Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 989 - That's Not Your Concern

Chapter 989: That’s Not Your Concern

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“That’s not your concern,” Mo Ting simply said in a deep voice. However, it was enough for Tang Yichen to understand his intent.

Tang Yichen nodded her head while Lu Guangli stood behind her impatiently with his arms folded.

So far, everytime Tang Yichen dragged him somewhere, it was always because of a serious condition. But, this serious condition always involved Tangning or Tangning’s friends.

“I’m going home.”

Tang Yichen could tell that Lu Guangli was unhappy.

So, she simply nodded her head. After all, she still had to make arrangements for Tangning’s matter.

A crowd of reporters were bound to arrive soon. After all, another person from the entertainment industry had passed away and Tangning was also staying at the hospital, so the media, of course, wanted to make some news out of it.

“Before the media arrive, let’s help Tangning transfer. After all, she needs to recover in peace.”

Mo Ting did not reply. Instead, he called Lu Che to arrange for bodyguards and PR.

Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo, was left in the hands of Long Jie and Lin Qian.

As a result, by the time that Tangning woke up, she found herself back in Hyatt Regency. The peace at home was a little hard to get used to.


“She’s gone,” Mo Ting pressed Tangning against the bed, stopping her from going anywhere. “Be good and get some rest. The industry doesn’t have anything that concerns you for the time being.”

Tangning sat in bed as her throat twitched a little. She wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out.

“Ting, am I no longer suited to the industry? I feel like I’ve hurt a lot of people.”

When he heard this, Mo Ting immediately held onto her hand and said, “People are bound to make a lot of mistakes in their lifetime and are bound to withstand many difficulties, especially a fate that can’t be changed. The tough thing about being human is having to move forward through adversity.”

Tangning’s eyes turned red as she looked at Mo Ting with a choked up voice, “But, two people have consecutively left me.”

“This is beyond your control. Qiao Sen wanted to achieve his dream and Xia Hanmo wanted to achieve forgiveness. Both of them got what they wanted in the end.”

“Even if you blame yourself and feel guilty, you can’t save them. Instead…you will end up hurting me.”

After hearing this, Tangning finally burst into tears, “Just let me cry this one time. I promise, just this once.”

Mo Ting quietly drew Tangning into his embrace and allowed her to cry on his shoulder, “Go ahead and cry. Cry with all your heart. After you finish crying, take Qiao Sen and Xia Hanmo’s dreams with you and continue to move forward.”

Tangning felt bad. She had never cried like this in front of Mo Ting before. She was normally a tough woman; the Tangning that never gave up or buckled under pressure, no matter the obstacle she faced. But, at this moment, she let go of everything and simply cried because of Xia Hanmo’s departure.

After crying for a bit, Tangning finally felt a lot better and returned to her usual self.

“All you should do now is rest at home. I’ll let you use Lu Che temporarily.”

Tangning nodded. She clearly understood that Mo Ting was the only person that completely understood what she was thinking.

“Actress, Xia Hanmo, was confirmed dead yesterday after falling off a building and the culprit, Mr. Fan, has been arrested for the incident. Mr. Fan has confessed his actions openly to the public.”

“He expressed to the police that Xia Hanmo died innocently because his aim was to hurt someone else. And this someone, is the infamous boss of Superstar Media, Miss Tang; Xia Hanmo’s ex-boss.”

“Mr. Fan had tried multiple times to scheme against Miss Tang, but he never achieved his motive. This time, he was actually crazy enough to push an ex-employee of Miss Tang’s, directly off the fifth floor of a building, just to satisfy his own personal grudge.”

This was not entertainment news. This was society news.

After Tangning saw it, Mo Ting wanted to switch off the television for her, but Tangning quickly stopped him, “The public must be scolding me like crazy because another person…”

“If you haven’t prepared yourself to face the news, then don’t look at it. If you’ve already prepared yourself, then don’t say such pointless words,” Mo Ting said in a serious manner. “You obviously know what to do.”

Tangning closed her eyes shut.

“All the harsh words I’m saying to you right now is because I don’t want you to break down due to the stress you put on yourself.”

“Lin Weisen is still waiting to send his wife to you so you can make her famous, Xia Hanmo’s fans are waiting for an explanation and ‘The Ant Queen’ has finished filming, but hasn’t started post production. On top of that, the baby in your stomach is waiting for you to take care of it.”

After hearing this, Tangning gripped tightly to the bed sheets beneath her.

Because, everytime an enemy hurt her, she would grow stronger.

So, this time, she wasn’t about to breakdown because of other people.


…Xia Hanmo’s fans still sent her portraits of the deceased, letters written in blood and other items…

“Once upon a time, Xia Hanmo was actually happy at Superstar Media. Everything that happened after that was her own doing; we aren’t going to complain about the fact that she got kicked out of Superstar Media, but…Hanmo died this time because of a grudge between Tangning and someone else. This is something that we can’t accept. Tangning needs to give everyone an explanation, otherwise, we will boycott Hai Rui as well.”

“Hai Rui’s PR has always been effective and impressive. But, Tangning’s matter with Mr. Fan, is already all over the news. Let’s see how Hai Rui plans to smooth it out.”

“If Tangning doesn’t step out to give us an explanation, we will send a flower wreath to Hyatt Regency every day.”

But, of course, there were also some logical voices.

“I heard that Tangning helped Xia Hanmo before she got into her incident. I’m sure Hanmo doesn’t regret what happened, even though she was hurt. Why aren’t you guys scolding the culprit and scolding the person that Hanmo cares about instead? Is it because you think that Tangning is easy to bully?”

Xia Hanmo’s fans were emotional. They didn’t just complain with words but also sent many nasty items to Hai Rui. Since Xia Hanmo was gone, they were going to get back at them for all grudges, new and old.

Back when Xia Hanmo was kicked out of Superstar Media, she had suffered a lot.

So, they were going to make them pay back everything at once.

Of course, the matter had now blown up to the point where even Hai Rui was being insulted and attacked, just because of Tangning. So, as a decision-maker, if Mo Ting continued to be bias towards Tangning, it would be unreasonable.

Hence, someone posed a question, “Has Tangning’s path in the entertainment industry come to an end?”

It didn’t seem logical for anyone to stick up for Tangning anymore.

Unless Xing Lan and Luo Sheng wanted to say goodbye to their future.

So, after the situation reached the point it was at, Tangning invited Long Jie and Lin Qian to Hyatt Regency, “You guys have seen how the situation’s like. Let me hand Superstar Media over to you.”

“Tangning, are you planning to give up?”

“Who said I’m giving up?” Tangning asked. “I’m simply stepping out of the limelight for a bit so Superstar Media won’t be destroyed.”

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