Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 985 - Mo Ting, You Played A Good Trick

Chapter 985: Mo Ting, You Played A Good Trick

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Xia Hanmo pulled through the critical stage and was temporarily in a non-life-threatening state. However, she had not woken up yet, so she simply lay quietly in the ICU.

Tangning was bedridden, so Long Jie and Lin Qian came to visit her. After hearing about the entire incident, they sighed, “This President Fan has tread over the Boss’ bottom line.”

“How did Xia Hanmo fall from the hotel? Was it President Fan?”

Tangning shook her head, gesturing that she didn’t quite understand what happened either.

“Ning Jie’s already in this state, you should stop asking her questions. If President Mo finds out, I won’t be able to save you,” Lin Qian intervened after seeing Long Jie was asking too many questions. “Let Ning Jie get some rest.”

Actually, all Tangning could think about at that moment was Xia Hanmo’s bloody image as she begged for forgiveness.

Did she forgive her?

What right did she have to talk about forgiveness?

If Tangning hadn’t been so merciful as to let President Fan have his way, they would not be in their current situation.

“Everyone’s currently saying that Xia Hanmo was drugged and then pushed off a building. This was quite a show for the observers.”

“You’re still on that topic?” Lin Qian asked as she pulled out her phone.

As she listened to Lin Qian’s warning, Long Jie nodded her head, “I’m simply being a little nosy. So, has President Mo gone to handle this matter?”

Tangning nodded her head.

“That President Fan is so despicable. If I was in your position, I wouldn’t know how to respond in an equally cruel manner. But, I’m sure the Boss has a way to make him suffer.”

To make a person suffer, one had to find out what that person loved the most, what they wanted the most and what they cared about the most.

President Fan loved his daughter, but he didn’t have just one daughter. This jerk had a lot of mistresses, so he naturally had a lot of children.

Apart from his ex-wife, these women were all happily willing to be with him. Moreover, they all knew about each other’s existence.

So, what fears did this evil man have?

He had one weakness: his older sister!

On the night of Xia Hanmo’s incident, President Fan hid inside his older sister’s home to avoid rumors. Although he couldn’t guarantee that Xia Hanmo would lose her life, what he did was still just as bad. While the police still had no clue that he was involved, he simply pretended like nothing had happened.

But, even if Xia Hanmo was to wake up and accuse him, he already had a way to get away scot-free.

He simply taught a small-time actress a lesson. Was it necessary for everyone to make a fuss about it?

A little later, President Fan checked on Superstar Media and Hai Rui, but there was still no word from them. So, President Fan smirked and said, “Didn’t I tell you that the b*tch simply appears tough on the surface, but she’s nothing on the inside? Yet, no one believed me.”

“I did this to her artist, yet there’s nothing she can do in return.”

“Brother Two, you can’t just stay here forever. You have so many families. Just choose one and go to them,” President Fan’s sister complained.

“Sis, I only have you now. Grandfather has decided to side with the enemy. If I don’t stay here, where else can I go?”

“Fine. I know how you are. You must have caused a huge problem again.”

President Fan’s sister was a textbook socialite housewife, especially after she married her Hai Rui shareholder husband. But, she particularly doted on her younger brother.

“Sis, I helped brother-in-law get revenge.”

While the two were talking, President Fan’s brother-in-law returned home. Seeing his wife and President Fan whispering to each other, he approached them questioningly.

“It’s almost time, why are you still wasting your breath on him?” the man asked President Fan’s sister.

President Fan’s sister froze because she had been put in a difficult position, “We are siblings, after all, I’m bound to miss him a little.”

“What? Are you guys planning to go somewhere?” President Fan asked as he ate some rice and vegetables.

“Bro, actually….the things that you told me to store for you, I’ve taken them out of storage and sold them all,” his sister replied. She didn’t want to tell him this, but she had to in the end.

“What do you mean?” President Fan was still oblivious.

“Didn’t you try to kill someone? You won’t be able to use this stuff in jail, anyway,” President Fan’s sister said as she stood up guiltily, “That’s why I asked a lawyer to make arrangements.”

“No, Sis, what are you trying to say? What did you do?”

“What is she trying to say? Don’t you understand? Your sister wants to distance herself from a murderer,” his brother-in-law yelled.

“Who are you calling a murderer?” President Fan growled. “My dear brother-in-law, don’t forget that we are all in the same boat.”

“Who’s in the same boat as you?” the man pulled his wife behind him to protect her. “When it comes to scum like you, your sister and I will be distancing ourselves as far as possible.”

“Are you trying to get rid of me now that I am no longer of use? Don’t you know how well I’ve treated you guys? How dare you treat me like this?”

“Fine then, can you explain Xia Hanmo’s incident to me? President Mo has already contacted me about it. Are you going to deny that you pushed Xia Hanmo off a building?”

After hearing his brother-in-law’s words, President Fan finally understood what was happening. So, this was the situation.

“Did Mo Ting bribe you?”

The man couldn’t be bothered wasting any more time on President Fan. So, he turned to the door and yelled, “Come in.”

A moment later, a few bodyguards entered the villa and grabbed onto President Fan. They then placed a bag on his head and tied him up with rope before they carried him up to the roof of the villa.

“What are you trying to do?”

No one replied to him and he couldn’t see a thing either. He simply felt the cold breeze from the outdoors.

“You guys…”

Before he could continue, President Fan was pushed off the roof of the building. He couldn’t see a thing. All he felt was his body fall and gain speed as it got closer to the ground.

Although four-storeys wasn’t very high, it was still frightening.

However, just as he thought his body would be splattered across the floor and he’d suffer serious injuries, he stopped.

President Fan was so terrified that he almost wet himself…As he got pulled back up, his entire body was trembling.

“What…what are you guys trying to do?”

“We are letting you have a taste of what Xia Hanmo experienced,” one of the bodyguards replied. Afterwards, the men led him back to the dining room and removed the bag on his head. At this time, a tall figure stepped into view. It was Mo Ting.

Mo Ting didn’t usually like wearing black as it made him look too solemn. But today, he subconsciously put on a black suit like he was attending ‘someone’s’ funeral.

“So it’s you. Mo Ting, you played a good trick,” President Fan scoffed. He was still recovering from what just happened.

The feeling of almost coming face to face with death was very real.

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