Luo Qi's photo right in front of President Fan.

"As long as it's something you love, whether it's your family or someone you care about, I will destroy them all..."

"No..." President Fan cried. "I was the one that killed Xia Hanmo, it has nothing to do with Luo Qi."

"Too late," Tangning replied, "I am going to tear him to shreds."

After speaking, Tangning stood up from her seat...

This place was too gloomy. She didn't want to stay there for longer than necessary. As for Xia Hanmo's revenge, she was planning to make President Fan's life a living hell, little by little.

After leaving the jail, Tangning received Mo Ting's phone call: Lin Weisen was waiting to see her at Hai Rui.

Tangning realized that she should give an explanation for what happened at the wedding, otherwise, she would not feel well inside.

So, considering that her body could handle it, she headed over to Hai Rui.

In actual fact, Lin Weisen also felt very guilty towards Hanmo's incident, whether it was because she had been drugged or because she had been pushed off a building.

"Tangning, I'm deeply sorry for Xia Hanmo's incident. If I had been stricter and firmer in sending President Fan away, things may not have turned out this way."

"If I didn't have a grudge with President Fan, you guys would not have been implicated in the first place. You are not at fault, Editor Lin. Let the past, remain in the past. However, I have already left Superstar Media. If your wife still wants to go to Superstar Media, I can tell Long Jie to manage her. She can make her equally famous."

"Let's talk about that another time. What are your plans from now on?"

It seemed, this man did not trust Long Jie. But, it didn't matter. It was better than putting Long Jie in a situation where she had no power if things went wrong.

After hearing Lin Weisen's question, Tangning pointed to her stomach, "I'll be focusing on having a safe delivery, of course."

Her daughter was currently the most important thing to her. Plus, she had promised Tang Yichen that she'd return to the hospital and wait for labor as soon as she was done with everything.

So, all she had left now was one last thing to do: Xia Hanmo's funeral.

With the thought of this word, Tangning's eyes involuntarily turned red. But, Mo Ting quickly hugged her and comforted, "I'm sure that if Xia Hanmo was still alive to see what happened today, she would have let go of all her pain and suffering."

Meanwhile, a man with light brown hair and grey eyes stared at Tangning as she appeared on his television screen and revealed an interested smile.

He had been waiting patiently at home for Tangning to contact him, but she still had not done so.

He was the sci-fi expert that Lin Weisen tried to introduce to Tangning. At the same time, he was also a manhua (manga/comic) artist.

"If a perfect body like this was drawn into one of my manhua's, it would definitely attract attention. Why didn't I notice this before? An innocent woman like this should be fun to tease."

He was a man that cared a lot about first impressions. It didn't matter that he had never noticed Tangning, but now that he saw this dominating woman, he suddenly realized that she was very attractive.

Unfortunately, Tangning wasn't someone that an ordinary person could control. Mo Ting was the only exception!

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