Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 988 - You Are Hurting Your Wife Like This

Chapter 988: You Are Hurting Your Wife Like This

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“I’m not sure either,” Tangning shook her head. “I guess, we can’t compare to the way that a man resolves matters.”

“You’re very smart too, OK?” Long Jie rolled her eyes. “Anyway, President Fan has now been arrested, which means he is currently waiting for the law to give him his sentence. How refreshing! The entire world feels clean again.”

Tangning lay in bed. Although she hadn’t personally witnessed President Fan’s pitiful state, when she thought about how he was about to lose his freedom, she felt extremely satisfied.

Soon, Mo Ting returned to Tangning’s side.

In just one day…

…he managed to change everything.

“Boss, you are my God. I honestly worship you.” After seeing Mo Ting, Long Jie felt like his image in her heart had become bigger.

This man was so powerful that it scared her a little.

“Go back to work. Ning has me,” Mo Ting was unfazed. He didn’t think that disposing of trash was anything special.

Long Jie nodded her head as she gestured to Tangning that she was getting out of there. Afterwards, she quickly left the hospital, determined not to be a third wheel.

Finally, the hospital room was silent. At this time, Tangning looked at Mo Ting and said, “The things I normally do must look stupid to you, don’t they?”

Mo Ting laughed and patted Tangning on the head, “You are the smartest woman I know.”

“Has Xia Hanmo awoken?” Tangning laughed along, however, she quickly remembered that ‘someone’ was still lying in a hospital bed because of her.

Perhaps due to guilt, Xia Hanmo’s backer visited a few times. But, after seeing that she was still unconscious, he left and never returned again. Was he…abandoning her?

Lin Qian also visited Xia Hanmo and even said a few words to her. Lin Qian no longer felt the pain that she suffered in the past. In fact, she now viewed Xia Hanmo as the same Xia Hanmo she once knew.

“To be honest, I never blamed you. I understand what you did because love is blind. From the moment you dealt with Zhou Qing, my hatred for you already disappeared.”

“Now, I’m simply waiting for you to wake up so you can personally hear me say this to you. Xia Hanmo, Superstar Media is waiting for you.”

Perhaps she sensed Lin Qian’s presence, Xia Hanmo’s vital indicators began reacting.

However, she didn’t wake up.

Lin Qian immediately called the doctor for emergency treatment. Lin Qian thought that this was a sign that Xia Hanmo’s condition was improving. But, to her surprise…Xia Hanmo did not pull through in the end.

“She probably held onto her last breath because she wanted to pass away in peace. My condolences to you.”

As soon as Lin Qian heard this, she was shocked.

Did Xia Hanmo hold on because she wanted to get her forgiveness?

If she had known, she would not have appeared at the hospital.

“Don’t blame yourself. She was actually in a lot of pain. This is actually a form of relief for her.”

“Didn’t you say that her condition wasn’t life threatening?” Lin Qian asked as she grabbed onto the doctor’s cloak, “Didn’t you say that she could be saved?”

“Please control your emotions. The patient’s condition was never stable and there were many uncertainties…”

“I don’t want to hear this.”

Lin Qian’s eyes were red, “Doctor, please try and save her. Don’t give up on her.”

“We’ve already done all we can,” the doctor freed himself from Lin Qian’s grip and patted her on the shoulder, “May she rest in peace.”

Lin Qian never imagined that this would be the last time she saw Xia Hanmo. In fact, she practically sent her away with her own hands.


Tangning had not been notified of this news yet. However, the media had been paying close attention to Xia Hanmo’s incident, so her passing was bound to create a commotion.

Lin Qian weakly returned to Tangning’s room. As she looked at Tangning, tears fell from her eyes like rain.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hanmo…didn’t make it,” Lin Qian said between sobs, trying her best to speak clearly.

As soon as Tangning heard this, she froze.

“What do you mean she didn’t make it?”

Lin Qian lowered her head and did not say another word. However, her cries already answered everything.

Tangning immediately tried to get out of bed, but Mo Ting quickly picked her up in his arms and carried her over to Xia Hanmo’s room.

At this moment, Xia Hanmo’s body lay beneath a layer of white cloth.

“How did this happen?”

“President Fan has been arrested and all the bad guys have fallen into our trap. Why didn’t you make it?”

“Xia Hanmo?”

Tangning’s voice was soft. So soft that she could barely even hear herself. A moment later, she fainted in Mo Ting’s arms.

Mo Ting turned his head with a tense expression and quickly instructed Lin Qian, “Call the doctor.”

Lin Qian immediately reacted and went to call the doctor, however, the doctor’s diagnosis was, “This won’t do. If the child continues to stay in the the mothers womb, both mother and child will be in danger. We need to deliver the baby prematurely and perform an emergency caesarian.”

As soon as Mo Ting heard this, he immediately called Tang Yichen, “Ning’s in trouble. Bring Lu Guangli here, right now!”

As soon as Tang Yichen heard this, she could immediately tell that it was a pressing matter. So, she quickly hung up the phone and went to find Lu Guangli.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting tried to stop the doctor from performing a caesarian.

“President Mo, if you delay any further, the child might not make it and the mother may be hurt in the process too.”

Mo Ting’s mind was in a mess, but he trusted Tangning and he trusted in himself.

“Without my approval, no one can touch my wife.”

“You are hurting your wife like this.”

The doctor’s convincing did not work; Mo Ting wasn’t listening. He needed to trust his judgment.

He believed that Tangning wouldn’t want this and he needed to trust in his intuition that waiting for Tang Yichen was the best option.

Time ticked by in urgency.

During this time, the doctor passed by a few times.

Lin Qian was also anxious. She even wanted to ask Mo Ting why he hadn’t come to a decision.

But, she knew that Mo Ting loved Tangning the most; he would never watch his wife get hurt. With this thought, she immediately calmed down.

Half an hour later, Tang Yichen arrived at the hospital with Lu Guangli. As soon as they saw Mo Ting, Tang Yichen immediately asked, “What’s the situation?”

“She’s inside,” Mo Ting pushed open the door and allowed Tang Yichen into the room.

Tang Yichen dragged Lu Guangli into the room and forced him to do a secondary examination on Tangning’s stomach.

After the examination, the two doctors looked at each other and stepped out of the room. They then said to Mo Ting, “She is indeed in a dangerous situation, but a caesarian is not the only solution. Transfer her out of here and I can guarantee that she will have a normal scheduled​ labour.”

“Are you sure?”

“Where’s the doctor that diagnozed her? I need to give him a scolding before I give you an answer,” Tang Yichen grunted loudly.

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