Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 990 - Where Are You Planning To Go?

Chapter 990: Where Are You Planning To Go?

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“But, without you, we can’t possibly continue operating.”

As soon as she heard this, Tangning smiled while lying in bed, “Even back when I was a model, you were already capable of taking charge. Why are you acting weak in front of me? Lin Qian is pregnant so you can’t tire her out too much. Superstar Media is now in your hands, you can do whatever you want with it. Long Jie, I hope that when I return, Superstar Media would have grown with leaps and bounds.”

“Where are you planning to go?” Long Jie could tell that Tangning wanted to go somewhere and immediately began to panic.

“After I handle Hanmo’s matter, I will give birth to my daughter and then study film production and other courses,” Tangning replied. “After all, without proper training, how could I produce better films?”

Long Jie laughed, “I knew you wouldn’t​ be easily knocked down. You are indeed the Tangning I know.”

However, after her laughter faded, she once again fell into deep thought, “But, if you leave like this, no one would hear from you for a while. As time passes, they will eventually forget about you.”

“When have I ever cared about something like that?” Tangning comforted. “Right now, I have the dreams of two people on my shoulders. I should help them achieve their dreams.”

“As for Lin Qian, you are currently pregnant. After you give birth, I hope you can return to Superstar Media and battle side-by-side with Long Jie.”

“Don’t worry,” Lin Qian replied.

Lin Qian’s mind was actually elsewhere because of guilt; she still felt that she had indirectly caused Xia Hanmo’s death.

After noticing that something was bothering Lin Qian, Tangning comforted, “You gave Hanmo what she wanted the most. You didn’t kill her; your forgiveness freed her.”

“In that case…what can we do to free you?”

“The two of you, stop going back and forth. Just tell us, Tangning, when will you be leaving and when will you be back?”

“After I hold my press conference, I will officially retreat from the industry. Then, when ‘The Ant Queen’ starts showing, I will return.”

After hearing this, Long Jie nodded her head, “I trust in you because you are Tangning. Even if you face an obstacle, I know you will persist and pull through.”

“When will you be holding your press conference?”

“The day after tomorrow,” Tangning replied with a mysterious look in her eyes.

She owed Xia Hanmo an explanation and also owed Xia Hanmo’s fans an explanation.

Of course, she also made a very important decision in her heart.

So, when Tangning announced that she’d be holding a press conference, it caused quite a commotion in Beijing. Only recently, some people had doubts that she’d explain anything. Who would have thought they’d get slapped in the face so quickly.

“I never thought that Tangning would ever surrender to public pressure. This is a rare sight.”

“There’s too much involved this time; even Hai Rui got implicated. So, of course she has to step out and put on an act. Otherwise, how could the audience continue to support Hai Rui’s artists?”

“I’d like to see what trick she’s trying to play.”

Everyone was waiting to see Tangning cry in front of the cameras. After all, there was no doubt that she caused a life to be lost this time.

“I’m used to seeing her go up against people. This time, I’m going to open up my eyes and watch her put on a pity act.”

Tangning had no reaction towards the public’s response. She simply told Luo Sheng, Xing Lan and all her friends, including Bei Chendong and others, not to put in any words for her. It was best for them to stay as far away as they could.

It wasn’t easy for them to achieve their fame, so she didn’t want anyone to be destroyed because of her.

Hence, the only thing that Tangning’s friends could do, was remain silent.

After all, Tangning had pleaded for them to do that.

Even so, Huo Jingjing did what she could as a friend and went to keep Tangning company at Hyatt Regency.

“Sometimes, I really miss our days on the runway. Back then, we were just naive little models. Now, in the blink of an eye, you’ve become someone that people look up to.”

“But, I’m also about to become someone that people tread all over,” Tangning replied. “Life is unpredictable.”

“I miss our days in the past and I miss the Tangning that brought me back from the brink of death. Do you still remember when I tried to commit suicide?”

“Of course I remember,” Tangning nodded. “Jingjing, I actually learned a lot from you. Especially the courage to start again, even after getting hurt many times.”

“I need that courage right now…”

“I’ve managed to do it, so you can too. I’ve ordered you flowers for your press conference. No matter what you plan to do, Fang Yu and I will support you,” Huo Jingjing said before she gave Tangning a hug. “Never give up! I want to see the strategic and enthusiastic Tangning again.”

“You will definitely see her.”

When she thought about the path that she had walked, Tangning couldn’t help but smile. Huo Jingjing had reminded her of how precious her experiences had been and how a person shouldn’t progress backwards. So, she couldn’t lose to her past self.

Since she was doing something big, she should just go ahead and do it. As long as she did her best, nothing else mattered!

It was soon time for the press conference. Tangning had already lost count of how many press conferences she had ever held. It seemed, she often stirred up some kind of news.

From announcing her comeback to announcing her retreat, Tangning felt that she had matured in just a few short years.

The press conference was to be held in Hai Rui’s main hall. Inside the space that could fit a few thousand people, Mo Ting prepared chairs for the media. Of course, everything he did was to ensure Tangning’s safety.

The media knew that the press conference that day was so Tangning could respond to Xia Hanmo’s matter.

So, they anticipated Tangning’s performance.

At that time, Tangning was sitting inside a waiting room. It was her last time leaving the house before giving birth, so she wore a long black dress and she had her makeup done so she could appear perfect in front of everyone.

“Ready?” Mo Ting asked gently as he entered from behind her.

Tangning turned around and nodded her head, “I’ve been ready for a long time.”

“Let’s go then.”

Apart from the media, there were also fans of Xia Hanmo at the press conference. But, Hai Rui had already made precautionary preparations; no one would be able to hurt Tangning in Mo Ting’s territory.

2pm, the press conference officially commenced.

Faced with a few hundred reporters, Tangning approached the stage with Mo Ting’s support. However, she did not sit down. Instead, she stood up straight and looked down at the crowd.

She knew that these people were all waiting to tear her apart.

Unfortunately, she made them return home in disappointment every single time.

Afterwards, Tangning adjusted the microphone and said to everyone, “I know that everyone is here to denounce me for my crimes because you all think that Xia Hanmo’s​ death was my fault…”

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