Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 987 - He's Like A God!

Chapter 987: He's Like A God!



"That's because..."

"That's because I've never made a move on you," Mo Ting finished President Fan's sentence. "A person doesn't exist simply to make himself happy."

"You must have used a lot of money to bribe my greedy brother-in-law," President Fan laughed.

"It doesn't matter. After all, it will eventually return to my hands anyway," Mo Ting replied. "Plus, one must put down some wager in order to play a game."

In the darkness, President Fan looked at Mo Ting sitting in the distance and suddenly felt chills down his spine.

Because, at this moment, he finally realized that there were some people that he couldn't afford to offend.

"I'm sure your first love won't want to die if she finds out that you tried so hard to protect her brother."

With the mention of an old memory, President Fan's eyes suddenly turned red.

"Mo Ting, if you dare lay a hand on him, I'm going to make your life a living hell."

"Really?" Mo Ting asked amongst the shadows. "Did you think that you could actually do that? Let's continue our game then."

After speaking, Mo Ting signaled his bodyguards and one of them immediately went to open the door so the people outside could come in.

At this time, President Fan spotted his lawyer.

"President Fan..." the lawyer entered with the police. He then said to Mo Ting, "President Mo, what you've done is illegal. You're detaining a person against their will."

After he was done speaking, the lawyer rushed over to President Fan's side and said to Mo Ting's bodyguards, "Let go!"

Mo Ting gestured for the bodyguards to let President Fan go, so they released their hold on him. At this time, President Fan said to his lawyer, "I want the information in Mo Ting's hands. You must retrieve it for me."

The lawyer glanced at Mo Ting and then glanced at the bodyguards, "President Fan, something's not right, let me get you out of here first."

Indeed, if Mo Ting handed the information in his hands directly over to the police at that moment, they would be thrown into a very difficult situation.

"President Mo, I will remember everything that happened here today. There is still much time ahead of us." After President Fan was done speaking, his lawyer helped him out of the villa. As he left, President Fan caught a glimpse of his sister and brother-in-law.

Mo Ting smirked, but he did not chase after the man. He simply continued sitting in the dining room.

A moment later, President Fan's sister walked in and said worriedly, "President Mo, are you letting him go just like that? He will seek revenge on us."

"What's the rush?" Mo Ting asked.

A few minutes later, another team of police arrived at the villa. As soon as they saw the people inside, they said, "We are here to arrest Mr. Fan."

"But, your people have already taken him away," President Fan's sister replied confusedly.

At this time, Mo Ting stepped out calmly and shook hands with the officers, "Here's all the evidence of President Fan's crimes. You can take it with you. Also, a bunch up people came just a moment ago. I didn't notice anything strange at the time, but now that I think about it, their uniforms didn't seem official."

At first, the leading officer was a little confused, not quite understanding what Mo Ting was trying to say. But, he quickly snapped into realization and instructed his subordinates, "This is bad. The criminal has escaped. Immediately issue an arrest warrant!"

What was worse than becoming a criminal on the loose?

After the police left, Mo Ting also turned to leave. At this time, President Fan's sister called him back worriedly, "President Mo..."

Mo Ting did not turn around. He simply continued moving forward as he replied, "Don't worry. He won't have the chance to get revenge."

After speaking, Mo Ting boarded his sports car and sped away, leaving the couple in chills. Director Lin learned one thing from this experience: even if Mo Ting agreed to let him return to the Board of Directors, he wasn't truly returning. After all, Mo Ting was unimaginably frightening.


President Fan tried to escape, but the arrest warrant issued by the police was quickly released, and because the entertainment industry was involved, it immediately caused a commotion.

"President Fan, look," President Fan's lawyer said after seeing the arrest warrant. "What's this about?"

"What happened to the police that escorted us home?"

"They already returned," the lawyer replied. "Why do you ask?"

President Fan realized that this was a part of Mo Ting's plan. But, he could only curse him on the inside before he rushed his lawyer to quickly pack his things.

However, his accounts had already been frozen and the entire world already knew he was a wanted criminal.

"By the way, bring Luo Qi to me. I want him to escape with me."

"President Fan, there's no time, the police are already downstairs. Hurry, let's go. Let's escape through the back door..." the lawyer rushed, reminding him not to worry so much about materialistic possessions.

President Fan humphed as he rushed out in a panic. When he arrived downstairs, he saw Grandfather Fan's car parked downstairs, so he immediately ran over. As soon as he came face to face with the old man, he felt like he had been given hope.

"Grandfather, I knew you wouldn't give up on me at a time like this."

"Hmmph," the old man humphed before he gestured for his driver to start the car.

"Grandfather, let me hide at your place for a few days and I'll find a chance to seek revenge on Mo Ting."

"Let me take you somewhere that's much more safe," Grandfather Fan said with a hidden meaning. Unfortunately for President Fan, he did not catch on.

He naively thought that he had been saved and hadn't been completely destroyed. But, it didn't take long before he realized that his grandfather was directly delivering him to the police station.

As the officers approached to open the car door, President Fan looked at his grandfather in disbelief.

"I never thought that you'd betray me as well. I'm your grandson."

"I simply hope that you have the chance to continue living on," the old man sighed.

At that moment, President Fan completely broke down. Because, within one day, he was betrayed by his loved ones twice.

"Grandfather....Grandfather, why would you do this to me?"

"If I didn't do this, you would have been destroyed faster."


"It turns out, President Fan is the one that pushed Xia Hanmo off the building. In fact, he's hurt people many times before."

"A lot of people in the industry are aware of his background. I can simply say that it's really satisfying to see that he's been finally caught."

"I heard that President Fan was tricked by someone."

"It doesn't matter who tricked him, it's a blessing to society that this monster has been caught."

To put it simply, President Mo had perfectly displayed what it meant to be quick, precise and ruthless. He also allowed all those involved to reassess the image they had of him.

This tiger had not lost his teeth because he doted on his wife nor because he had become a father. When he wanted to be ruthless, he could still strike without hesitation and destroy a person without them knowing.

When Long Jie saw the news while she was at the hospital, she froze.

"How did Boss do this? In such a short period of time? He's like a God!"

In actual fact, even Tangning was quite surprised. She had witnessed her husband's abilities before, but she had never seen him apply them in such a 'cruel' way. She had always thought that she was smart, but it turned out, her man had simply been spoiling her.

Because, compared to him, her attacks were just a pretty performance.

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